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  • Aug 2012 - Emergency stop switch added to console, custom console made, X, Y limit switches added, wires and pipes inserted into a “caterpiller track” cable guide along y axis.
  • Sept 2011 - An LED lighting ring has been added around the “Business End”.
  • July 2010 - Swarfomat has been re-decked in jarrah, which is much harder and hence more resistant to compression resulting from clamping down your jobs. The deck has been reflattened, with a final 1/20mm polishing pass that should result in far less Z-axis errors that previously. We've also started work on an acrylic Vacuum Table for holding down engraving jobs (see pictures below). The swarf extraction ducting system is also now “hands free” at last - you can finally load up your job and walk away (in theory) - no more following the cutting head with the vacuum cleaner!

Machine Information

Swarfomat, circa March 2010

  • Name: Swarf-o-Mat
  • Commissioning Year: 2010
  • Axes: 3
  • Cutting dimensions: X=605mm Y=440mm Z=60mm
  • Spindle: 1.5 kW 24,000rpm water cooled
  • Control computer software: V-Carve / Mach3
  • Supported steel round rails, ball screws on all axes
  • NEMA23 stepper motors
  • Maximum speed: 1300mm/min X+Y axis, 500mm/sec Z axis
  • Accuracy: 0.03mm (estimated)
Z-axis movement indicator - disco ball wedged on top of Z axis motor, rotates when Z axis moves. swarfomat_ducting.jpg
Auxiliary system power indicators - LEDs embedded along grooves for “bling”
Movement Limit Switches X, Y operational
Mounted vacuum system swarfomat_spindle.jpg
Mounted USB cameras
Laser guides
Z-axis probe

Using Swarf-o-mat

You MUST be “certified” by Swarf-o-mat's owner, SKoT to use it. You can ask a Fully Rated operator to help you with a project, and to get training.

If you want to learn how to use swarf-o-mat, talk to SKoT or Daniel about getting some training and supervised swarfing sessions to become familiar with it!

For a list of certified users & trainers, see the Approved Users section on Swarf-O-Mat's Tool Page

Swarf-o-mat is the property of SKoT, and is NOT a communally-owned tool. Please ask SKoT's permission before using it, and respect the many hours that have gone into building Swarfomat. SKoT is very keen for Swarf-o-mat to be used by all, especially to help build more robotic tools for the Artifactory.

If you have a long production run of personal stuff, SKoT also requests that you factor in a small wear-and-tear contribution of $20 per hour cutting time, which will help to keep Swarf-o-Mat in tip top shape (This is a guide price - talk to SKoT, he's flexible!).


A gallery of things Swarf-o-Mat has cut. If you make something on Swarf-o-Mat, SKoT requests that you submit a picture of the result to inspire other people.

swarfomat_vacuumtable.jpg Vacuum table to help hold things flat on SoM, when engraving a tenth of a millimetre makes a big difference!
swarfomat_moroccanscreen.jpg Nathan Thompson
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