As per Skot: We have been informed by the City Of Stirling that we have the go-ahead for advertising our proposed change of Planning to an “unlisted use” - the best classification we can get in an Industrial Area.

We need to create a 1×1.5m professional sign with exactly proscribed wording (we have a letter from the city saying what this is). The sign needs to be erected at eye height on an exact position on the street, also proscribed by the letter.

The sign will need to display a 21 day date range, and we need to inform the City 4 days before the date period starts, so a little bit of forward planning is required.

Is anyone with a budding interest in dull/pragmatic/clear graphic sign design and a sign maker contact willing to drive this? I'm buried in work still for another week or two. I can provide a scanned copy of the letter with details. All printing and mounting expenses will be paid by the Artifactory of course.

The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can move onto the next stage of this epic approvals process.

The first Version of the poster is here:notification.pdf

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