The proposed membership kiosk (to be located somewhere useful, but not in the way of hacking spaces – perhaps in the foyer or near the kitchen?) will allow:

  • members to tap their tag and verify:
    • personal details up to date
    • “restricted group” membership – such as Laser, Swarf-o-mat, Band Member etc
    • membership level (and “in credit” status)
    • Redirection to tidyHQ for topups (or stripe?)
  • trainers to add/remove members from special groups (on completion of training session)
  • pretty display of member project slideshow when not being used.

Raspberry Pi. Wired network connection. Monitor (wall mountable), kbd/mouse and RFID reader.

Needs to be tidy looking as will be in a public area. any custom hardware (RFID Reader etc) needs be well documented so that spares can be on hand.


Kiosk-mode browser + screensaver

Everything should be remote as much as possible so that we can have multiple of these things.

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