Grand Master plan to replace the ABS box containing doorbot with something larger.

  • Move the PSU / Battery backup higher up the wall
  • Make wooden frame (to go over existing burglar alarm panel) to take ply/mdf engraved front
    • Will also need to be clear of lightswitch on side of distribution board
    • Needs to be over ribbon cable from external readers/led/button
    • Needs to be able to pick up cables to door solenoid
  • LCD Display for basic status
  • Light switch (momentary push with indicator) for floodlight PSU - see below
  • Simple green / red open/close space buttons that also update spaceapi and coloured sign
  • excessive decoration / branding
  • Connects to external doorbell and RGB LED


  • Needs to contain raspberry pi (network, power, sound) + relay board + interfaces to lock and external sensors.
  • external cabling MUST be neat.

Wishlist for mk2

  • RFID card reader behind
  • Status LEDs for various space things.
  • allow remote control / status out

Basic idea thrown to the list on!topic/artifactory-core/a8n6lxrAz54

The external floods are being driven off an old HP DPS600PB Server PSU (, which not only gives us 12v at 27A (remote start via shorting several pins together) but also 5v at 7A on standby. The latter would be ideal for the beacon of guthrie st (fed via one of the relays) and the main PSU start/stop can be done via the PsON and PsKILL to ground, also via one of the relays.

Additional logic can be added to Doorbot ( to turn on the coloured sign on and annouce 'space open' to spaceapi by member hitting the 'open space' button and turning floodlights off (after a delay) if dark and closing space, (perhaps flash sign?) when they hit the 'close space' button.

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