Committee Rulings

Including Classes of Membership, Officers & By-Laws.

NOTE: Should any rules here conflict with the WA Association Incorporation Act 2015 or the Constitution of the Perth Artifactory then that ruling is defunct.

The committee may make multiple classes of membership as per section 7.3 of the constitution.

Defined at committee meeting 01/09/2018

Description: The Ambassador is appointed by committee and required to promote the Artifactory.

Last Modified 2020/03/14

Description: Noizemaschin Residency - Every 3 months the Artifactory allows a Noizemaschin panel-selected Audio Artist 3 months membership, with guaranteed NM performances slots. The Artist is to build wacky things or engage with the Artifactory in some way, and demonstrate their inventions at NoizeMachin!!

  • While the Noizemaschin Panel selects the Artist, the Artist must be formally approved by the Committee
  • The Artist is expected to play at 3 Noizemaschin events (where possible)
  • The Artist will be provided with a key to the Artifactory. (No bond required)
  • Tool usage fees apply at the same rate as Full or Concession members for the artist
  • Rehearsal room usage
    • 3 rehearsal slots/month;
    • Extra bookings may be made if a slot is free, no earlier than 48 hours in advance of the time you are booking
    • A rehearsal slot is considered (broadly) to be a morning, afternoon or evening.
    • If the Resident Artist wants a key to access the Rehearsal Room they must pay a key bond equivalent to a Band Membership one and be provided with a way to book the band room.
  • The membership lasts for a period of 3 months by default. The Management Committee may opt to extend this period up to a maximum of 6 months if they believe it is in the best interests of the association and the member.
  • A person can only hold this membership once.

Defined at committee meeting 24/11/2018

  • This membership is paid for via Member Sponsorship Donations at the same rate as a Concession membership.
  • The Committees chosen panel of at least 3 (comprising of at least one Committee member) will select who.
  • The length of this membership is a maximum of 3 months.
  • The Perth Artifactory Committee has the right to cancel an individuals membership at any time.
  • This membership is not open to current and past members of the Perth Artifactory Inc members including recipients of this sponsored membership.
  • The member must be a tertiary student and at least 18 years of age.
  • Gives access to the Artifactory and equipment.
  • Access to the communal workshop space indoor and outdoor work areas (excluding the Rehearsal Room).
  • Access to and usage of heavy duty tools, machines and facilities.
  • Tool usage fees are payable on some tool use (at member rate).
  • Discounts on Artifactory run events and workshops.
  • 24/7 access to the Artifactory can be granted with this membership but it requires a key bond of equivalent to a concession membership to be paid.

Last modified at committee meeting 24/08/2019

The Band Membership is restricted to a maximum of 6 memberships.

Description: The Artifactory Rehearsal Room is a shared rehearsal space, used by bands with band membership of the Perth Artifactory. Use of Artifactory tools/equipment etc is encouraged, but charged at the casual use rates.

  • Band membership fees are set at $100/month.
  • Each band pays a $100 key bond(refundable upon return of key so long as the band is up to date with membership fees)
  • The band is provided with only one key to the room.
  • Only the nominated contact person in the band has voting rights under the Artifactory constitution

Band membership entitles each band to the following:

  • 3 rehearsal slots/month;
  • Extra bookings may be made if a slot is free, no earlier than 48 hours in advance of the time you are booking
  • Free entry for band members to NoizeMaschin!! and the ModularSynth building nights
  • A rehearsal slot is considered (broadly) to be a morning, afternoon or evening.
  • The band members are part of the wider Artifactory community, and are encouraged to be part of that community and work with the others to help make the space usable for everyone.

Band membership restrictions:

The following times have restrictions on the use of the room due to other Artifactory events at which use of the rehearsal room interferes due to sound spill. There may also be others on a one-off basis that will be communicated to the bands when known.

  • 3rd Tuesday(usually) evening of each month – quiet* bands only (ADUG Monthly Meeting)
  • 4th/Last Tuesday(usually) evening of each month – no rehearsals permitted (NoizeMaschin!!)
  • Wednesday evenings – quiet# bands only

# Quiet Bands are defined as not including an acoustic drum kit, a maximum of 2 guitars/amps, and a willingness to turn the volume down if requested. Again, please make yourselves known to any others using the Artifactory while you are rehearsing to make this a comfortable conversation if required.

