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Our smallest permanent laser cutter. It's good for detail work and engraving cylinders using the rotary tool. It's also a good laser cutter to learn on because it's smaller.

  • Model number: LC500
  • Nominal cut area: 500mm×300mm
  • Honeycomb area is 485mm×285mm
  • Laser type: CO2 10.6um laser
  • Current laser tube: ? (60W)
  • Laser tube working current: ?
  • Lens: ?


  • Dell (service tag 6srkj1s)
  • P4 2.8g
  • 1.5 GB ram
  • Win XP

This is the checklist operators should be working through as they go about their laser cutting jobs.

Click to view larger version (click again for full resolution).

The LG500 laser engraver (cutter) is the machine of choice for fine engraving or learning. It is equipped with a MCWlaser 60W laser tube, model M60, Product #82061, date of production 2019-09-20? installed 2020-01-12. To ensure tube longevity and reliability the tube should not be operated above 20mA as indicated by the current meter on the machine.
(Previously: 2013–2019 Chengdu Weegiant 60W CO2 laser tube)

Sheets of Acrylic and MDF cut to fit the LG500 cutting bed are available for sale.


Material Thickness Feedrate Power Preview Result
MDF 6mm 10mm/s 100%
3mm 24mm/s 100%
Bamboo 1.8mm 19mm/s 100%
Black Acrylic 3mm 18mm/s 100%
Clear Acrylic 3mm 8mm/s 100%
Clear Acrylic 6mm 3mm/s 100%
White Acrylic 4.5mm 14mm/s 100%
Pine(?) 3mm 20mm/s 100%
Ply(?) 7mm 4mm/s 100%
Saw Paper 80GSM 75mm/s 50%
LaserMax 1.6mm 18mm/s 100%
Denim (single layer)0.65mm 70mm/s 30%
Laminated MDF 4.1mm 16mm 100%
Leather 1.5mm 55mm/s 100%
3mm 25mm/s 100%
4.5mm 20mm/s 100%

The following settings should be used as a guide. By decreasing the speed or increasing the power, the engrave can be made deeper.

Little Red has a laser accuracy of 0.1mm, This means that your engrave at 0.01mm will take 10x longer than a engrave at 0.1mm (And will look the same), ITs a waste of your time and money. Big Red Is not designed for high detail engraving and you wont get the result like you do on Little Red.

Material Feedrate Power Scan Gap Preview Result Notes
MDF 350mm/s 25-35%
MDF 280mm/s 40%
Ply 350mm/s 25%
Acrylic (All colours) 200mm/s 35% Keyrings in black acrylic
LaserMax 300mm/s 25% 0.03mm Tin Duck Plaque
Acrylic sprayed with Zinsser BIN primer as for acrylic Make sure primer is completely dry. This particular primer is Shellac/Ethanol based, so dries quite quickly
Laminated MDF 250mm 35% 0.03mm
Leather 250mm 25% 0.08mm
Material Feedrate Power Scan Gap Preview Result
MDF 60mm/s 25%
MDF 400mm/s 25%

Rubber Stamps

To make a rubber stamp with the laser engraver you need to use the laser-safe engraving rubber (ask atrophy), you need to use the Grade Engrave setting to ablate the material but leave sufficient support material around small features.
**Important: Remember to <span style="color:red;">mirror</span> your vectors before cutting!**

Feedrate Power Preview Result
Grade Engraving 150mm/s 80%
Cutting Out 8mm/s 100%

Please do not edit this bit! These are the standard settings for the machine.

X Axis Pulse Unit 0.0072000000
Y Axis Pulse Unit 0.0072000000

To install the rotary axis for doing round things you need to first disconnect the Y axis and connect the rotary axis FIXME

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