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The Delphi programming environment was one of Borland’s most successful products, with over a million users. It offers the intuitive ease of use you expect from a “rapid application development” tool combined with a sophisticated object oriented programming language. Delphi incorporates the Object Pascal language. Delphi 1, released in 1995, produced Windows 16bit executables, and Win32 executables from Delphi 2 and up. Kylix was a sister product, the same IDE producing executables to run on Linux. Delphi 7 was the last dedicated Win32 compiler, and Delphi 8 was the first to generate .NET executables. The D2005 version of the IDE compiles for both the Win32 and .NET platforms, and for .NET offers C# and Object Pascal.

Delphi has continued in its development, through D2006, D2007, D2009 and now into the XE series, with the latest versions able to compile to Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS and Android platforms.

There has been a change in the ownership of Delphi from Borland to CodeGear. Originally a wholly owned subsidiary of Borland, CodeGear is now owned by Embarcadero Technologies. ADUG support from Embarcadero continues to enhance our developer community.

The Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) has been active since 1994 when Delphi 1 was in beta. We started in Melbourne but have been truly national for some years. Our electronic mailing list is one of the most popular interactive resources for Australian Delphi developers. Local chapters run meetings and other activities in most states.

ADUG members come from a variety of backgrounds and environments offering a wide range of Delphi and other software and hardware skills. By becoming an ADUG member, you not only enhance your Delphi knowledge, but join a professional network offering information resources, knowledge exchange and the opportunity to make valuable contacts. You also get the opportunity to contribute to your programming community.

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