Defined at committee meeting 01/09/2018

  • Membership subscription is $45 per month (Paid Monthly/Annually)
  • Gives access to the Artifactory and equipment for adult(18+) 
  • Access to the communal workshop space indoor and outdoor work areas. (Excluding the Rehearsal Room)
  • Access to and usage of heavy duty tools, machines and facilities.  
  • Tool usage fees are payable on some tool use. 
  • Discounts on Artifactory run Events and workshops
  • For 24/7 access. A key bond equivalent to 3 months of membership is payable. 

Defined at committee meeting 01/09/2018

  • Membership subscription is $75 per month (Paid Monthly/Annually)
  • Gives access to the Artifactory and equipment for adult(18+) 
  • Access to the communal workshop space indoor and outdoor work areas. (Excluding the Rehearsal Room)
  • Access to and usage of heavy duty tools, machines and facilities.  
  • Tool usage fees are payable on some tool use. 
  • Discounts on Artifactory run Events and workshops
  • For 24/7 access. A key bond equivalent to 3 months of membership is payable. 

Defined at committee meeting 2018-10-27

  • Post events to social media/calendars in coordination with event hosts
  • Coordinating with external groups that wish to run events at the space
  • Coordinate with existing non-member event hosts
  • Perform event host duties for events run by “The Artifactory” or delegate to another member
  • Contact rehearsal room coordinator if an event will conflict with general space noise restrictions

Defined at committee meeting 2018-09-29

  • Maintain the operational integrity of mission critical systems to level determined by the Management Committee
  • Maintain and enforce privacy and security policies across all areas of responsibility
  • Oversee the IT Subcommittee and provide vision and top level decision making (This also applies to dispute resolution within the IT Subcommittee and future expansion and use of equipment)
  • Work with interested parties to promote and coordinate IT “Projects” with the assistance of the IT Subcommittee
  • Act with the best interest/level of service of the Artifactory Members in mind

Defined at committee meeting 2018-10-27

  • Point of contact for new members and monitor
  • Able to add RFID access
  • Maintain checklists for space/workshop inductions
  • Responsible for coordinating open days

Defined at committee meeting 2019-05-25

  1. The Member Storage Officer is responsible for:
    1. Creating a register in the wiki of all Member Storage areas within the Artifactory and keeping it current as defined by the Main Committee.
    2. Ensuring all Member storage are identified and labelled.
    3. Creating a register in the wiki of the allocation of storage space to members and keeping it current.
    4. Maintaining & keeping a wait list in the wiki for those wanting storage for Member Storage Areas.
    5. Assist the Committee in allocating storage space to members
    6. Ensuring storage spaces are cleared prior to making them available for reallocation.
    7. Conducting audits of the Member material racks & Member Storage to ensure stored material is as per the bylaws. Removes and disposes of material as defined in the bylaws via the Hackme Bench where appropriate.
    8. The Member Storage officer will initiate the process of deallocation of storage space after an audit, checking of membership status of the owner and time since membership ceased
  2. The Member Storage Officer is NOT responsible for allocating storage outside the specific “Member Storage” by-law

Defined at committee meeting 2018-10-27

  • Coordinate member stocking of the Bar/Kitchen/Toilets
  • Field stocking requests from members

Defined at committee meeting 2019-10-02

  • Open and administer trade accounts on behalf of The Artifactory provided that they do not include a line of credit
  • Communicate with suppliers and commercial donors on behalf of The Artifactory.

Defined at committee meeting 2018-10-27

  • Advocate for band members
  • Monitors “rehearsal AT”
  • Coordinate rehearsal room casual usage

Last modified at the committee meeting 2020/03/14

The Committee allows the Treasurer to pay/reimburse for the following expenses without needing to seek committee approval. The Treasurer may defer reimbursements until a meeting of the Management Committee at their discretion.

