Maker Machines

Makers are a type of machine that can produce objects based on an electronic design from raw materials. Feed it raw plastic (or in some cases metals) and a design and it will make the object for you. They come in lots of varieties and types.


RepRap's are a category of 3D printers, associated with the RepRap Project. An open-source design where the 3D printer is capable of printing some of it's own parts. The RepRap is currently capable of producing over 50% of it's own major parts. The Artifactory is currently building it's own RepRap. Current contributors are Peter Hillier (Bits from Bytes Rapman V2.0.1) and Simon Kirkby (MakerBot Industries Cupcake). Anyone else with a 3D printer is welcome to help us as we make our new machine.


We are planning to hold meetings once every two weeks on Mondays for 3D printing and maker systems starting at 7pm. The first meeting is scheduled for Monday October 2009. There will be at least one Bits from Bytes RepRap available, as well as one MakerBot Industries Cupcake. Entry is free for those who just want to talk and discuss things. Using the tools on-site requires a $10 fee, $5 for students and the unemployed.

quick parts guide

At a rough estimate, the costings are (if you use a prusa mendel, which is simpler to build and cheaper too than the standard)

motors $100 is using a prusa (ie 4 motors for 3 axis, and one for extruder) recommend

printed parts ??? maybe 20 hours of print time needed for a prusa.

nuts and bolts $1-200 recommend west coast fasteners or searl fasteners in Perth

electronics- $200 recommend but can probably get somewhere else cheaper

belts and pulleys- $100 recommend as well

bearings, not really needed for prusa, but worldwide and in perth “bsc motion tech” is around the corner from artifactory.

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