There are two things I want to produce;

1) Car simulator inside a real car - using an old car, rig up the steering wheel and pedals etc to communicate just like a standard car racing wheel plugged in via usb. Then putting a projector/screen in front of the real windscreen. You could also rig up the passenger side so you could play vs with the person next to you…

2) motion simulator so you literally move when acellerating and cornering in the game - allowing you to feel more like you are really driving

I've never built anything like this before but I have a bunch of computer hardware and a few steering wheels that we could use for templates/hacking etc and im open to buying some car seats and perhaps a cheapie car for putting a simulator in (like a suzuki swift)

someone mentioned that a car's own power steering system could work to make a great steering force feedback device.

here are some videos that give you an idea of what it might look like;

and here is a more simple option;

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