  • Lease, variable outgoings, and building bonds
  • Fundraising Fridge/Kitchenette Supplies (sell-able items)
  • Consumables for cleaning the Artifactory
  • First Aid, Toiletry, Office and PPE supplies
  • Utilities: Internet, welding gas, rubbish disposal, and electricity
  • Materials and consumables for use by a subcommittee of the organisation provided that the total amount is less than $75 and the expense has been approved by the head of the relevant subcommittee.
  • Bank fees, merchant fees, fees associated with maintaining the membership database/management, public building compliance costs, and event expenses associated with public building compliance

Defined at committee meeting 2022-04-09

A committee member may raise a motion for consideration by the Management Committee outside of a convened meeting.

  • The technical manner in which the motion is raised and voted on is determined by the current elected Chairperson
    • Motions must be equally available to all committee members. (eg, a shared Slack channel)
    • Voting cannot be anonymous
  • These motions will only pass if every member of the Management Committee either votes Aye or abstains
    • Abstaining from voting on a motion raised under this bylaw is an active process. Not responding to a raised motion is not considered abstaining.
    • A single Nay vote will be considered a veto and the motion may not be raised again for 72 hours unless done so at a convened meeting of the Management Committee
  • If a meeting of the Management Committee is convened all outstanding motions raised under this by-law automatically fail
  • Details regarding any motions raised under this bylaw must be noted in the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Management Committee

Defined at committee meeting 2019/11/02

  • Car Parking Bays cannot be occupied for materials, projects and goods as this is a requirement of our Planning Approval with the Council.

REASON: City of Stirling approval states No goods or materials being stored, either temporarily or permanently, in the car parking or landscaped areas or within access driveways. All goods and materials are to be stored within the buildings or storage yards, where provided;

Updated at AGM 2021-09-18

  • Cost per day is $15 (Casual Access Rate) plus applicable tool usage fees. If a person is attending a workshop/event that counts as paid for the day unless otherwise stated. (Events similar to Noizemaschin do not count as paid)

Created at committee meeting 2019-04-27.

Effective from 2019-04-27.

Once a person ceases to be a member, any projects left at the Artifactory will be free for anyone to use or for the Artifactory to dispose of once the owner(s) of the project has had a month notice.

Defined at committee meeting 30/01/2019

The Office bearers, Deputy Treasurer, Deputy Secretary Membership Officer and the associations Bank Signatory's are authorised to accept written notices of resignation under the constitution item 10 resignation

The Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Deputy Secretary and the associations Bank Signatory's are authorised to assist the Secretary with the maintaining of the register of members under the constitution item 13.1, 13.2 and 30.d

Last modified at the committee meeting 30/01/2019

  • Any committee member may authorise a new workshop or event if
    1. it will bring in the casual User minimum rate per attendee (excluding members)
    2. does not require exclusive access of the Artifactory
    3. does not conflict with another event/workshop unless the Event Coordinators of the other Workshop sees no conflict
    4. will not conflict with persons using noisy tools
    5. will not hinder a band using the Rehearsal room.
    6. must be added to the google calendar
  • The Chair and any three other committee members reserve the right to waive the above rules if it is considered beneficial to the Artifactory to do so. The decision must be documented at the next regular committee meeting

Update at committee meeting 2019-05-25.

Effective from 2019-07-01.

  1. Only members are entitled to store materials on these material racks.
  2. Materials are required to be dated with the full name of the owner and date stored
  3. Materials are permitted to stay on the rack for a maximum of three months from the date marked. The owner may update the date if material is partially used.
  4. Materials that over-stay their time, belong to an ex-member after notice period has lasped or are outsize the size limits are subject to being discarded or placed on the hack rack by a Committee member.
  5. Limit per member of Members are limited to 10 pieces or 100mm thick of material whichever is greater.
  6. Sheets may not exceed 900mm x 1200mm.
  7. With skeletons removed, individual pieces must be larger than roughly A3 in size).
  8. Member Storage Officer & Committee will conduct audits of the materials racks as required.

Member Storage Areas Updated at committee meeting 2019-05-25.

