Carbatec Mini Mill

mini-mill.jpg The mini-mill is suitable for milling just about anything, given the right spindle speed and tool.

Before turning the mill on, ensure that both the main power switch and speed control knob are in the 'off' position.

Use climb cutting for steel. Conventional or climb can be used for softer materials :

2 fluted milling bits are suitable for aluminium, use 4 fluted one for steel

End-mill Capacity 10mm
Face-mill Capacity 20mm
Spindle Stroke 30mm
Throat 140mm
Maximum Distance Spindle to Table 220mm
Spindle Taper MT2
Spindle Speeds (High Range) 100 - 2000rpm
Spindle Speeds (Low Range) 100 - 1000rpm
Forward/Reverse Yes
Column Tilt ±45°
Table Size 240 x 145mm
Table Cross Travel 180mm
Longitudinal Travel 180mm
Motor 1/5hp


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