Self Promotion

spearheaded by davo

This project will likely contain several small parts. The main goal is to have a kit of curios for either sale or display so that we can display something interesting when required. Possible targets are weekend markets, craft fairs, robotic or other technical gatherings, university Orientation Days.

Depending on what the venue provides, we will probably need:

  • Artifactory signage
  • Artifactory tent
  • Artifactory table(s)
  • Information sheets (flyers)
  • Items to sell
  • Items to display

There is Jason's large Artifactory sign over the rear roller door in the space. There is a smaller (swarf milled?) sign from over the sink which I have snagged. Other options welcome.

I plan on collecting a small stock of ready to ship items.

These are small projects cut from 3mm MDF, mostly held to the board by sprue cuts (faster cuts at same power level so that it doesn't go through)

Need to be able to provide examples of more than just the laser cutter output.

  • 3, 4 and 5 planet parametric gears from the 3D printer
  • Wooden cubes with a marble inside

These are interesting things that we have made that aren't (necessarily) for sale. The idea is catch their interest and get others to visit the space and make these things themselves.

  • Curved cube (single piece, not a flat pack) display only. The original intention was to sell these but they are too fiddly and easily broken.
  • Steam Ostriches
  • 3D printed samples including parametric gears
  • Ironman veneer
  • Laser cut Eiffel Tower
  • Floppy drive o phone
  • raspberry pi cases
  • is it worth looking at the giant robot, steam punk train or brain in a box?
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