Marble Machine

Originally downloaded from Thingiverse and also available as an Instructable. Created by M Raynsford and sold on his web site. He has given us permission to reproduce the work (with his branding) for our own promotions.

I have created and tested multiple DXF versions with the aim of minimising the cost per item. Each plan fits on approximately 300x250x3mm MDF and uses 10mm spheres. I didn't want to scale up to standard 16mm marbles as the wood and cutting cost scale too.

Currently each unit is approximately:

  • about 50c in wood, but should be able to drop that to 20-30c
  • 22c per ball bearing, I bought 100 bulk
  • 80c each to laser cut.

Moving the job to the large laser cutter will reduce the wood wastage (and drop material cost) and take less time (and drop the cutting cost) but I doubt the branding can be etched on that machine. My aim is to get to under $1 production cost then sell for $2 and give them away too.

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