An evening of experimental music and video, tending towards Noise. We have a warehouse in an industrial area - so no noise restrictions! woohoo…

Our format is designed to give many performers exposure and maximise variety for the audience by limiting performance to 10 minute sets which overlap slightly. At the end there is an opportunity for a group jam.


  • General: SKoT McDonald (Artifactory & FXpansion)
  • Music curator is Sam Gillies (WAAPA & RTR-FM Difficult Listening).

Please email Sam if you want to perform a musical work (sam AT samgillies DOT com), otherwise write to skot AT vellocet DOT com or

  • 2011
    • NoizeMaschin!!#1 - 19:30pm Tuesday 19th July 2011 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#2 - 19:30pm Tuesday 23rd August 2011 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#3 - 22:00pm Thursday 15th September 2011 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#4 - 19:30pm Tuesday 11th October 2011 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#5 - 19:30pm Tuesday 22nd November 2011 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#6 - 19:30pm Tuesday 20th December 2011 FB
  • 2012
    • NoizeMaschin!!#7 - 19:30pm Tuesday 17th January 2012 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#8 - 19:30pm Tuesday 28th February 2012 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#9 - 19:30pm Tuesday 27th March 2012 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#10 - 19:30pm Tuesday 19th April 2012 FB
    • NoizeMaschin!!#11 - 19:30pm Tuesday 22nd May 2012 FB

Every 3 months the Artifactory kindly allows a panel-selected Audio Artist 3 months membership, with guaranteed NM performance slots. The Artist is to build whacky things or engage with the Artifactory in some way, and demonstrate their inventions at NoizeMaschin.

  • Chistopher de Groot - February / March 2012
  • Nathan Thompson - April / May / June 2012
  • Mace Francis - September / October / December 2012
  • Jared “Thaddaeus The Exile” - January / February / March 2013
  • D-JEONG - August / September / October 2013
  • The Intensoband - November / December / January 2014
  • Vanessa Mazza - March / April / July 2014
  • Jean-Michel Maujean - February / March / * 2015
  • Jean-Paul Bertino-Clarke with Pablo Mathilda support APRIL **TBC
  • Claude Woodward - Winter 2017
  • sami blue bird - Spring 2017
  • Justin Barwick - Summer 2017-18
  • Eduardo Cossio - Autumn 2018
  • Rodrigo Kendrick - Winter 2018
  • Gabbi Fusco - Spring 2018
  • Gracie Smith - Summer 18/19
  • Furchick - Autumn 2019
  • none - Winter 2019


To come.


Oh yeah, we're hitting double figures for the event-count, but as usual well into triple figures for our dB rating. NoizeMaschin - your Perfect Ten score for a grungy dose of experimental music in an industrial setting, Perth's very own hackerspace, The Artifactory.

$10 entry for non-members and non-performers. Bar d'Factory drinks & earplugs available.

Line up:

Jiah: The Table Guy feat. Adam Brown - A special performance of this compelling performance art set in a longer-than-usual NM slot! See a table created in real time and hear the sounds of this creation put to compelling musical use!

Chris Arnold: The Mystery Producer - Yet more sound poetry from a Noizemaschin favourite!

Stuart James - Laptop experimenter plays with the boundary of noise and ambient sound

Henry Anderson - Plays his Noizemaschin!! #9 set at Noizemaschin!! #10, we all pretend like we don't notice…

Jack Moriarty - Test driving the latest experiments in sound-object-based music. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

I.n0jaQ - Noizemaschin!! artist in residence makes compelling sound for your listening pleasure!

Cycle~ 440 - Piano and laptop duo make sweet melodious noise for your ears

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Roll up, roll up for the noisiest big-top around! A circus of sonic delights as a bunch of audio clowns erm talented artists compete for audience recognition (sorry, had to keep the circus metaphor going ;)).

$10 entry. Bar d'Factory drinks & earplugs available.


