Open Door Control

An access control system with RFID reader, an electronic lock, battery backup, log files, two line LCD panel, and blinken-lights.

  • Functional Prototype
  • Currently installed, mission-critical hardware
Part Description Price
Freetronics EtherMega Arduino Core $119
microSD card ACL and log storage
ID-12 125 kHz RFID Reader RFID Reader $29.95
DS1307 RTC on Breakout Real-Time Clock $9.00USD


  • Hordor
  • The SDCard reader software appears to have a limit on the number of files it supports (although it may be in our github code) If in doubt, delete all LOGFFFF.TXT files before rebooting.


  • Currently in design phase based on v1.0
Component Function Notes
Raspberry Pi Host Controller
LM22678TJ-5.0 5v 8A SMPS Vin 4.5V ~ 42V
TLC5951 PWM Driver
ID-12 125kHz RFID Reader
Feature Requester Assignee Status Difficulty Implemented in Commit
60 second post lockup grace period atrophy Completed Easy abb78b2af65703394c5ff61234f4e97b900dd11e
Access list updated over Ethernet (from LDAP via HTTP?) bdowning Required Hard
State change notification over Ethernet/HTTP southen southen Wanted Moderate

Version 2 progress is being tracked at


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