The role and responsibility of the Secretary are governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

This page also provides some general guidance and resources for future Secretary of Artifactory.

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There is a list in the constitution:

To summarise, the main job of the secretary is to control and maintains the accuracy of the official records (apart from financials). Especially:

  • The member roll (name and address). Changes updated within 28 days.
  • List of committee members (name and address).
  • List of other members authorised to execute documents or otherwise act on our behalf. (name and address).
  • The constitution, by-laws, and minutes.|
  • Documents executed by the association.

The commissioner and our members are entitled to request copies of the first four, so keep them safe!

Other important duties that the secretary is expected to perform (but can be delegated):

  • Posting official notice of committee meetings (at least 48 hrs before commencement).
  • Taking the minutes at meetings.
  • Reporting to 'higher' organisations (e.g. the ACNC).
  • Replying to correspondence.
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