Quickquickquick feat. Mark Kaminski - Improvised musical goodness from a duo utilizing a combination of drum machines, light-sensitive synth and electric guitar

Ourobonic Plague - Member of Hip-Hop collective The Community brings combines elements of southern rap, drone, and various aspects of electronic music, into some kind of semi-cohesive noise-beat piece

Trilby Temperley and Samanta Ray - Dubbed out duophonic experiments in voice and theremin

Henry Andersen - Indie dreamboat and critical observer of musical subcultures takes to the stage

K Wilson - The multi-instrumentalist explores his interest in ambient, minimal textures and improvisation ahead of his album release on the Twiceremoved Records label

Stewbags - Brings some Max/MSP granular love to the gathered masses…

Christopher de Groot - Armed with a number of specially cut “Frankenstein” vinyl records and a Doepfer A-100 analogue synthesizer de Groot will create unpredictable sound-scapes of stuttering vinyl loops and unsettling electronic noise.

Sam Gillies - Makes some loud things happen live.

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Free of gimmicks, the February edition of Noizemaschin!! offers up plenty of sustenance for the noise junky and casual surveyor of experimentalism alike!

$10 entry as rent for the not-for-profit space.


Stanier-Black Five (New Zealand) - Visiting New Zealand artist takes us to ground zero with music concrete manipulations of seismic activity from her hometown.

Cat Hope - Takes a break from the demands of Decibel and academic and makes wonderful bass noise for the whole family.

Kynan Tan - His first show since returning from Germany, Perth audiences eagerly anticipate what new musical talents this laptop-er has learned since he's been away!

Malcolm Riddoch - Electro-acoustic feedback makes a welcome return in the sound-limitless surrounds of The Artifactory!

Leafy Suburbs - Another of Lyndon Blue's many aliases, this one promises to be a little bit louder than his previous incarnations.

Christopher de Groot - Rejoins the Artifactory family in a solo capacity with a new-found focus into preparted vinyl and turntablism.

Sam Gillies - He might finally be leaving the ambient focus of last last year, which can only mean more aggressive sounds from a laptop set!

Dr Vellocet - Industrial steam-punk as only Dr Vellocet knows how!

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Take That, Ears!

The Inaugural PAWPAW 2011 evening, where we look back on what the Perth Experimental music scene has achieved in 2011. With all the pageantry and glamour of a Wollongong RSL chook raffle crossed with a high school awards night, this will be one evening not to miss!

$10 entry fee to support the space.


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Diode - Bent rock noise art, deconstructed song structures, home-made oscillator and sequencers sounds layered with female vocals and spoken word.

Thaddeus TheExhile - Doom gets a warm welcome within the Artifactory walls.

Andrew Non-Linear Circuits - Homemade instrument award contender #1 puts up a compelling argument with his home-made synthesiser!

Adam Brown - Homemade instrument award contester #2 puts up an equally compelling argument with his home-made springtar!

The Uncanny Valley - New analogue/digital/acoustic ensemble of De Groot / Gillies / G'Froerer, has their premier performance and first moment in the sun.

Brett Smith - Jazz guy does credit to his genre!

Mitchell Mollison - In his final performance before moving to Melbourne, Mitchell leaves it all out on the field, musically speaking of course…

SKoT McDonald aka Dr Vellocet - The promogulator of strange beats returns for another round of industrial-esque noise goodness!


The perfect antidote to the sweetness of Xmas, NoizeMaschin!! gets all festive and destroys the eardrums before the kidz clacketty-clack gun stocking fillers do. Batteries not included - this is an arsenal of sound that goes beyond all that.

$10 entry. Bar d'Factory drinks & earplugs available.

We have performers threatening to send seasonal tunes thru the distortion matrix, chainsaw tunes with santa hats, and much much more!

More Info:


David Boring - Visiting Melbourne artist David Boring performs a very special 'Decemberwe'en' set.

SubOrdnance - Local chainsaw and drums duo are here to help get you in the Xmas spirit!

SnoBros - High energy beats and found sounds through the live smashing of fruit and vegetables. Performance art eat your heart out!

Woteva - New jam band of Nathan Kelly, Malcolm Riddoch and Claire Pannell, will take you on a journey - They promise not to play any guitar or drum solos, but do not promise to be quiet or predictable.

Stuart James - Max/MSP/Jitter guru returns to the Artifactory with a holiday song in his heart and noise on the brain.