Effective from 2019-07-01.

  1. Members are entitled (subject to availability) to a single committee authorised storage space (up to 150L) left in a tidy and safe state.
  2. Authorised spaces are
    1. Lockers-Kitchenette,
    2. Lockers-Under Pallet Racking,
    3. Lockers-Metal
    4. Including oversized Lockers -currently located in CAD Room
      1. Not to be reallocated - Being deprecated
    5. The bottom two shelves of the pallet racking left of the stage (4 shelves in total) divided into 6 spots per shelf. Excluding 2 spots lost to power cords and boards.
  3. When a member loses their right to storage (whether through resignation, termination or another association’s process) their belongings will be stored for a period of one month starting from when the notification by the Management Committee or Member Storage Officer provides them with a copy of this by-law. Once this notice period has expired the belongings will be claimed by the association and may be used or disposed of as the Management Committee sees fit.
  4. Each storage space will be marked with a unique identifier. Members may add their own tags but not remove the identifier.
  5. Requests for storage space, or to relinquish storage space should be made to the Member Storage Officer or a Committee Member.
  6. Any material found in an unallocated space will be removed to the office for no less than seven days. If it is unclaimed, it will be disposed of as a committee member sees fit. .
  7. Members with storage space may apply for a change in storage location. If space becomes available and the member agrees, they will have 7 days to move from the existing storage location to a new location.
  8. Where demand for member storage or a particular type of storage exceeds supply, a waiting list may be maintained. If a waiting list is in operation, members will be offered space as it becomes available in waiting list order. Members who are not contactable or fail to take their space within a reasonable period will be skipped and advised.
  9. The Chair and any 3 committee members may override these rules at their discretion. Any override must be minuted at the next committee meeting and may then be overruled.

Updated at committee meeting 2019-05-25.

Effective from 2019-07-01.

Members are entitled to request for additional storage on the pallet racking. Additional storage will be charged at a rate of $60 per half a pallet rack per month and will be restricted to the upper racks that are not within reach. Any four Committee members may determine what part of the pallet racking will be available for such storage and will advise the Treasurer to invoice as such from the start of the Members next membership period. The Artifactory Committee reserves the right to revoke that additional storage with a months notice if it is deemed needed for the Artifactory.

Last modified at the committee meeting 11/01/2020

  1. Any money received by the Artifactory as a donation must go into the “Perth Artifactory - Donations” account.
  2. Types of money donations maybe “General Donations”, “Sponsoring a Member Donation”, “Event/Workshop Support Donation”, “Specified Equipment/Venue enhancements”
  3. If the donor wishes to remain anonymous (meaning not thanked publicly), it shall be recorded in TidyHQ and the Secretary informed.
General Donations (not specified)
  • Shall only be used for the Equipment/Venue Enhancements or held until direction for use is given by the Committee. (This allows the Treasurer to draw funds from general donations for equipment and venue enhancements as approved as by the Committee.)
Donations for Specified Equipment/Venue Enhancement
  • Shall be used for the purpose of the Specified Equipment/Venue enhancements.
  • If the Committee is satisfied that cause of the donation has completed the purpose, leftover monies can be treated as a general donation.
Member Sponsorship Donations
  • Funds can only be used to Sponsor Associate Memberships if the Membership Classification allows it.
  • The process as to who receives the sponsored membership is through a committee selected member panel who will choose sponsored members from a publicly advertised process on the Artifactory website.
  • If any panel member has a close connection to an individual applying, they must excuse themselves from the selection panel.
  • The Artifactory Committee as part of the constitution still has to accept the nominated Associate Membership like any membership.
Donations to support a particular event or workshop.
  • Shall be used for the purpose of supporting the event/workshop
  • Cannot be treated as a donation if an individual or group that runs the event/workshop benefits financially from the event/workshop.
  • If the Committee is satisfied that cause of the donation has completed the purpose, leftover monies can be treated as a general donation

Defined at committee meeting 24/08/2019

1/ That the Artifactory acknowledges the NeverNever as unallocated membership paid in-advance and is non-refundable.

