HP 6268B Bench Power Supply


  1. Over-voltage protection
  2. Analog programmable
  3. Remote sensing
  4. Auto-series, auto-parallel, and auto-tracking operation
  5. <50us load transient recovery
  6. Output ratings (0 - 55 deg C): 0-40 V, 0-30 A
  7. Ripple and noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz): CV: 1 mV rms, 5 mV peak-to-peak; CC: 20 mA rms
  8. Load regulation: 0.01% + 200 uV, 0.02% + 2 mA
  9. Line regulation: 0.01% + 200 uV, 0.02% + 2 mA
  10. Physical Specifications: Weight: 34.4 kg (76 lbs); Dimensions: 483 mm W x 173 mm H x 479.4 mm D (19 in x 6.81 in x 18.88 in)

For a detailed user manual see

Setting up and using

  1. Disconnect load
  2. Turn both coarse controls fully anticlockwise
  3. Turn both fine controls to mid-range
  4. Apply power
  5. Use coarse voltage control to set voltage (use fine control if required)
  6. SHORT the output!!
  7. Turn coarse current control to set the current limit
  8. remove output short. WARNING – at high current settings I advise turning off the power supply and exercising caution.
  9. Connect load to terminals
  10. Display shows output voltage and current

If something goes wrong, turn the coarse current limit fully anticlockwise

I STRONGLY recommend you set the current limit to something safe.

This power supply can supply a very high current. BE VERY CAREFUL at high power settings it can supply in excess of 1000W. Although this power supply is pretty simple to use, if you want to know more, please RTFM.

This power supply belongs to Steve Hodges and is on loan to the Artifactory; please do not remove it from the space or try to repair it without first checking with him. Also beware that it weighs about 35kg and really requires 2 people to move it about.

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