RotoBot CNC

Owing to exposure to SKoT's magnificent Swarf-O-Mat CNC, I have been bitten by the CNC bug and have set about collecting the bits and pieces needed to build my very own 4 axis CNC machine. The fourth axis being a rotary axis parallel to the work table.

Part Description Status
Stepper Controller Gecko G540 4 Axis stepper driver Purchased
Stepper Motors Nema 23 387 Oz/In Motors. Purchased
Power Supply 48v 12.5A PSU. Purchased
Spindle 1.5Kw water-cooled spindle Purchased
VFD Hitachi X200-015NFU1 1.5Kw Motor Controller Purchased
Linear Actuator Linear Actuator for Z Axis. THK KR26 Purchased
4th Axis 50:1 Harmonic Drive gearbox with a NEMA 23 on one end and a 3 jaw chuck on the other. Purchased
Ball Screws Ball screws & ball nuts for X & Y axis. Purchased
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