2/ The Treasurer has Committee approval to reduce NeverNever balances in exchange for membership when the bank account has a healthy balance and the owner of the NeverNever gives consent.

3/ That the NeverNever cannot be added to, except at a Committee Meeting.

Defined at committee meeting 29/09/2018

  • A record of who has Physical Keys + Safe Access to the Artifactory shall be maintained in TidyHQ by the Secretary.
  • The Safe Combination must be updated as a minimum within one month after of any AGM by the Treasurer and the Combination must be provided to the new Committee
  • The Committee allows the Office Bearers of the Association to give selected Artifactory members the safe access code if it is to assist with functioning of the Artifactory and to assist Office Bearers perform their function. Should any person be granted access, the Secretary must be informed. (Reasoning - is to allow for cash to be made secure when no Committee member is present for events that make significant cash, or allow a member to assist with giving out new RFID keys, etc)

Last modified at committee meeting 2019-06-22

The rehearsal room can be used on a casual basis:

  • Groups come through on a per session trial basis under supervision of a Rehearsal Room Coordinator or Management Committee member
  • 3 hour cut off limit unless otherwise arranged
  • Regular price: $40/session
  • Where at least 50% of the group hold ordinary (full/concession) Artifactory memberships: $20/session

Last modified at the committee meeting 10/01/2021

  • RFID keys are provided to members based on their membership classification.
  • RFID issued needed to be recorded in TidyHQ and with Doorbot
  • Should a person move from one classification to another. The Key bond that they are required to hold can be based on one of the previous classifications that they have held or based on a previous membership fee amount
  • Members RFID Keys can be disabled by the management committee.
  • Members requesting keys after 10/01/2021 must submit a head/shoulders photo suitable for identification purposes. The Secretary or Treasurer may rule that a provided picture does not meet these requirements at their discretion.
  • Prior 01/09/2018 - for some reason or another in the past. It is noted that for some long standing members do not have a key bond.
  • The Chair, Treasurer and any two other committee members reserve the right to waive the bond if it is considered beneficial to the Artifactory to do so. The decision must be documented at the next regular committee meeting

Defined at committee meeting 01/09/2018

Description: RFID Keys are allowed to be given to non-members IF

  1. it is to facilitate the running of a regular workshop (after it has been run a couple of times)
  2. approved by 3 committee members
  3. on the condition that keys are only to be used for the workshop (not general admittance) unless they are member

Defined at committee meeting 23/02/2019

  1. The subcommittee system is designed to
    1. Relieve load from the main committee,
    2. Allow the main committee to benefit from the expertise of other members,
    3. Allow non-committee members to participate in the management of the space,
    4. Be open to scrutiny and observation by interested members (as is the main committee), and
    5. Be run in a friendly and collegial manner.
  2. Each subcommittee is subservient to the main committee and exists by fiat of the main committee and within the rules of the Constitution 49+50
  3. A determination made by the subcommittee is to be made by a simple majority of subcommittee members.
  4. A subcommittee has responsibility delegated to it by the main committee within defined terms of reference. The terms of reference are determined by the main committee.
  5. Any change of membership/Other changes require assent of the main committee unless the subcommittee has been granted autonomy in this area and must be minuted regardless. The subcommittee may invite others to observe
  6. The subcommittee is inactivated with all responsibilities referred back to the main committee if:
    1. The subcommittee membership falls below 2 members,
    2. There is no main committee member on the sub-committee,
    3. The main committee disbands the sub-committee.
    4. The subcommittee reports to the main committee that they have resolved to disband.
    5. The subcommittee acts outside their terms of reference.
    6. At the first Committee Meeting after the AGM or SGM all subcommittees will be dissolved unless reaffirmed by the management committee subject to membership including a committee member
  7. A quorum of a subcommittee is at least half.
  8. Each subcommittee has the following detailed on the wiki:
    1. Current Name
    2. Current Terms of reference
    3. Current Members (Full Name)
    4. Current Communication method
    5. Any change of membership/Other Changes to the above must be minuted in the subcommittee minutes. Changes to the Chair/Secretary or Panel of the subcommittee must be reported to the main committee at a meeting.
  9. Within their area of responsibility, and if it is within their terms of reference, the sub-committee will be the appropriate place for normal members to:
    1. Obtain permission/training to access/operate,
    2. Request maintenance or obtain permission to maintain,
    3. Request a modification or obtain permission to modify, and
    4. Request updates on the current operational status.
  10. Any action taken by the subcommittee should be communicated to all members of the subcommittee
    1. Sub-committees are encouraged to nominate a secretary to be responsible for minuting and reporting.
    2. Sub-committees should generally operate on a “plan” then “do” model which enables all members of the subcommittee to be aware of the plans before they are put into effect.
    3. Membership of a sub-committee does not give individuals the freedom to act unilaterally. A sub-committee has been formed by the main committee to allow a team to work on a task.
  11. The subcommittee should be ready and willing to report the current status of any action they are undertaking to:
    1. Their own members
    2. A main committee member
    3. The main committee at each committee meeting