Brett Smith & Mitchell Mollison - Mollison leaves Smith weeping over the destroyed, once dulcet, tones of his shiny sax.

Sam Gillies - Reinterprets Reich with a special phasing examination of popular yuletide folk song pumped through a custom effects matrix.

Dr Vellocet versus Dean Martin and his Holiday Ultra Lounge - Says it all.

ALSO: Check out The Artifactory Bandcamp! Containing free downloads of the previous NoizeNaschin!! evenings!

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NoizeMaschin!! continues its war against organized audio and visuals.

$10 entry. Bar d'Factory drinks & earplugs available.

Line Up:

K. Wilson - Guitar and field recording based ambient noise.

The Gizzards - Fuzzed out pop and circuit bending glitch-o-rama!

Amber Fresh - Local songstress introduces us to her 'louder' side.

The Quotient Set - Jeremy Balius & Chris Arnold, now with half the divisor.

Fur Chick - Returns to the maschin!! under her old moniker.

Salamander - Unveils his new, laptop free set!

Finnish Hmm Dpt - Noise enthusiast and caped crusader Nik Payne is joined by local prodigy Max Vickery and piano-dude Christian Pestell to create amplified tunes to oscillate your eardrums.

Dr Vellocet brings more destroyed beatz for your aural pleasuring.

ALSO: Wayne Osborne is threatening to bring THREE of his laser projectors. Woohoo! Previous NM!!#4: Next NM!!#6: Xmas Special

NM4 Prev: NM!!#3: Next: NM!!#5:

Round 4. Ding ding. NoizeMaschin!! continues its war against organised audio and visuals.

$10 Entry


Michael Terren - Perth indie royalty returns to perform another mind-melting Noizemaschin!! set.

Mitchell Mollison - Fresh from supporting Candied Limbs, Mitchell Mollison creates some joyous experimental sounds for your ears.

Sam Gillies - Presents another laptop solo creation comprised of scraps of raw data from his hard drive warped into pulsing rhythms and noisy soundscapes.

Stuart James - Decibel laptop virtuoso creates extreme sounds for an extreme concert.

Stew Bags - Unleashes his first Noizemaschin!! set.

Kucka - A performance of delicate ambient sounds, industrial glitches and captivating vocal layering structured with heavy bass and erratic beats.

Andrew Nonlinear Circuits - Local analogue synth guru makes some noises with extreme video synth projections.

The Aural Pleasurings of Doctor Vellocet and his Beatz of Destruction - As described, Doctor Vellocet offers up the latest creations from his mad scientist beat laboratory.

This month's Noisemaschin is earlier in the month to allow students some gig-free lead up time to exams.

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In a special TURA supported event, NoizeMaschin!! #3 is offically part of the Totally Huge New Music Festival! Another round of audio mayhem featuring Australian practitioners of all things noisey is set to hit the warehouse climes of The Artifactory, featuring visiting artist Anthony Pateras!

Format: 6-8 performers, each allowed 5-10 minute sets, with overlap / jam sessions interspersed.

Artifactory members: free. Others: $10. Bar d'Factory has drinkies and ear plugs, but BYO is fine too.


Anthony Pateras - Melbourne composer Anthony Pateras returns to Perth for the Totally Huge New Music Festival and joins the Maschin for a set of extreme analogue noise.

Christopher de Groot - Local film composer extraordinaire lets down his hair with his Monome, Sequential Circuits and Doepfer Dark Energy synths.

I.n0jaQ - In.0jaQ returns to the Artifactory, this time with his face mounted 'Spring Reverb Cajon', to perform 'Wet Dream War Machine' and 'Trois Escaliers'.

Dr Malcolm Riddoch - The doctor is in with a quadrophonic harsh noise set that is ready to blow the roof off the Artifactory.

Homewrecker - The artist formerly known as Fur Chick, a performer of international notoriety and curator of the A2D series, rocks your socks and educates your mind with her Euler's Disk in true no-wave fashion.

Karl Ford - The chainsaw-music aficionado turns the 'tables' and performs a set of processed percussion set using turntable platters, effects pedals and hand-made electronics.

