Committee Meeting 2021.08.28

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Table of Contents on right side of page forms the agenda of this meeting. Agenda must be set 48 hours before start of committee meeting.


  • Present: Fletcher, Vincent, Beau, Blake
  • Apologies: Judith
  • Absent: Ian, Jason, Scott
  • Observing:Phoebe Jean-Harris
  • Minute taker: Vincent
  • Chair: Beau
  • Opened: 6:18pm (Planned: 6:00 pm)
  • Closed: 7:04pm
  • Next meeting: See end of minutes

Previous meeting's minutes: Committee Meeting 2021.08.07

  • Fixed a formatting error (secretary).
Moved By Vincent
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted


  • Contacted by Youth Futures School
    • Fletcher talking to the contact, seeing what sort of lesson plan can be done.
    • May see about selling them a large amount of laser-suitable acrylic we have available.
  • Contacted by a group who want to use the space for meetups.
    • Contact is Adrian Kougianos
    • Project relates to a high-altitude space balloon.

  • INCIDENTS - note any that are reported and discuss if needed

  • Working on a potential door solution.
  • CAD room ceiling seems to be cracking again


  • Credit card got skimmed
    • Money returned by NAB, new card being issued.
    • This is the reason TidyHQ hasn't been paid yet.

  • No expenses for approval

Current Status

Membership as at 2020-xx-xx:

  • X (+X / -X) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (+X / -X) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (+X / -X) Band Memberships
  • X (+X / -X) Associate Memberships

Cancelled Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):


New Memberships for approval

  • FULL - Victor Grantham, Adrian Kougianos

Defer to next meeting

  • FULL - Wally Mulik, Prasanna Suraweera (signed up today)
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Blake
Status Accepted
Action Items Who
Reach out to Wally Mulik Beau

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

Event Officer

  • Games workshop no longer answering messages. Event is dead in the water, most likely.


  • Last bar restock was a donation
  • We now have a Costco membership
  • Steve's vending machine project is close to a working state
    • Has an extremely large capacity, which may remove the need for storing boxes.

Updates from subcommittees - discussions or requests for action.

Laser Subcommittee

  • All lasers operating normally.
  • Some improvements in the pipeline.
    • Looking to upgrade little red's PC.
    • Bruce Chambers is working on automatic air control for Big Red.

IT Subcommittee

  • A bot attack on the wiki occurred. No damage
    • Was already so new users must be approved before editing permitted.
    • Built-in captcha was active; did not stop attack.

Promotions Subcommittee

  • Events are still dead.
  • Beau and Fletcher are exploring going to the Collector zone fair (Craigie Leisure centre).

Sponsored Memberships Panel

  • Need more Students.

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • Built a very nice bench along the wall of the tool room.
  • Removed a dividing wall in the process.

News and discussions on events.

# Denotes run by non-members


  • ADUG - (Coordinators: Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) - Normal
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators: Hugh, Doug) - Normal (still low turnout).
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators: Stephen Price#) - Normal

Cosplay and Craft

  • Leathercraft Workshops (Coordinator: Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft) - Should try to clear tables prior to the event, as Andrew cannot.


  • DIY Synth (Coordinator: Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) - Normal
  • Mostly Modular Synth (Coordinators: Hugh, Jon) - Did not run
  • Noizemaschin!! (Coordinators: Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot) - Not yet


  • General Hacking Day (Coordinator: Committee) - Normal
  • Open Day (Coordinator: Steve Hodges) - Not yet
  • Wine & Design (Coordinator: Committee) - Did not run last wednesday (Normal coordinators not present).

Other (new and once off events)

  • OTHER Events

Other business (items not covered by regular meeting sections) may be added to this section up to 48 hours before start of committee meeting.

The annual general meeting must take place by the 30th of September. 14 days notice must be given (21 if a special resolution is proposed).

Motion (if required) Hold the Annual General meeting at 1:00pm on 18 September 2021 at the Perth Artifactory.

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Beau
Status Accepted

Action Items (if required)

Action Items Who
Send out email notice by the 4th Vincent
Send out Slack notice Vincent
Explore reduction of members of management committee seats Fletcher

Review Blake's proposed code of conduct and vote on its adoption.

Motion (if required)

Adopt the proposed code of conduct for the Perth Artifactory.

To take effect from 28/08/2021 (if new bylaw allow time for example for the website/wiki/tidyHQ to be updated.)

Moved By Blake
Seconded By Flecther
Status Accepted

Action Items (if required)

Action Items Who
Print and hang poster Blake
Add wiki version as a page Blake
Post on Slack @announcements Blake
Send out email Vincent

Several members have requested a transfer and conversion of NeverNever to sponsored memberships

Transfer Peter Dreisiger's $1000 NeverNever balance to Ben Connor, Steve Hodges, and Doug Bateman as a 2/1/1 split respectively.

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Beau
Status Accepted

Transfer Ben Connor, Steve Hodges, and Doug Bateman's NeverNever balance to a Sponsored Membership fund to be utilised for memberships at the direction of the Management Committee or relevant group.

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Beau
Status Accepted

Action Items (if required)

Action Items Who
Update NeverNever balances Fletcher
Notify affected balance holders Fletcher

The management committee does not intend to hold another meeting before the AGM.

By convention, the management committee will probably hold a short meeting just after the AGM.

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