TidyHQ is a member management system used by The Perth Artifactory to manage memberships, collect membership fees, sell tickets to events and manage finances.

Link: https://artifactory.tidyhq.com/

This is the process from receiving invoice through payment of your membership.

  1. Treasurer updates the renew groups (concession/full/band memberships) within TidyHQ (these can only be accessed by Committee) and adds another month membership to the renew groups a few days before the new month, or middle of the month if your membership falls due in the second half of the month.
  2. Members receive an invoice via email.
  3. Each member pays for their membership by either -
    • credit card using the pay now link in the invoice email OR
    • by bank transfer(EFT) to the Artifactory account, details at payment, and making sure your name is obvious.

Answers to questions about TidyHQ:

How do I renew?

Usually, on the last day of your regular monthly membership, you will receive an email from "The Perth Artifactory Inc <artifactory@mail.tidyHQ.com>". For example, if you were a member from January 1st to 31st, then you will have a new email on January 31st, with a “Pay Now” link. Pay with that or by bank transfer, as above, with your name in the transaction reference. When processed, you will see your monthly membership status change from “partial” to “activated” at when you log into your TidyHQ account.

How do I Cancel / Suspend / Alter my membership?

  • Alter Membership (ie to pay annually or switch from concession to full etc) - Contact the treasurer with your needs via email: treasurer@artifactory.org.au
  • Cancel Membership - Contact the Treasurer / Secretary via email: secretary@artifactory.org.au treasurer@artifactory.org.au
  • Suspend (Effectively stopping your membership and rejoining at a later stage.) - This needs to be done prior to the event and please collect any items that you have stored at the Artifactory. If you have a key bond held with the Artifactory you can advise for us to retain it until you rejoin. Contact the treasurer to arrange: treasurer@artifactory.org.au

I haven't received an invoice, what do I do?

Check your spam filter / junk mail folder. TidyHQ uses *random name*@artifactory.tidyhq.com email addresses to link a given invoice to an email. Many mail services consider these spam. Please whitelist tidyhq.com in your email if you can.

If an anticipated invoice isn't in your spam filter / junk folder please let the treasurer know via email: treasurer@artifactory.org.au

How do I log in to TidyHQ?

To log in requires your email address used with your Artifactory account signup and password. If you haven't logged in before, use the forgotten password option to reset your password - https://artifactory.tidyhq.com/ . Should you use an email address not associated with an Artifactory account TidyHQ will reject your password reset attempt. In that case contact the Secretary to workout what email address you did use with your account. secretary@artifactory.org.au

I want to join the Artifactory?

The Artifactory uses TidyHQ to allow people to join. It is recommended you start with a free Visitor's membership. Once you've visited the Artifactory a few times and think you'll find value in a subscription membership you can upgrade to either a full or concession membership. The later is for students, pensioners, etc - email treasurer@artifactory.org.au if your situation qualifies for concession membership. Sign-up is at: https://artifactory.tidyhq.com/public/memberships/new

I want to pay my Artifactory membership?

Now (7 November 2013) the Artifactory has TidyHQ to take payments on the Artifactory's behalf. This means you can pay via credit card using the pay now link in an invoice email and making the payment at the TidyHQ website or via bank transfer using your bank's website. Bank transfer details at payment.

What should I use in the bank transfer details when paying my membership?

Transaction description should be the Remitters name please use your name as stated with your Artifactory.TidyHQ account (if you can't enter a Remitters name then your bank is providing your account's name).

This is different to the previous requirements before we used TidyHQ.

What does "partial" status mean in my TidyHQ details?

Partial means a paid membership has been created in your account but a payment covering the whole membership has not been credited within TidyHQ. TidyHQ and the Artifactory bank account are NOT linked, thus if you made a bank transfer the Treasurer may not have credited it yet in TidyHQ. Otherwise you need to make a payment. Your Artifactory account details can be found at: https://artifactory.tidyhq.com/public/memberships/new

My membership "expired", how do I add more?

If you get an expiry email then the Treasurer or delegate didn't follow the process for issuing invoices.(Which is complicated but they try their best) If you're membership has expired you can add more at https://artifactory.tidyhq.com/public/memberships/new , which requires logging in. Should you have trouble adding a membership please contact treasurer@artifactory.org.au.

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