Sam Gillies - Returns for his second solo set to tread the fine line between harsh noise and harsh ambiance.

Mitchell Mollison - NoiseMaschin regular unveils a brand new Totally Huge noise set.

For more information on the 10th THNMF visit:


Artifactory members: free. Others: $10. Drinks + earplugs available at the Bar d'Factory.

Presumptively building on the Huge Success ™ that will be NoizeMaschin!! #1, and assuming we don't get shut down the first time round, NoiseMaschin!! returns for another round of audio mayhem. Can you take it? Can you NOT take it?!

Format: 6-8 performers, each allowed 5-10 minute sets, with overlap / jam sessions interspersed.

Previous Event (NM#1): Next Event (NM#3):


Andrew Nonlinearcircuits - Demonstrating new analogue circuits of destruction!

SKoT - DePhazor - massive FFTs strip phase-alignment and perceivable time from well known songs rendering them into almighty washes of evolving sound. (Attempt 2! software fail at NM#1)

Last Tape - Sam Gillies (Bass Guitar) Hayley-Jane Ayres (Violin) and Oliver Kellow (Compressed Air Noise Pipes) take to the stage to blast some unconventional industrial sounds your way!

Mitchell Mollison - Returns to the 'Maschin' with something completely different…

Brown - Brown perform a set of improvised, droney, noisy sound, featuring home made instruments, bent toys, analog synths, recycled/rubbish instruments, horns, drums and audio loops.

Ben Hamblin - Electro-acoustic noise from one of Perth's classical refugee's…

Nik Payne - Following from his Hmmm Dpt outing last Noizemaschin, Nik Payne, the caped crusader, unleashes a 4-track droning noise soundscape assault on the patrons of the Artifactory.

Stuart James - Decibel instrumentalist and laptop performer adds yet another performance to his busy schedule!

Video Whackiness provided by Andrew Nonlinearcircuit's Video Synthesizer (, and Vector Laser show by Wayne Osborn!


Warehouses in industrial estates are made for making Noise. So let's do it! The Artifactory's inaugural Noise gig / workshop / jam will allow some crazy sounds to be played at high volume, in the neat-o surrounds of the Artifactory's usual assortment of robot tools, high voltage dubious experiments and other assorted oddness.

5-10 minute sets are played one after another with each artist contributing 2-3 sets over the evening, allowing for interplay between artists during the changeover.

Cost: Free for Artifactory Members, $10 in the tin for others to help us keep the space going and help us save up for a bigger and better PA + lights. You'll get to use it, it's a good cause. :)

BYO bottle and ear plugs.

Next Event:

Line up:

Sam Gillies - New noise set using effect nastiness in a much abused BFD2 plugin. Oh the terror we wreak during beta testing. Hear why he is a DJ of RTR's Difficult Listening.

SKoT McDonald - DePhazor - low level manipulation of 'massively' sized FFTs allows for evolving soundscapes almost without perceivable time. And other oddities. (Original credit for the first dephazor: Scott McNabb).

Mitchell Mollison - WASO's darling child of orchestration shakes off his classical chops for some music concrete madness.

Chris Arnold “The Mystery Producer” - Live abused live.

hmmm dpt - New Noise-Dance project is ready for some dope ass gigs!

Michael Terren - The figurehead of the Perth indie culture shakes his image and rattles his fans with something appropriately loud, noisy and aggressive.

Salamander - Fusing laptop electronics with analogue fx processing and live instrumentation (Tibetan singing bowls, trumpet), Salamander will be digging their teeth into a host of new soundworlds, with drums set to 500bpm.

Henry Anderson - Former Dyonysis frontman-come-laptop fanatic, intellectual heavy-weight and sexual prodigy does a set so inconceivably cool, it will be perceived as noise to all but the greatest connoisseurs.

I.n0jaQ - I.n0jaQ will be dusting off 1950s tube radios, 60s tape reverbs, 70s preset rhythm boxes, 80s educational machines and 90s found electronics. The unmistakable warm tone of last century's analogue circuitry intensely over-driven to timeless noise brutality levels.

Stewbags - Abusing the obscure all-analogue guitar effects rack box, the DUE-400. A blast from the 80s past!

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