Tool Register

This is a register of the spaces tools. Some tools require training to use. If you are unsure how to use any tool, be sure to ask someone for help.

For adding new tools to this register, consider the Template Tool Page.

Category Tool Location
Laser Cutters
(general info)
Big Red Laser Cutter Laser Area
Middle Red Laser Cutter Laser Area
Little Red Laser Cutter Laser Area
3D Printers
(general info)
3D printers (Resin and FDM) Design Lab
CNC Machines
Swarfomat (CNC router) Tool Room (back)
Vinyl Cutters
Vinyl Cutter Design Lab
Wood Work
Band Saw Tool Room (front)
Bench Sander Tool Room (front)
Wood Lathe Tool Room (back)
Thicknesser Tool Room (back)
Table Saw Near Rear Roller-door
Metal Work
Metal Lathe Tool Room (back)
Milling Machine General Area
Mini Milling Machine General Area
Metal Bandsaw Welding Bay
Large Drill Press Tool Room (back)
Angle Grinder Welding Bay
Cutoff Saw Welding Bay
Mig/Tig Welder Welding Bay
Arc Welder Welding Bay
Wire Wasp Welding Bay
Solder stations Z-Lab (Electronics)
Agilent 6654A Bench Power Supply Z-Lab (Electronics)
HP 6632A Bench Power Supply Z-Lab (Electronics)
HP 6268B Bench Power Supply Z-Lab (Electronics)
HP 5334B Universal Counter Z-Lab (Electronics)
HP3456A Digital Voltmeter Z-Lab (Electronics)
HP 54600A 100MHz digital oscilloscope Z-Lab (Electronics)
Fluke 45 dual display meter Z-Lab (Electronics)

These tools have been retired and pages are here for historical reference.

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