More detailed information may require reference to a particular subcommittee members, but in general this information should be available as determined by the subcommittee and stated where in the wiki the location which in sub-committee's wiki page.

Last modified at committee meeting 2019-11-02

Description: Whilst the membership fee allows access to our many machines, some of which have an additional timed cost for use, this allows for money to go towards to maintaining and upkeep of the machines.

Casual users of the Artifactory pay the tool usage fee plus the casual access rate to the Artifactory. The casual access fee may collected as part of a cost for a workshop/event.

Laser Cutters:

  • Member Rate: Big Red $0.20, Little Red/Kellogg $0.10 per minute rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Casual User Rate: $5 per 10 minutes rounded up to the nearest $5.

Welding with Gas:

  • Member Rate: $15 an hour or part there of
  • Casual User Rate: $20 an hour or part there of

3D Printer:

  • Member Rate: $0.05 per gram rounded up the nearest dollar
  • Casual User Rate: $0.20 per gram rounded up the nearest dollar

3D Printer - Resin

  • Member Rate: $0.50 per gram
  • Casual User Rate: $1 per gram

CNC Machines:

  • Member Rate: $0.10 per minute rounded up to the nearest dollar if using Artifactory tooling
  • Member Rate: $0.05 per minute rounded up to the nearest dollar if using your own tooling
  • Casual User Rate: $5 per 10 minutes rounded up to the nearest $5

adopted at committee meeting 2019-11-02

By funding a project in part or full the Artifactory retains the rights to utilise/modify/repurpose/decommission all aspects of the project. Any equipment implemented as part of the project that is made redundant by this is to remain the property the Artifactory.

adopted at committee meeting 2019-12-07

The Infrastructure Subcommittee may gate dangerous tools behind a tool specific induction at their discretion and appoint trainers.

A list of gated tools and appointed trainers must be made available on the wiki and on or near the tools themselves.

adopted at committee meeting 2019-11-02

  • You may occupy up to 3 trestles worth of space while actively working on a project noting that you may need to move it for a scheduled event.
  • Projects may be left in the space for three days so long as:
  • The project is on a single trestle table(including under) that includes your name, contact details, and date of pickup
  • Your project is left in a movable state as events/workshops may have priority over a specified area/general area resulting in the moving of your project.
  • While we will attempt to contact you if any of these conditions are not met there is risk that your project may be disposed of or end up on the hack-me bench. The Artifactory does not guarantee the safety of any personal projects.
  • Anything that would violate the requirements set out above must be done in coordination with the Management Committee.
  • Committee can veto these rules.

adopted at committee meeting 2021-01-10

While persons under the age of 18 can attend the space there are certain restrictions in place to protect everyone involved.

It is the responsibility of the guardian to ensure that the supervised child is:

  • following all appropriate safety requirements
  • not endangered by the tool use of members and attendees.
  • not interfering with members and attendees

Please note: regardless of any alcohol supply laws guardians can not provide alcohol to minors on Artifactory property.

