Template Tool Page

Describe what the tool is and what its useful for

Now give a bit of a blurb on safety, this bit will vary in scary-language-ness depending on how terrifying the tool is

⇐= Also, Replace that ugly grey box with a nice 300×300 photograph of the tool this page is about!

A Risk
Describe the risk.
High Voltage & Current
As an example some tools might try to go all Zeus on you and turn you into a crispy critter by way of electricity!
Clothing Requirements
This stuff will vary, see the safety officer for help.
Shoes are required pretty much everywhere.

If this tool requires training, list the trainees, operators and trainers here, if not, list the person or people best able to help newcomers learn to use the tool if they've never used one before.

A Specification 400 Millicochranes
Another Specification 48 Sieverts
Manual Link to manual
Flux Capacitory Tuning Instructions Some supplementary documentation
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