Basic Arduino Beginners Kit

There are often attendees at Arduino U who are just starting out and have not yet invested in any hardware. This kit is targeted at these people and the selection of items has been informed by the following principles:

  • CHEAP Genuine Arduino or official clone is around $35. This is a quite an investment when you don't even know what the thing is yet!
  • Basic but comprehensive. The kit should have a wide enough selection of VERY BASIC parts to allow construction of SIMPLE circuits for all the “example” programs that come with the IDE.
  • Fruit is Fun! There should be at least a few “complex” components to allow at least a glimpse of what the platform is capable of.
  • Available NOW! Cheap components and parts are readily available from various Chinese websites, but these usually take a month or more to arrive. In any case, beginners will generally not know what to order from such sites.

Target cost for the entire kit is < $20. Sale price will be around $30. The $10 profit will go directly to the space. There are plenty of premium price Arduino kit products out there already - this needs to be a basic beginner hack pack that gives good value for money.

(Total cost of V1.0 kit = $20.57 on 16/12/14)

Kit will be packaged with cheap plastic bags, paper and cardboard inside a laser cut Artifactory branded MDF case.

Component Qty Approx. Cost Link Comment
Chinese Arduino clone + USB cable.1$8.16 AliexpressLinked option is not the cheapest, but uses a DIP ATMEGA which can be helpful for faultfinding and fixing. I intend to have replacement boot-loaded ATMEGAs for sale as well.
9V battery clip141cAliexpressSimple way to supply Arduino when not connected to USB.
Breadboard1$1.78AliexpressFor construction of temporary circuits without soldering.
20cm jumper wires M-M25$1.06AliexpressConnect from Arduino to bread board and between components on breadboard.
20cm jumper wires M-F1556cAliexpressConnect from Arduino to components with header pins.
40 pin header121cAliexpressHandy for reliable connect/disconnect of semi permanent breadboard circuits.
Solid core hookup wire11cin house.Stripped from surplus Cat5e (blue data cable).
390 ohm resistors3019caliexpressFor current limiting simple circuits connected to Arduino output pins.
1k ohm resistors3018cAliexpressFor current limiting transistor base circuits and other loads connected to Arduino output pins.
10k ohm resistors3018cAliexpressFor digital and analogue input “pull-down” and voltage divider circuits.
Red 5mm LED511cAliexpressSilly numbers of LED's, but cheap!
Green 5mm LED511cAliexpress
Yellow 5mm LED511cAliexpress
Blue 5mm LED511cAliexpress
White 5mm LED511cAliexpress
RGB 5mm LED322cAliexpress4 pin common cathode red/green/blue LED
Pushbutton815cAliexpressTactile switches
10k ohm potentiometer158cAliexpress
LDR211cAliexpressLight Dependent Resistor
BC337420cFuturlecgeneral purpose transistor. Only 1 needed to demonstrate, but enough supplied for some useful projects.
SPDT 5V Relay155cFuturlecUsed with transistor for “how to drive a high power / AC load” demonstration.
74HC595 IC119cAliexpress8-bit Serial-to-Parallel Shift Register. Pretty sure there are multitudes of these in the boxes of free components we got some time ago…
7 seg display1$1.16eBayCommon cathode 2.5cm red 4 digit 7 segment LED numeral display
Ultrasonic Sensor1$1.19AliexpressMitch has offered these free for the first kits (Thanks Mitch!) but we still need to factor in price for later.
9g hobby servo1$1.93Aliexpress
eboxen enclosure1$1 in house

Documentation, links and other resources for kit V1.0 and V2.0 can be found here.

Add your suggestions here!!

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