Cabinet has been kludged together and is operational! There's even LED lighting in the header and the sound has been plumbed in. It's set to do an Artifactory photo slide show when MAME isn't in use. MAMEUI automatically loads when the machine boots…


The space donated a spare LCD which has been temporarily shimmed in to the cabinet for testing.

The X-Arcade controller has been (cleverly) modified with the drop saw so it can be used as a drop in control surface.

And we have about 20Gb of ROMs waiting to be played…


This is a placeholder for Anton Lord's MAME cabinet page.

In short a crappy cabinet badly bodged by a former owner is going to get chop shopped in to a new MAME cabinet for the space and double as a display / internet kiosk device.

We inherited an old cabinet (marked Super Trooper?) which contained an old Amiga, the original CRT and a lot of bad wiring.

The cabinet has already been savaged to accept a very poor keyboard drawer. The Amiga was DOA and trashed.

A new (s/h) PC currently running Windows XP and MAME is already in place.

The CRT was tested (much to the squealing high frequency horror of several nearby members) after much fiddling to get the PC video card to work at 15kHz and was found to be beyond salvage.

Plan is to refit cabinet with a new LCD. Anyone got one spare?

A quick time saver is to modify an X-Arcade twin joystick platform to slot in to the cabinet.

A trackball and keyboard will go on a new pull out drawer

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