The current street sign is, how shall we put this? Pants! I can say this as I made it - thanks, Ches!

Not to mention that the support poles have subsided. The metal upright poles are set 1235mm apart. Each pole is 46mm in diameter, set into some square galvanised tube 50mm outer diameter in the ground. Can we dig out the road side pole, jack it up and fill it in so the poles are level?

A new sign is much needed, that is illuminated at night. Current plan is as such:

2 large sheets of marine ply, fed thru the large laser cutter piecemeal cut to show the logo, address and website.

Paint them with primer then black housepaint. Line one side (Designated the “inside” with alfoil as a poor man's reflector.

Separate them with some generic bits-o-wood on all 4 sides, with holes cut thru bits-o-wood to accommodate the upright pole. (Remind me to bring a sledgehammer to level it a bit) Some 60mm between strikes me as a good size.

Behind the cutouts mount an inverted V if thin marine ply, painted white. This will act as a reflector to direct the light from the top of the sign out via the cutouts.

Along the top mount a solar lighting system projecting into the cavity. I am thinking a cheap 20 pack of garden lights would work and be p!ss easy to set up and relatively cheap.

Here is the vector art, modified for signage ready to go thru the laser cutter artifactory4.pdf Here is a ZIP containing the DXFs ready to be fed to the big laser

What is currently needed:

  • Waterproof undercoat
  • Black paint (for outside)
  • White paint (for inside)
  • Silicone seal (for seams)
  • 6mm Plywood
  • Possibly some pine “bits” for strengthening corners. (Buy a bit of their standard 20mmx40mm beams)
  • 25 / 35mm wood screws (Pack of at least 50)
  • 3mm MDF (For internal reflector. Can probably be scrounged from scraps)
  • Whatever we are going to use on the inside under the letters. A translucent white plastic. Patio plastic is probably OK.
  • Staple gun (I have this)
  • Some heavy duty screws to attach it all to the pole.
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