Minors under the age of 13

Must be actively supervised in the following areas:

  • Rehearsal Room
  • Electronics Lab
  • Machining Bay
  • Welding Bay
  • Project Area - Active use
  • Machine Room
  • Laser Area
  • Rear Courtyard - Active use

Can be left in the following areas provided that the supervising guardian can see the child:

  • Social Area
  • Design Lab
  • Project Area - Passive use
  • Rear Courtyard - Passive use
  • Kitchen

Minors 13 and over

Must be actively supervised in the following areas:

  • Machining Bay
  • Welding Bay
  • Machine Room

Can be left in the following areas provided that the supervising guardian can see the teen:

  • Laser Area
  • Electronics Lab
  • Rehearsal Room
  • Social Area
  • Design Lab
  • Project Area - Passive use
  • Project Area - Active use
  • Rear Courtyard - Passive use
  • Rear Courtyard - Active use
  • Kitchen


  • Active use: Power tools, spray paint, hot works, or other dangerous activities are occuring. Members or attendees using either the courtyard or project area may change the status of the area to Active Use at their discretion to reflect any issues that may be caused by an unsupervised minor in that area. (Painting minatures, wet paint etc)
  • Passive use: Where none of the above apply
  • Actively supervised: The guardian must be physically present in the area and able to intervene to enforce their responsibilities as guardian

Adopted at committee meeting: 2019-06-22

The Perth Artifactory uses social media to:

  • Raise awareness of the Artifactory brand, offerings and events,
  • Inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity, empower others to make stuff,
  • Promote an inclusive makerspace environment and encourage people to join the community.

Our online presence can be used to help spread awareness and extend our reach. Posts to social media should support the objectives of the organisation with consideration to how these messages will be received by the community and its impact on the Artifactory sustainable social licence to operate.

The Perth Artifactory and social media accounts are run by volunteers who give their time to support the space. Social media guidelines are not intended to make posting more difficult, but as a layer of protection to identify any risks and resolve them before posting, and to know when to seek approval from the Committee. The list below, while not comprehensive, is intended as a checklist to consider the potential impacts before posting to social media. If a post raises any concerns from the list, the poster should contact a committee member, to review the content and get approval before posting.

Safety: Could anyone hurt themselves doing this? Is there a disclaimer to warn of risks? (i.e. Do not try this at home). Is everyone following correct safety procedures? (e.g. using appropriate PPE, observing fire hazards etc.).

Intellectual Property: Who has rights over this? Who owns or contributed? Is it a fair representation of work, credit given to creator(s). Has an applicable copyright been invoked? Is any artwork being modified or destroyed? Has the creator consented to modifications?

Individuals and Groups: Does the post refer to anyone (by name or implied), or a group, demographic or identity? Has the individual or group given consent, or would they feel comfortable being associated with the Artifactory?

Photography and Video: Permission of subjects to release, including parent or legal guardian for minors.

General: Would you be happy if this post went viral (received a lot of attention)? Does this represent the objectives of the Artifactory? If you were contacted to investigate the post, would you be happy to answer questions about it?

Adopted at committee meeting: 2019-11-02

This policy applies to any project undertaken by Artifactory members for the purpose of improving the space that requires Artifactory committee approval for funding or space usage. It does not apply to projects undertaken by a Subcommittee.

Funding proposals should include the following:


  • Project Lead: Member who is undertaking or co-ordinating the project works.
  • Committee Correspondant: Committee Member tasked with ensuring the committee is updated at regular meetings (This may be the same Member as Project Lead).
  • Specialist Correspondant: The Committee may appoint another member who is known to have skills within the area of the project to verify viability if the committee cannot determine this within their own skillset


  • Benefit to the Artifactory: This is the project sales pitch. Present to the committee why they should invest in your idea.
  • Funds Requested: Estimated amount required to complete the project.
  • Scope of Work: Details on what work will be done and what impact that will have on the Artifactory. (Should include expected disruptions to normal Artifactory operations)
  • Timeframe to completion: Include expected completion date and/or milestones
  • Deliverables: Completed project as defined by the scope of works
    • Sufficient documentation to allow a competant member to administor the system
    • Suitable documentation and training to allow another skilled member to maintain the system in the event that Project Lead ceases to be a member
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