SKoT McDonald


SKoT was the Artifactory's previous Chairman (Sept 2015 - Sept 2016), and also previous Events Manager (Sept 2011 - Sept 2016). He has also been a prior Treasurer (Sept 2009 - Sept 2011), and is a Founding Member.

He can be reached for Event enquiries, Artifactory promotional liaison, or anything to do with Swarf-o-Mat on 0412 027 597 or emailed at <skot AT vellocet DOT com>.

SKoT also helps run “NoizeMaschin”, the Artifactory's long running experimental music night.

Day job
  • CTO & software engineer with audio / music software house FXpansion
  • Audio & Music Software & Hardware, Composition, Performance
  • CNC machines, Robots
  • Steampunk / Goth / Cyberpunk / New Victorian
  • Computer controlled theater effects
  • Furniture Design
  • Clothing Design
  • Stage props
  • Hammy Acting to the point that even Pantomime looks well-measured.
  • Public transport infrastructure
  • Oversized Props:
    • Battlestar Galactica Chandelier 3m laser-cut “wireframe' with stretched gauze covering, MIDI-controlled RGB LED lighting strips. (Great Steampunk Affaire 'Mass Extinction' Ball, 2014)
    • TheMole - Underground Exploration Machine theatre prop the size of a small bus. “The Nautilus of the Underworld” (For The Great Steampunk Affaire's “Journey From The Centre Of The Perth” Ball, 2012)
    • Der Blutwurst (The Blood Sausage), a 4.5m long “Transylvanian Airways” airship (Great Steampunk Affaire's Halloween Ball, 2012)
    • Die Fliegende TanzenFunke 3m winged prop plane for two Barnstormers to play tethered tennis upon. (For The Beaux Arts Ball, 2011)
    • Steam Ostrich Steampunk iron-clad Ostrich personal transport (For The Great Steampunk Affaire's “Science!” Ball, 2011)
  • Artifactory Tools and Decorations:
  • Music & Media Tech:
  • Other bits around the space:
    • Stage Control booth - for recording NoizeMaschin!! concerts, and giving Stadler and Waldorf a theatre box from which to Boo.
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