Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter


  • 100,000 count multimeter
  • True-RMS voltage and current, including AC+DC
  • Frequency measurement to 1MHz
  • VDC: Range 0 to 1000V; resolution 1µV to 0.01V
  • VAC: range 0 to 750V; resolution 1µV to 0.01V
  • ADC: range 0 - 10A; resolution 0.1µA to 10mA
  • AAC: range 15µA - 10A; resolution 0.1µA to 10mA (True RMS, AC coupled, 20Hz to 20kHz)
  • Frequency: range 5Hz to 1MHz; resolution 0.01z to 1kHz
  • Resistance 0Ω - 100MΩ; resolution 1mΩ to 100kΩ
  • dB readout (600Ω reference): range -34 ± 60; resolution 0.01 dB to 0.1 dB

User manual:

Use it like a normal multimeter. Note that for the more complex stuff (like handling the dual display, min/max, compare, and relative modes, RTFM

This meter belongs to Steve Hodges and is on loan to the Artifactory; please do not remove it from the space or try to repair it without first checking with him.

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