David O'Meara

A work in progress

  • Electricity Microgeneration via stepper motors
  • fabrication and rapid prototyping
  • cutting things with lasers

Predominantly software: Java, Android, Rails, distributed systems. Background in Mechanical Engineering

  • 3D recreation - Proof of concept in stitching multiple 2D photos together to create a 3D model, then manipulate and run through the 3D printer
  • Gearbug1 - first laser project, plans from Thingiverse
  • frabjous - assemblage of 30 identical pieces cut from a Thingiverse model.
  • Compressed Air Engine - engine run on compressed air
  • Stepper power - power generation, storage and distribution based on stepper motors.
  • NFC Scavenger - covert scavenger hunt style game by finding and scanning NFC tags then using hints to find the next tag.
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