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The Artifactory relies heavily on the IT Infrastructure to provide members with services and systems that benefit the purpose and management of the space.

The IT Committee is tasked to ensure that these services and systems maintain operational integrity and that the digital security and privacy of the Artifactory and its members are protected.

Terms of Reference

  1. Make recommendations to the main committee on all aspects of IT Infrastructure
  2. Maintain and document the current IT infrastructure
  3. Provide IT support to the Management Committee as required (e.g. Committee wiki access, etc.)
  4. Scheduling operational and preventative maintenance including IT security management
  5. Organising the ordering and installation of replacement IT hardware and software within a budget determined by the main committee

IT Governance



Most Artifactory equipment needs to be setup in a specific way. Here you can find guides on how on what software or configurations should be used to make sure you are setting things up for the best result (and to work with everything else!)

Network Address Allocations

The Artifactry IP range is split into sections for device types. Before configuring a new device for a statically mapped address please make sure you check the allocation table and use the right range


IP Address List

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