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The Artifactory hosts the following regular events - have a read through to see which interests you:

LogoEvent Name Description Organisers When Member/Non-Member Cost Making Restrictions?
New member Training and Open day A day to visit if you're interested to find out how the space works. Highly recommended for new members. Interested visitors and potential members welcome. For those people interested in laser training, it will happen after 2pm. Perth Artifactory First Saturday of every month 11:00-14:00 Visiting Free
Arduino U An evening of talking and hacking on Arduino microcontrollers Perth Artifactory Every second Wednesday, 19:30– Free for members. Others $10. Visiting Free
Wine & Design An evening of contemplating artifact and interior Design - partly with the aim of making the Space look cool, partly to develop an Artifactory Aesthetic. Bring a Bottle and some Books. Perth Artifactory Wednesdays, 19:00– Free for members. Others $10. Visiting Free
General Hacking Day An event for members to work on their own projects, or on facilities, decorations and infrastructure for the Space. Interested visitors and potential members welcome. Perth Artifactory Saturdays, 11:00–16:00 Free for members. Others $10. Visiting Free
noizemaschin.jpgNoizeMaschin!! An evening of experimental music and video performance. Perth Artifactory Usually Last Tuesday Monthly Free for members. Others $5 No making allowed or band rehearsing
Build-Your-Own Modular Synth Every month we gather to build Euro-rack synth modules designed locally by Nonlinearcircuits. It's a stitch-n-bitch for soldering-iron-wielding music tech geeks! Become part of the Perth music 37337 and make with your feet to this musical meet… WAMod : West Australian Modular Synthesizers Usually Second Tuesday of every Month Cost of kits
Perth Delphi User Group: Monthly meetings ADUG meetings usually take place in the evening each month. All are welcome and invited to participate. Plenty of time is allowed for discussion and meeting your peers. ADUG Usually Third Tuesday Monthly Free for members. Others $10 Quiet making allowed / No band rehearsing
Western Leathercraft Classes Western Leather runs a variety Leathercrafting workshops for different levels of skill. Western Leathercraft Various Saturday Mornings As Ticketed (Members ask for the $10 discount code)
Open Source Hack Afternoons Perth Open Source Hackers Meetup of experience of all levels. They pair up experienced with newbies. Whatever the language or platform. Perth Hackers Various Sunday Afternoons Free for members, others $10
Pikapi Cosplay Making Learn different techniques to create armour and weaponry with various types of foams PikaPi Various Saturday Mornings Various
Board Games Night People+Board Games. Is there more than that to be said? > Bring your own board game or play from our library Perth Artifactory Various - Check the Calendar Free for members, others $10
Artifrag Dusk to Dawn Lan Party - bring your suped-up gaming machine and dose up on sugar and caffeine all night long. Perth Artifactory Various ~ Once a quarter $10 off for members, others as priced
Workshop Wednesdays The space will be open for members, non-members, and visitors that want time to work on projects during the day or just want to check us out. Basic training is available for the laser cutters and general workshop tools. Supervision is also available for the CNC router. Perth Artifactory Wednesday, 11:00–18:30 Free for members. Others $10. Visiting Free
Chess Knight Play social chess in the noisy environment of the Artifactory. BYO Chess sets. Perth Artifactory 3rd Monday Monthly Free for members. Others $5. Others using tools $10. Visiting Free
Micropython Hardware Hacking Session As the title says! Perth Django and Python Developers In conjuction with SOME Ardunio U sessions. Free for members. Others $10

Running an event/workshop at the Artifactory is super easy and you don't even need to be a member to do it.  Over a quarter of 230+ events/workshops in 2018 were run by external groups/persons. 

Technology workshops, seminars, art exhibitions, lectures – all possible. Big doofs, club nights, etc – not so much. We’re a busy workshop with a limited performance area and restricted hours in which we can run such events. People can get overexcited when they hear “hacker warehouse in industrial area with cool gadgets”. Max capacity is 50(up to 100 if toilets are hired) people for any event. Currently we must operate under the small cultural event licensing exemption rules, and thus we can only serve alcohol from 6pm to 10pm, with under 50 people present. Events must also be themed in a manner consistent with our constitution – to encourage technological and/or maker creativity. We encourage you to VISIT the space to see what it’s like.

If the event does not require exclusive access of the Artifactory or hinder making/noise from members, cost is usually charged at $10 per non-members of the Artifactory. For enquiries, contact or come to a Wednesday evening event and track down a committee member to discuss you idea.

LogoEvent Name First Started Notes
New member Training and Open day 15/06/2010
Arduino U 14/09/2011 It is noted in the Google Calendar that Arduino U #5 was 23/11/2011
Wine & Design 14/04/2010
General Hacking Day 06/02/2010 ? Based on Google Calendar Entry
noizemaschin.jpgNoizeMaschin!! 19 July 2011
Artifrag 06-01-2018
Workshop Wednesdays 12/09/2018
Chess Knight 10/06/2019
Build-Your-Own Modular Synth DIY Synth 1/04/2014 #1
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