HP 5334B Universal Counter


  • Channel A and B: 0.001Hz to 100MHz
  • Sensitivity 15mV 0-20MHz, 35mV to 100MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm / 1 MOhm
  • Period: 10ns to 10^3s
  • Timebase: 10MHz OCO

Setting up and using

  1. Apply power (a power light is on even when the device is in standby because the 10MHz oscillator is always powered)
  2. Set FREQ A
  3. Set AUTO TRIG
  4. Ensure signal level is within range
  5. Connect signal source to channel A
  6. Display shows frequency.

User manual:

This device is typically used as a frequency meter, but it can measure time intervals, count events, calculate rise and fall times, and more. If you want to use any of the stuff other than simply measuring frequency, you'll have to read the manual!

This counter belongs to Steve Hodges and is on loan to the Artifactory; please do not remove it from the space or try to repair it without first checking with him.

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