New Members Guide

Welcome to the Artifactory!

Please take a few minutes to read this New Members Guide to orientate yourself with our ways and practices.

  • Membership Info - Details of what types of membership are available, benefits, etc.
  • It is a legal requirement for The Artifactory to maintain a register of members, with full name, email or address, and contact details.
  • The Rules - Constitution & By-laws
  • The Perth Artifactory Emergency Plan is available for viewing here in addition to those displayed in every single room of the Artifactory. It shows the location of the first aid kits, Fire extinguishers/hose, switchboard, muster point and escape route.

We are designated as a factory space.

  • Ensure access areas are kept clean, tools are safe
  • Ensure that your clothing is appropriate.

Keep it nice for everyone else:

  • pick up your rubbish,
  • wipe, sweep or vacuum your area after use,
  • put away the stuff you used,
  • vacuums and dustpan & brooms are in abundance.
  • Leave the space cleaner than you found it.
  • Do not use power wood cutting tools inside, nor spray paints - the dust can affect electronics, furniture, and other member's breathing. Try to avoid use of resins or other volatiles inside as well. The exception here is locations specifically designated for this purpose.

Members are entitled (subject to availability) to a single committee authorised storage space (up to 150L) left in a tidy and safe state. It maybe a locker or storage space on the pallet rack. Full Member Storage rules can be found in the bylaws.

No guarantees are made to the security of your belongings on site.

To get a storage space

  1. Contact the Member Storage Officer ( or a Committee Member with your request for storage. If a preferred location is known, please state that in your request.
  2. If there is no waiting list for storage you will be allocated with a spot promptly
  3. Mark the Locker/Tub with your full name and phone number or email.
  4. Don't Put Expensive Stuff in it

Member Storage & Termination of Membership

If you cancel your membership via resignation, termination etc your belongings will be stored for a period of one month. Once period has expired the belongings will be claimed by the association and may be used or disposed of as the Management Committee sees fit. Full details see the bylaw Member Storage point 3

Members are entitled to request for additional storage on the pallet racking. Additional storage will be charged at a rate of $60 per half a pallet rack per month and will be restricted to the upper racks. For further information see the bylaws. Contact the committee to arrange. To date the committee has not authorised a storage space under this By-Law due to space constraints in the workshop.

Tool Description Standardised
Material Racks The area that has sheets of MDF/Ply etc for short term storage by members.
CAD Room The CAD room houses design workstations as well as our 3D printer and vinyl cutter.
Tool Room (front) The front part of the toolroom, where handheld power tools (among other things) are stored.
Tool Room (back)) The back part of the toolroom, home to the metal and wood lathes, mitre saw and the Swarf-O-Mat CNC Router
Welding Bay Next to the front roller door, but also includes the area directly inside the roller door.
Laser Area Where the Laser Cutters live and the tool wall is. This is where you go when you just need to obliterated something with a beam of collimated light, it also houses all the various supplies for lasercutting including our stock of laser-cuttable plastics.
Stage The stage is at the front of the space and houses the Artifactory collection of A/V gear and interesting lighting. Also houses the space sound system.
Social AreaThe area with the couches just outside the CAD room. Try to be more social
Bar/Kitchen The bar and the kitchen. Includes a full coffee machine, dishwasher, fridges, and washing machine.
Car Park The front bit outside, where the large bin is and where cars should go No Project work or material storage here at all. Ever!
Rear Courtyard Through the rear roller door to the outside courtyard, larger projects and spraying is permitted - try not to let it blow back inside the space.
General Space The big open bit in the middle of the space not covered by any of the previous areas.
Z-Lab (Electronics) The room with the big Z-Lab sign on the door - The electronics area has a bunch of work bays for hacking on most anything that facilitates the flow of electrons including Soldering Stations, Oscilloscopes and lab power supplies.
Upcycle Bench The area opposite the welding bay. Stuff(with in reason) gets donated here free for anyone to do stuff with. If you left your unlabelled project or thing around the Artifactory it may end up here. Contents from this bench routinely end up in the Skip.
Hack Rack The shelves immediately outside the Heavy Tool Roon.
Rehearsal Room In between the CAD room and studio room, used by Artifactorians with Band Memberships.
Tool Shed Various wood working tools can be found here. Paints/Spray paints for communal use and anything labelled flammable
  • There are supplies of free wood and acrylic next to Big Red. The specific location will be shown to you during laser training or you can ask an existing member.
  • Items left on the Upcycle bench are free game.
  • The kitchen has a small quantity of cleaning products etc.
  • Filing Cabinet in the shed contains paints / spray paints for communal use unless otherwise labelled.
  • Stuff on the Hack Rack.
  • Otherwise check with another member before you start using supplies. Many supplies belong to individual members.
  • If you find you are using a lot of a communal supply like Turpentine, Gaffer Tape, etc, you should buy more for the Artifactory.

Slack is the number one point of contact for anything and everything Artifactory.

  • If you would like to be trained on a certain machine, reporting a fault with the equipment or even need input and advice for your current project there will usually be a specific channel for your question. If you're not sure ask in #general.
  • Social Media
  • Twitter users, follow PerthArtifact and tag your related posts with #PerthArtifactory.
  • Facebook users, remember to check in and like us at Facebook.
  • Meetup users can also interact with our events on Meetup.
  • Reporting injuries (or near misses) helps us keep everyone safe. Use this form to document the details while they're fresh in your mind.
  • The Member Work directory can be accessed in a few different ways:
    • From any computer in the space (Typically mounted as either “filer” or “Member Work”)
    • From your device when connected to the wifi. (You'll need to mount the filer SMB share, ask someone if you don't know how to do this)
    • From your device regardless of where you're connected via our Nextcloud instance. You can request access here
  • The label printer can be accessed from this page when connected to the wifi.
  • You can ask to be shown on the webcam feed by filling out this form.
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