After much sawing, screwing at lining the garden beds are done.

Add to that countless wheel barrow loads of soil and mulch and the seedlings are in!

A quick extension of the watering line and there's micro irrigation happening too…


Seedlings are almost ready for hardening / transplanting


The seeds (including salad greens, thyme, beans, corn, passionfruit, tomatos, and more) are in the well lit balmy environs of the raiser.

Treated sleepers and compost bin are already on site. We're trying to source some more form ply to make larger beds. Beds will be lined with black plastic for maximum water retention and to avoid any kind of contamination.

A small trench will need to be dug to run poly irrigation pipe from the tap to the bed. kai has already put in a tap timer / hose for his tree seedling raiser…

Soil will be from the local supplier and delivered via trailer to avoid double handling through space.

Might need some mulch too eh?

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