If you are using dangerous tools, working on a dangerous project, or engaging in a dangerous event, you MUST have clearance from the Committee. Examples include:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • High voltage / Large current electronics
  • Pressurized gases or liquids
  • High / Low temperatures (eg Furnaces, ovens, liquid nitrogen)
  • Lasers and other directed energy
  • Radioactive materials or Radiation
  • Biological projects

Absolutely, totally banned:

  • Weapons.
  • Drugs

The Artifactory's overwhelming priority is member safety, followed by building safety and maintaining our good reputation as a legal, safe, constructive, creative, skill-sharing and technology-exploring maker space.

If you plan an activity or project which has the potential to threaten the health and well-being of the members, you must present a danger management plan and demonstrate you have the skills, experience, and qualifications (if needed for legal reasons) to implement the project or activity safely.

This policy will be updated to encompass general potentially dangerous situations

Electronics: High Voltages / Current

  • Design every thing with FAIL SAFE.
  • Capacitors must drain when integrity of access restricting safety structures are compromised.
  • Fire equipment immediately on hand, make sure fire equipment is electrical safe.
  • Safety eye wear for participants if sparks or airborne parts are possible.
  • Ensure no other members of space need to use outside area
  • Ensure any potential projectiles are contained
  • Maintain safety exclusion zone
  • Ensure flammables are removed from area.
  • Liquids removed

(For consideration:

  • Noise - we manage this well, but worth including under the umbrella
  • Include potentially damaging non-laser light sources
  • Projects must be limited/guided by relevant legal regulations
  • 'Fail Safe' means moving to a safe state when it fails, not that it should be free of failure.
  • Dangerous projects must be inert when stored and completely safe if moved by uninformed individuals. It must also be clearly labelled and preferably enclosed or covered.
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