Committee Meeting 2020.11.21

Table of Contents on right side of page forms the agenda of this meeting. Agenda must be set 48 hours before start of committee meeting.


  • Present: Iain, Beau, Vincent, Blake, Lisa, Scott
  • Apologies: Fletcher
  • Absent: Steve, Judith, Jason
  • Observing: NAMES
  • Minute taker: NAME
  • Chair: NAME
  • Opened: !:26 pm
  • Closed: 2:20 pm
  • Next meeting: See end of minutes

  • Inconsistency in previous minutes motion:
    • Title: “Sponsored memberships”
    • Body: “Appoint Johannes Chuah as the new rehearsal room coordinator.”

I think the latter is correct.

Motion: Change the title to read: “Rehearsal Room coordinator”.


Accept the previous meeting's minutes, and the meeting before that.

Moved By Beau
Seconded By Blake
Status Accepted


  • Still trying to find the key for our new letterbox.
  • A gentlemen is offering to help sell things for us. Steve is talking to him.


  • Stormwater pump keeps turning on occasionally when dry.


The Treasurer's Disclaimer: The numbers below have been calculated in a quick way and have not undergone robust checking as for an Annual Report.

Bank Accounts (excluding Auspicing) $20,727.60
Pending from TidyHQ/EFTPOS/Cash + Float $200.00
BALANCE $20,927.60
Sponsored Membership Fund $1,600.16 Locked to specific purpose and not included in totals
Quarantined Funds 20/11/2020
Estimated Key Bond $13,110.00
For Insurance 20/21 $2,000.00 due annually 31/3. ($2781.25 in 2019)
For Extra Outgoings 19/20 $500.00 ($442.66 in 2019)
Funds Available (+Yes -NO) BALANCE-DESIRED BALANCE +$5,317.60 $1,093.60 after rent for this month

Reminder, we're not currently paying for electricity.

- none

Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER
Status Accepted/Rejected

- Not properly compiled - 85 members (+2)

New Memberships for approval

  • CONCESSION - Oliver Pettingill
  • FULL - Craig Wale, Jack Buckley
Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER
Status Accepted/Rejected

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

IT Officer

  • See IT subcommittee.

Event Officer

  • None

Rehearsal Room Coordinators

  • None


  • Bar profits seem to be greater than pre-covid.

Membership Officers

  • Absent

Membership Storage Officer

  • Absent

Updates from subcommittees - discussions or requests for action.

Laser Subcommittee

  • If we have surplus money, we could bring little red online. Will take time.

IT Subcommittee

  • Website is down, due to getting 'hacked' apparently. Wordpress is not helping.
    • Iain's friend offered to create a static website we can host how we like.
    • It was due for a rebuild anyway (no mobile, among other things).
    • Consider hosting a placeholder (wayback machine?) for now.

Promotions Subcommittee

  • Not much happening atm.

Sponsored Memberships Panel

  • None

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • New tool: Bandsaw.Can cut metal.
    • Funded by the pledge system: should see about making it easier to use.
  • CAD room refurbishment is going slowly.

Should put up more events on facebook page.

# Denotes run by non-members


  • ADUG - (Coordinators: Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) -
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators: Hugh, Doug) - Fairly quiet, but still running.
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators: Stephen Price#) -



Cosplay and Craft



  • DIY Synth (Coordinator: Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) -
  • Mostly Modular Synth (Coordinators: Hugh, Jon) -
  • Noizemaschin!! (Coordinators: Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot) -


  • General Hacking Day (Coordinator: Committee) -
  • Open Day (Coordinator: Steve Hodges) - Going well. plenty of people. Coming along.
  • Wine & Design (Coordinator: Committee) -
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator: Fletcher) -

Other (new and once off events)

  • OTHER Events

Other business (items not covered by regular meeting sections) may be added to this section up to 48 hours before start of committee meeting.

I suspect the List of Quartermasters is out of date. I would like to formally update the list ( - vincent). Note that other members can restock (with the committee's permission); but Quartermasters are expressly authorised to coordinate restocking.


Remove the current Quartermasters, and Appoint the following members as Quartermasters:

  • Beau Daleys
  • Vincent Dalstra
Moved By Vincent
Seconded By Lisa
Status Accepted

We should move the money we hold for keybonds to a more protected account.


Authorise Fletcher Boyd to open a NAB Business Cash Maximiser Account with Vincent and Fletcher as signatories. The account should require both people to authorise transfers.

Moved By Vincent
Seconded By Beau
Status Accepted

Action Items (if required)

Action Items Who
Open account Fletcher


Motion (if required)

Motion Text

To take effect from xx/xx/2020 (if new bylaw allow time for example for the website/wiki/tidyHQ to be updated.)

Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER
Status Accepted/Rejected

Action Items (if required)

Action Items Who
do/buy/make/implement the thing. By xx/xx/2020
update website/wiki/TidyHQ/bylaws/etc

Remember to set next meeting time before closing meeting!

  • For reasons, the next meeting is much faster than usual.
  • Next meeting: Sat 21 Nov, 1:00pm (1 week)
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