Artifactory Space Management

Parts We Require:

  1. Speakers
    1. 2 x JBL MRX515 - $1,029 each.
  2. Amplifier
    1. Crown Drive Core XLS 2000, $999.95
  3. Projector
    1. Proper Conference Projector - Panasonic PT-DZ6700E, $20,281.79
    • SKoT says: absolute overkill, no chance of getting, if we got a grant that size, there's about 10 other things we could get for teh same money.
    • Brendan Says: This is included as a benchmark and if we want to pad the budget. It's actually the cheapest 3K Lumen or greater 1080p projector I can find (though the price is more along the lines of RRP and *not* what it would cost us), If there's something > 3K Lumen and 1080P (or even 720P) i'll stick that in instead. If there are other things that are Social Space related that we should be spending the money on - add them in.
    1. Hi Def Projector - Epson EH-TW3500, $2,499 - SKoT says: I have something similar, is fine, prob still overkill. multiple cheaper ones would be of more use and more fun.
    2. Bright Conference Projector - Mitsubishi XD600U, $3,200
    • SKoT says: overkill.
    • Brendan Says: Not really. Not if you want to have the lights on in the space and actually see anything.
  4. DJ Mixer
    1. Allen & Heath Xone DB4 ($3,999)
    • SKoT says: overkill. Don't think it is the Artifactory's place to provide decent studio gear. Something more knock-around will be much better, and it is prob something that should be a group buy of those interested in learning DJing.
    • Brendan Says: Absolutely, this is there as a “maximum price this thing should cost”, and also if we decide we need to pad the application.
  5. Microphone
    1. Wired - Shure SM58S - $239.00
    2. Wireless - JTS US8001D belt mic - $170
    3. Wireless - JTS US8001D receiver - $300
  6. Cameras
    1. SKoT: Panasonic HDC-SD900 is 14.2 mega pix, 3D capable, HD - $2000 or so.
    2. SKoT: Suggest a couple of knock-around $300 cameras a better idea, as multiple angles would be of more use than hidef, and it will all be shrunk down for youtube anyway.
  7. Recording Apparatus
    1. SKoT: computer with a ~$200 USB sound card will be fine. May need mic preamp. Some music SC have built in preamps.
    2. SKoT: Mic cables - make our own. Cables are skank-tastic, price wise.
    3. SKoT: Mic stands


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