Open Label Printer

(currently out of date: Vincent Dalstra has an up to date specification)

  • Make it easier for people to label their stuff.
  • Lets people make nice labels for other purposes.
  • Adhesive business cards, anyone?
  • Labelling lots of things quickly (e.g. instructions for catapults; cuts down to a nice size).
Things that will work ‘out of the box’.
  • Printing of simple text labels via Web tool. (smartphone compatible).
  • Printing images via a linux command-line tool (aim to make this easier)

i.e. things that require software modification in order to get working.

  • Printing images via the web tool.
  • Automatically print Name/Date Labels when an RFID key is scanned.
  • Generate and print QR codes via the web tool
    • Provide a guide to make generators for similar things e.g. chip pinouts.
  • Printing multiple copies of a label via the web tool.
  • Reading names from RFID (is it stored on the chip, or do I need to query a server?)
  • Also need to know the correct RFID reader to use, and how to connect it to a raspberry pi; a problem that has already been solved with doorbot.
  • If it used NFC (as I suspect it it does) then I should be fine
  • Setting up a raspberry pi (I’ve never done it before – should be easy, but someone else’s expertise might save time/headaches).
  • Modifying the web tool (the webserver printing tool is good, but could benefit from some modifications; luckilyit is written in python, which I’m not familiar with)

Brother QL- 700

  • $100 + $1.62per metre (60mm wide tape, official)
    • Aftermarket: 20c per metre (Amazon)
  • 13 cm/s print speed - for 30 x 60 mm ‘standard address labels’ (5c per label, official).
  • Can print sideways (min. print 12.7mm). Retracts from cutter to avoid wasting space.
  • Autocutter – multiple labels at once.
  • Local Return (officeworks), just in case it’s not up to snuff.
  • There is a guide for combining a raspberry pi with this printer. It can also host a browser-based label design tool (works on smartphones too).
  • Actually bypasses the official drivers entirely.
  • Videos in action: (some variation in speed: worth investigating). Resolution is very good.
  • $80 + $0.60 per meter (24mm wide tape, same price for thinner – down to 8mm)
    • PS: This is the aftermarket price
  • Print speed not stated
  • Uses thin tape up to 24mm wide
  • No official linux drivers, but seems to be CUPS compatible (See comments at
  • Local Return
  • $94
  • No Autocutter; (rip-strip instead). Not as neat, and inconvenient for many labels.
  • Rumoured to have more after-market label options (extra colours etc.)
  • Has also been used in similar projects.
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