Certificate of Approval received 5/11/2015. Hard copy displayed in the Artifactory

Actors in This Drama

Team Artifactory

  • SKoT McDonald (0412027597, - Events Manager
  • Chris Bashall (0418 848 847 - Events
  • Anton Lord (0408 199 808 - Infrastructure Czar
  • Jan Iverach (0421216737 - Tame Town Planning Consultant (aka “Tim' Gilchrist's Mum”)


  • Ray Barron - Building Compliance Surveyor
  • * Level 1, 31 Tuckfield Way, NORANDA, WA, 6061
  • * 0438 344 662

City of Stirling

“Michelline” [March 2014]

  • Stirling Health Dept
  • Public Building certification contact

Tina Trichet [inactive]

  • Senior Environmental Health Officer, Health & Compliance
  • Original case handler (March 2012 - May 2012), now on maternity leave
  • Direct Telephone (08) 9345 8795 | Mobile 0417 923 959 | Fax (08) 9345 8822
  • E:
  • Now her phone is ringing thru to “Kelly”

Geoff Wyber [November 2012 to June 2013]

  • Planning Compliance | 9205 8551 (direct line) | email:

* Justina Briggs-Bradford [April 2013 to current]

  • Building Compliance inspector (visited space to evaluate 12th April)

* Ross Povey [April 2012 to current]

  • Director of Planning and Development. Former CEO of Stirling City. Has held high up posts in Stirling for 8 years.
  • Introduced by Wendy Campbell to SKoT 24/04/2013

David Spencer [??]

  • Planning (Geoff's supervisor)
  • Got David's name from one of the planning consultants I spoke to, he recommending a chat with David to find out more…

Peter Jaggard [inactive/retired April 2012 - March 2013]

  • Health, part time / semi-retired
  • Has our “File” @ City of Stirling
  • 08 9345 8911
  • email: use city of stirling

Beth Jasas [February 2013 to current]

  • Team Leader Community Services and Development
  • City of Stirling | Administration Centre 25 Cedric Street, Stirling, WA, 6021
  • Direct Telephone (08) 9345 8544 | Mobile 0419 901 460 | Fax (08) 9345 8821
  • E:

Rob McCarthy [February 2013 to current]

  • Men's Shed Coordinator
  • Ph: 9205 7625

Sarah Janali [April 2013 to current]

  • Team Leader for Cultural Diversity and Community

Richard Trethowan [July 2013- current]

