WK1360 Vinyl Cutter

wk1360.jpg The vinyl cutter uses a sharp blade to automatically cut out vinyl stickers or templates.

The vinyl cutter is a relatively safe tool when used correctly and may be used by anyone who has been given basic instruction in its use.

Sharp Blades
The blades used in the vinyl cutter are extremely sharp. Do not handle without protective caps installed.
Rotating Parts & Belts
The cutter can move quickly and unexpectedly, avoid having hands or other appendages close to the machine whilst it is operating.
Clothing Requirements
No special clothing requirements apply for this machine.
Enclosed footwear is recommended

This tool is approved for use by any member that has completed the basic safety induction. If you're not sure what you're doing please ask for help!

Maximum Cutting Width 1260mm
Maximum Media Width 1360mm
Maximum Cutting Speed 500mm/s
Maximum Blade Cutting Force 400g

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