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Our medium sized (“just right”) laser cutter. It's good for engraving with its high top speed and features more modern controller.

Key Parameters:

  • Model number: KH7050
  • Link: ?
  • Nominal cut area: ?
  • Honeycomb area is ?
  • Laser type: CO2 10.6um laser
  • Current laser tube:
  • Laser tube working current: ?
  • Lens: ?


  • Dell 0f3khr (service tag dlck4y1)
  • Intel i5 3470
  • 8gb DDR3 (2×4)
  • Intel gfx
  • Windows 10

Some history on Middle Red's acquisition:

  • Kellogg is a HK7050 that was kindly donated by Brendan Vallelonga and Transported to Artifactory with kind assistance from A.R.P. HIAB Services.
  • There's a 90W tube ready to go in it, with exhaust ducting and extraction fan as well, the only parts we're missing are a way to chill the laser tube, and a small extension to cover the end of the laser.
  • Kellogg will be getting installed between the two current laser cutters sometime in the coming weeks and we will get it up and running for all members and guests to use.
  • Right, so I was doing some research into laser controllers etc today and happened to stumble across this:
  • Does that look familiar to anyone?
  • So far as I can see it's the same controller that is on Kellog at the moment… and if you scroll down you'll see it also mentions the necessary software there….
  • Now I know that the guy who donated this said there was a known issue with the controller being a bit flaky, but if that's just a loose wire or something it's potentially fixable.
  • This also looks to be a much more capable controller than what is on Big or Little Red, and the software also looks a hell of a lot nicer!
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