  • Planning Approvals case officer



  • 2015:11:05 - Stirling issues Certificate of Approval


  • 2014:09:28 - Stirling issue 30-day “Where's your Building Approval?!” reminder.
  • 2014:03:13 - Michelline from Stirling City Health rings, site inspection 10AM FRIDAY 21st March. She will bring public building application documents.
  • 2014:03:13 - SKoT rings, emails Basics Approval ( - Ray Barron's company. Awaiting Ray's return call or email, spoke with receptionist.
  • 2014:01:06 - SKoT emails Richard Trethowan for an update
  • 2013:10:26 - SKoT emails Richard Trethowan saying signage period has expired
  • 2013:08:20 - David Spencer rings SKoT, they organise meeting @ space with building surveyor Thursday 2013.08.22 2PM.
  • 2013:08:19 - SKoT phones & emails David Spencer to find out when they are going to meet / reinspect. David not available at the time.
  • 2013:07:25 - SKoT rings David Spencer, no news; needs to be brought up to speed on case, suggests meeting “next week” and inspecting Artifactory.
  • 2013:07:17 - Ben Rose and others from Family Services inspect Artifactory. Mutual events and cross promotion talked about.
  • 2013:07:11 - SKoT email bombs all contact at City of Stirling as we haven't heard anything from anyone in Compliance, Planning, Health or Community Services for several weeks. Ben Rose, Beth Jasas respond (CommServices).
  • 2013:06:29 - Laura emails to say she's off the case, David Spencer is taking over, may be some weeks.
  • 2013:06:25 - Laura rings to say she is new case officer (so much for Geoff's handover promise), she needs to be brought up to speed on whole affair.
  • 2013:06:11 - Geoff Wyber emails, apologises for delay has been sick. Will advise in future who new case officer will be, no news on our application.
  • 2013:05:11 - We get email confirmation that CoS Admin have finished with our proposal. Back to Geoff Wyber.
  • 2013:04:25 - We submit best planning approval ever. Geoff Wyber impressed, says he will “Fast Track” it, but we will have to wait at least a week for it to clear Stirling City admin.
  • 2013:04:16 - SKoT emails Geoff to confirm inspection happened, and requests Justina's contact details.
  • 2013:04:12 - Geoff + Justina visit artifactory for building compliance inspection, will send us report “next week”, we should wait for report.
  • 2013:04:11 - SKoT gets thru to Beth finally by phone - Sarah is away until monday, they will ring early next week to tee up a meeting.
  • 2013:04:11 - SKoT sends redux of situation to general membership.
  • 2013:04:10 - Jan responds with much useful advice on current situation (fwd'ed to committee)
  • 2013:04:10-10:00am - SKoT makes flurry of phone calls and emails to Building Surveyors and Planning Consultants, receives some useful advice and contacts (Added Ray Barron as possible building compliance surveyor, also the name of Geoff Wyber's supervisor). Rang Geoff to work out more exactly we need compliance guy todo. Geoff now talking about revisiting with one of their surveyors… will ring back with a time.
  • 2013:04:08-10:30am - SKoT emails “received!” to Geoff Wyber, and also mentions meeting with Sarah Janali & Beth Jasas.
  • 2013:04:08-10:00am - SKoT receives long awaited formal TODO list from Geoff Wyber. SKoT emails scanned copy to committee, cc'ing Jan Iverach for advice.
  • 2013:04:08-8:20am - SKoT writes additional email to Beth outlining zoning difficulties, asking for her advice / pondering, and whether CoS has incubator / shared workshop support strategy.
  • 2013:04:08-7:00am - SKoT replies to Beth Jasas, suggesting wednesday afternoon (enough time for a clean up).
  • 2013:04:05 - Beth Jasas writes to SKoT, “keen to set up a meeting” with her & Sarah Janali (new person!) of Cultural Diversity Dept. Yay!
  • 2013:03:28-11:30am - SKoT writes email reminder note to Geoff Wyber, confirming key points of phone conversation in tracked, written media. (fwd'ed to committee)
  • 2013:03:27- SKoT pings Anton to check over WIKI to make sure we have full Anton-Brain-Dump as high-quality ammunition, Anton says he'll attack it over Easter weekend.
  • 2013:03:27-16:03pm - SKoT emails “summary” & introduction letter to Peter Jaggard, via
  • 2013:03:27-15:16pm - SKoT rang Geoff Wyber. Geoff said he was “just writing to us, what a coincidence”. Indeed. He is sending letter to SKoT's home address with planning approval docs, Geoff will also scan and email to SKoT. Found out Peter Jaggard is from Health, direct number is 93458911, he works part time, and has our “File”. Geoff suggested we hire a private surveyor to see what we need to do for public building approval. SKoT asked about whether we could run events in the meantime whilst approval was pending, Geoff wasn't concrete on issue (too many council departments in the mix, I think) but suggested we maybe shouldn't in case something went wrong and we were caught without approval. SKoT asked if we could get on with Public Building approval doc, Geoff said Peter would probably bounce it back to Zoning, which ideally would like to have public building approval. Argh, circular! SKoT ensures Geoff has, and will use SKoT's home address for correspondence.
  • 2013:03:15-12:30pm - SKoT wrote to Geoff via generic (but tracked), just to get our situ officially noted. I told him we'd been talking to Rob McCarthy, in case it helped.
  • 2013:03:15-12:09pm - SKoT rang Geoff Wyber, but got a generic phone answerer. Geoff was “probably at lunch” according to operator, SKoT left his mobile number for Geoff to ring back.
  • 2013:03:12-9:49am - Rob McCarthy rings SKoT, they discuss rise of shared spaces, Rob has read prospectus, not sure what he can do, but happy to help share his experiences. Rob is City of Stirling employee. Good general intro chat.
  • 2013:03:11-4:49pm - SKoT leaves message with Rob McCarthy - wants to send prospectus, build bridges with men's shed stuff, etc
  • 2013:03:11-4:40pm - SKoT spoke with Jeff, said “he will respond in email in next day or two”, apologised for not getting back - we now have his direct number!
  • 2013:03:11-4:18pm - SKoT rang Tina's old number, was picked up by “Kelly” who said she'd ask Jeff to ring back…
  • 2013:02:28-1:22pm - We receive email from Beth Jasas,giving us her contact details and those of men's shed coordinator, Rob McCarthy. SKoT responds with prospectus.
  • 2013:02:21-12:14pm - SKoT writes to City Of Stirling email system, which promises responses within a week - Chris was advised to do so by their phone person to officially get into the system and get our issue tracked. Good call - see above.
  • Some months in which we try to re-establish contact with Goeff over holiday period, without luck. [Chris is 1st contact]
  • 2012.11? - Stirling City Zoning chappie finally comes to do inspection - Geoff Wyber [Chris is 1st contact]
  • 2012.09 - Anton presents sparkie sign off, report of completed safety works, escape plans etc to Stirling. Now we wait for inspection…
  • … deep time passes while we try to get a sparkie, add safety lights, develop plans… [Anton is 1st contact]
  • 2012.03.26-2:38pm - Tina responds to an update from SKoT saying we're working on a floor plan.
  • 2012.03.21-2:04pm - Tina Trichet emails SKoT electrical safety doc, public building doc to get signed off after phone call triggered by an occasional license application for a Rapture show.
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