Hoverboard build, patterned after the Scitech Nutters' Prototype Hover Platform Instructable.

A plywood disc which floats ever so slightly off the ground on a cushion of air. Detailed in hot pink, with gold flames for added excitement.

Doug and Tim were chatting about the upcoming school holidays, and decided a weekday build down at the space was a good way to entertain their respective offspring. Tim mentioned he had been threatening his kids with building one “one of these days”, and so it was decided.

  • Two sheets of Plywood
  • Leftover pond liner (Donated by a friend of Doug's)
  • Lots of screws
  • A cordless leaf blower (We used This one, and borrowed the tube from one of the shop vacs around the space)
  • Spray paint
  • Gaffer tape

  1. Cut a large disc from one sheet of plywood (we used some string, a pencil and a jigsaw).
  2. Make a hole somewhere in the top for the air to go in (a holesaw would be sensible, we used the jigsaw again)
  3. Cut a ring the same size as the disc from another sheet of plywood, about 5cm wide.
  4. Do a pizza run because none of you had breakfast (Good parents should always put making before regular mealtimes).
  5. Tape two lengths of pond liner together.
  6. Lay the ring over the pond liner, cut it to size, leaving enough to fold back over the ring.
  7. Fold the pond liner over the ring, then lay disc over the top.
  8. Fasten disc to ring (from the top) using screws and minions.
  9. Cut a small disc of wood from the leftover plywood, and screw that to the bottom centre, so the pond liner tents up towards the middle.
  10. Make some holes in the pond liner around the centre disc for the air to escape.
  11. Apply hot pink spraypaint and gold flames.
  12. Smile broadly, apply air and start hovering!

I'd suggest reading the Scitech instructable, thinking and maybe asking google rather than following the instructions above, but see how you go.

Video of the maiden flight [YouTube]

The finished product:

jenna has a go:

One of Tim's minions investigates chair stability, in the name of science:

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  • Tim and Helen
  • Their combined Minions^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Kids
  • Jenna
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