Committee Meeting 2020.04.25

Table of Contents on right side of page forms the agenda of this meeting. Agenda must be set 48 hours before start of committee meeting.


  • Present: Iain, Stuart, Fletcher, Lauren, Mel, Vincent, Jean-Michel
  • Apologies: Steve
  • Absent: Scott, Hugh
  • Observing: Beau
  • Minute taker: Jean-Michel
  • Chair: Iain
  • Opened: 4:13pm
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: See end of minutes

  • motion to defer
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Vincent
Status Accepted


  • Set up band membership notifications (Fletcher) not yet
  • Update the Artifactory Expenses By-Law
    • Update Wiki (Fletcher) passed onto Vincent
  • Membership Class Modification: Resident Artist (passed onto Vincent)
    • Update website (Fletcher)
    • Update wiki (Fletcher)
    • Inform membership via Slack/Email (Fletcher)
    • Inform NM community
  • New policies in response to COVID-19
    • Implement Covid19 emergency measures (Fletcher, Steve and various members) -Ongoing

    • Facemask assembly at Artifactory?
      • Utilising the space to produce
      • We may get uv equipment donated
      • Fletcher to continue discussions

  • INCIDENTS - note any that are reported and discuss if needed

    • Landlord insurance company inspected the space.


  • Nothing to report

  • We look to be eligible for the State Govt $2500 credit for electricity to be credit 1st of May. WA Govt Statement
  • Looking for someone to followup with Lotterywest. Iain and Steve? *action

The Treasurer's Disclaimer: The numbers below have been calculated in a quick way and have not undergone robust checking as for an Annual Report.

Notes to the below.

  • Insurance was paid in March 2020 for the coming year. Budgeting for it was adequate.
  • Space Cash (other Income) would have been $1100 less if payment wasn't received by ADUG for all their 2020 meetings.
31/03/2020 29/02/2020 notes ……………………………………………………………………..
Bank Accounts $12,819.62 $14,573.98
Pending from TidyHQ/EFTPOS/Cash + Float $737.48 $1,542.72
BALANCE $13,557.10 $16,116.70 Ideally should be larger than bond value
Guthrie St Bond $6000 $6000
Quarantined Funds 31/03/2020 29/02/2020
Estimated Key Bond $11,605.00 $11,755.00
For Insurance 20/21 $0.00 $2,552.00 +240 for each month due annually 31/3. ($2880 in 2020)
For TidyHQ 20/21 $245.00 $196.00 +49 for each month due annually Oct. ($588.75 in 2019)
For Extra Outgoings 20/21 $800.00 $700.00 +100 for each month due annually Aug. ($442.66 in 2019)
DESIRED BALANCE $12,650.00 $15,203.00
Funds Available (+Yes -NO) BALANCE-DESIRED BALANCE $907.10 $913.70
REVENUE (Excludes Bond) Mar-20 monthly average
Membership Income $3,945 $3,974
Space Cash (drinks/events/tool fees/casual) $1,599 $2,310
Fundraising $222
Donations $94 $167
Donations - For Membership $45 $86
TOTAL INCOME $5,683 $6,759
EXPENSES Mar-20 monthly average
Lease/Utilities/BOC/Bank Fees/Insurance $7,372 $5,202 Lease+Insurance paid inadvance, Others in arrears
Kitchenette/FundraisingFridge/Toiletries/Sale Program $116 $597
Total Regular Expenses $7,487 $5,799
Fundraising Expenses $197 $82
Equipment/Infrastructure Expenses $513 $579
Total Expense $8,197 $6,460

Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER
Status Accepted/Rejected

Current Status

Membership as at 2020-xx-xx:

  • X (+X / -X) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (+X / -X) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (+X / -X) Band Memberships
  • X (+1 / -1) Associate Memberships

Cancelled Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):


New Memberships for approval

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Stuart Orchard (resident artist)
    • Educational purposes as working towards honours at university.
Moved By Jean-MIchel
Seconded By Stuart
Status Accepted

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

IT Officer


Event Officer


Rehearsal Room Coordinators

  • Down to two memberships with one active band using the facility.
    • Two bands will likely return once Covid19 restrictions are lifted.
  • Band member James has 3 requests.
    • Bandmate wants to use bandroom during the day (weekdays to give lessons to students).
      • Standard member fee is currently $20 per session
    • James band to use bandroom twice a week regularly
      • .Proposed temporary $150 per month fee
      • Band supports this idea



Membership Officers


Membership Storage Officer


Updates from subcommittees - discussions or requests for action.

Laser Subcommittee

  • basic maintenance

IT Subcommittee


Promotions Subcommittee

  • Hahaha (mel)

Sponsored Memberships Panel

  • Replacement (

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • Maintenance mode

News and discussions on events.

# Denotes run by non-members


  • ADUG - (Coordinators: Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) - Cancelled
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators: Hugh, Doug) - Moved to online
    • going okay, better scheduling.
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators: Stephen Price#) - Cancelled


  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator: Iain) - Cancelled
  • Chess Knight (Coordinator: Stuart) - Cancelled

Cosplay and Craft

  • Cosplay (Coordinator: Scott) - Cancelled
  • Leathercraft Workshops (Coordinator: Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft) - Cancelled
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators: Hayleye#) - Cancelled


  • DIY Synth (Coordinator: Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) - Cancelled
  • Mostly Modular Synth (Coordinators: Hugh, Jon) - Cancelled
  • Noizemaschin!! (Coordinators: Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot) -


  • General Hacking Day (Coordinator: Committee) - Cancelled
  • Open Day (Coordinator: Steve Hodges) - Cancelled
  • Wine & Design (Coordinator: Committee) - Moved to online.
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator: Fletcher) - Cancelled

Other (new and once off events)

  • OTHER Events

Other business (items not covered by regular meeting sections) may be added to this section up to 48 hours before start of committee meeting.

J-M moving to ze country ~03/05/2020. Thus need new secretary.

Motion (if required)

Vincent to replace JM as secretary

To take effect from 26/05/2020

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Mel
Status Accepted

Action Items

Action Items Who
Implement By xx/xx/2020
update website/wiki/TidyHQ/bylaws/etc

4:47pm Remember to set next meeting time before closing meeting!

  • Next meeting: 23rd May, 4:00pm
  • Appoint a new Sponsored member panel member
  • Followup with Lotterywest re: grant/funding

(passed onto Vincent) * Set up band membership notifications (Fletcher) not yet

  • Update the Artifactory Expenses By-Law
    • Update Wiki (Fletcher) passed onto Vincent. (Done)
  • Membership Class Modification: Resident Artist (passed onto Vincent)
    • Update website (Fletcher)
    • Update wiki (Fletcher) passed onto Vincent. (Done)
    • Inform membership via Slack/Email (Fletcher)
    • Inform NM community
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