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The Perth Artifactory has three Laser Cutters/Engravers. The Laser Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining these in good working condition. To do this, it determines access and training requirements, and organises routine and corrective maintenance.

  1. Make recommendations to the main committee on all aspects of laser maintenance, operation, upgrading, training and charging.
  2. Appoint laser trainers as required.
  3. Determine training requirements as required.
  4. Scheduling operational and preventative maintenance.
  5. Organising the ordering and installation of replacement parts within a budget determined by the main committee.
  6. Recommends the area host to the main committee and as a general rule will expect that the area host is a member of the Laser subcommittee.
  7. To develop and maintain a mechanism for access control and charging.
  • Formally schedule periodic preventative laser maintenance.
  • Sort Spare parts documentation - suppliers - stock
  • Update Signage - check list / area host
  • Update list of trainers
  • All laser trainers trained for and participate in scheduled preventative laser maintenance.
  • Implement laser “currency” and periodic training (especially when procedures change)
  • Have access to big red controlled by laser bot.
  • Get test version of laserbot working again (with internal access logging)
  • Charging for both laser cutters controlled by laserbots.
  • 125ml isopropyl alcohol
    • 2l spare ~$17@Altronics (discount)
  • Lens Diameter:20mm
    • ZnSe Lens 50.8mm / 2“ Focus, Diameter:20mm, #21500225, Qty: 2 New
    • ZnSe Lens 63.5mm / 2.5” Focus, Diameter:20mm, #21500226, Qty: 1 New
      • Qty: 1 removed from service 20180604
    • ZnSe Lens 101.6mm (~94mm actual?) / 4“ Focus, Diameter:20mm
    • GaAs Lens 63.5mm (~55mm actual?) / 2.5” Focus, Diameter:20mm
    • 20mm silicone ring/washer/pad, Qty: 1 New
  • Si CO2 Laser Reflector, Diameter: 25mm, Thickness: 3mm Qty: 1 New (2 installed as final mirrors in LG500, LC1290)
  • Mo CO2 Laser Reflector, Diameter: 25mm, Thickness: 3mm Qty: 3 New, 2 Old (still good with cleaning)
  • 50mm..80mm adjustable clamps, suit 80W, 80mm Jilin Yongli A2 laser tube
  • Belts
    • Z axis belt loop, ~1800mm “CNFULO 1800-3M Q12 AA 073/074/075/076/077 0574-63781858”
    • Short X? belt loop, ~300mm “CNFULO 300-3M Q12 AA 036/037/038/039”
    • Used/missing: Short Y? belt loop, ~384mm “CNFULO 384-3M Q12 AA 116/117/118/119”
    • Roll of unlooped belt, ~200cm remaining “CNFULO 3M-15 Q12 AA 065/066/067/068/069 0574-63781858”
      • Ningo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co.,Ltd. Adress:. Tel: +86 -0574 -63781858. Email:, WebSite:,
  • High Voltage Cable Qty: 4m?
  • Grey silicone insulation tube 30cm, 2m lengths
  • Spare hour meter plus Laser Cutter Hour Meter Interface for LG500
    • plus 1xSpare hour meter
  • 2* e-stop switch
  • 2* Leadshine 3ND583 Microstep driver x or y driver
  • 2* 100W, 100 ohm green test load resistors
  • ~50mA analogue milliammeter
  • 2* 10600nm OD4+ dark laser safety googles in cases
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • To access and clean lens, turn nozzle tube's collar clockwise, looking down, to loosen and release
    • “Lefty-loosey”, the visible front of the collar spins left, the rear spins right
  • Tools:
    • Small green spanners: X belt tensioner nuts, Z-belts-tensioner nuts
    • Hex/allen keys ~2mm, ~3mm?
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