Committee Meeting 2020.01.11

Table of Contents on right side of page forms the agenda of this meeting. Agenda must be set 48 hours before start of committee meeting.


  • Present: Stuart, Fletcher, Mel, Vincent, Lauren, Hugh, Iain, Scott
  • Apologies: Steve, Jean-Michel
  • Absent: N/A
  • Observing: Jason
  • Minute taker: Vincent (assisted by Hugh)
  • Chair: Iain
  • Opened: 3:08pm
  • Closed: 3:56pm
  • Next meeting: 3pm 8th February 2020
Moved By Stuart
Seconded By Iain
Status Accepted
    • Purchase a replacement Hard disk drive for server - IT - (Scott)
      • No change.
    • Purchase a Vectric Makerspace subscription - (Vincent has emailed) waiting on response - no reply
      • No change.
    • DoorBot status report follow up with Lemming - (Vincent)-discussion ongoing.
      • Steve is working with him.
    • Selling/disposal of printers - (Scott)
      • Not yet announced.
    • Email SCW/CHCW re: Artifactory involvement and external parties representing space. (Fletcher)
      • Resolved previous meeting.
    • Zlab left in messy state. Remind members to cleanup after themselves. (Steve)
      • Resolved.
    • By-law addition: Tool inductions (JM) - DONE
  • Nothigng to report
  • Nothing to report
  • Nothing to report
  • Nothing to report

The Treasurer's Disclaimer: The numbers below have been calculated in a quick way and have not undergone robust checking as for an Annual Report.

31/12/2019 30/11/2019
Bank Accounts (excluding Auspicing) $12,997.52 $12,618.87
Pending from TidyHQ/EFTPOS/Cash + Float $877.86 $944.32
BALANCE $13,875.38 $13,563.19 Ideally should be larger than bond value
Guthrie St Bond $6000 $6000
Quarantined Funds 31/12/2019 30/11/2019
Estimated Key Bond $11,225.00 $11,060.00
For Insurance 19/20 $2,088.00 $1,856.00 +232 for each month due annually 31/3. ($2781.25 in 2019)
For TidyHQ Annual Fee 19/20 $98.00 $49.00 +49 for each month due annually Oct. ($588.75 in 2019)
For Extra Outgoings 19/20 $500.00 $400.00 +100 for each month due annually Aug. ($442.66 in 2019)
DESIRED BALANCE $13,911.00 $13,365.00
Funds Available (+Yes -NO) BALANCE-DESIRED BALANCE -$35.62 $198.19
REVENUE (Excludes Bond + Money Collected on behalf of others) Dec-19 monthly average
Membership Income $4,205 $3,798
Space Cash (drinks/events/tool fees/casual) $1,800 $2,399
Fundraising $652
Donations $377 $59
Donations - For Membership $90 $86
TOTAL INCOME $6,472 $6,994
EXPENSES Dec-19 monthly average
Lease/Utilities/BOC/Bank Fees/Insurance $5,141 $5,213 Lease+Insurance paid inadvance, Others in arrears
Kitchenette/FundraisingFridge/Toiletries/Sale Program $453 $605
Total Regular Expenses $5,594 $5,819
Fundraising Expenses $65
Equipment/Infrastructure Expenses $731 $559
Total Expense $6,325

Please void the following invoices as our ability to recover funds from them is extremely limited

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Stuart
Status Accepted

Does the committee want to contribute to any of them?

  • Slush fund is probably fine on its own
  • Consider funding tools if they reach 80%?

No actions


Membership as at 2020-01-09:

  • 46 (+4) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • 25 (0) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 5 (-1) Band Memberships
  • 4 (-4) Associate Memberships

Membership as at 2019-10-31:

  • 42 Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • 25 Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 6 Band Memberships
  • 6 Associate Memberships


  • CONCESSION - Lisa McCarthy,
  • FULL - Kuldeep Singh, Damon Perry
  • BAND - N/A
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Stuart
Status Accepted

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

  • IT Officer
    • Nothing to report
  • Event Officers
    • Numbers on meetup similar to mailing list.
  • Rehearsal Room Coordinators
    • Issue with band room door not closing. Reported on committee slack. Appears to have been repaired (door tongue bent back). Will monitor in case problem occurs again (JM).
    • Need to clarify band memberships. According to tidy HQ, there are 5 band memberships. Does this mean we have room for one more?
      • Extra $100 per month vs impact on space usage.
    • NM amps have been moved out of band room, making NM trolley easier to manoeuvre. This coming month the remainder of NM gear will be stored outside bandroom, creating more usable space for bands.
      • Thanks to Beau -for assisting to mount the NM PA rack.
  • Quartermasters
    • Nothing to report.
  • Membership Officers
    • Beau Daley has had his key bond waived by Iain, Fletcher, Vincent, and Stuart
    • More than worth it.
  • Membership Storage Officer
    • Nothing to report.

Updates from subcommittees - discussions or requests for action.

  • Laser Subcommittee
    • Tube has been installed but has not yet been calibrated. Working with Infrastructure on machine room modifications to support the third cutter.
  • IT Subcommittee
    • Another server sold, $250
  • Promotions Subcommittee
    • Fringe project is firmly underway, Lauren or Fletcher can update.
      • May result in a token sponsorship
      • Penta-net not suitable for location, but willing to do promotions.
  • Sponsored Memberships Panel
    • One application pending. Michael: who is away on summer break.
  • Infrastructure Subcommittee
    • Requisition: Storage space above the toilet has been requisitioned for temporary sheet storage. (roofing)
    • Requisition: Storage space behind the hackme bench for temporary sheet storage. (roofing)
    • Requisition: Storage space on the stage for temporary sheet storage (roofing)
    • Requisition: Storage space in front of the machine room for temporary sheet storage (roofing/resin infrastructure)

Motion to uphold these requisitions.

Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Scott
Status Accepted
  • Clarification sought: Recylcing program, still running? Y/N
    • Not economically viable.
  • Project update: Forge progressing, Iain can provide details if desired
  • Project update: CAD room delayed due to expanded Fringe efforts, will reduce cost of project due to unforseen side effects
  • Project update: Several larger project proposals are in the works, nothing firm yet.
  • New project: Air upgrades. Potential replacement air compressor aquired, multiple new air lines in the space to support the new tools bought with pledge money.
  • Inter-subcommittee support: Working with Lasers to install extraction for third laser cutter
  • Event host support: Working with Andrew for Western Leathercraft on space improvements for classes
  • Tool loan: Cigweld 180A stick welder (Fletcher Boyd)
  • Tool loan: Anycubic Photon (Kamil Seda)
  • Tool loan: Rossi plasma cutter (Kamil Seda)
  • Tool loan: SCA pipe bender (Nick Bannon)

News and discussions on events.

# Denotes run by non-members


  • ADUG - (Coordinators: Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) -
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators: Hugh, Doug) -
    • Nothing to report
  • MicroPython Hardware Hackers - Perth Django and Python Developers (Coordinators: Phil Wilkinson#) -
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators: Stephen Price#) -


  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator: Iain) -
    • About 20 people, super chill LAN.
  • Chess Knight (Coordinator: Stuart) -
    • Nothing to report

Cosplay and Craft

  • Crafternoon (Coordinator: Lauren) -
    • Canceled for now - too hot.
  • Cosplay (Coordinator: Scott) -
    • Currently quiet - wait until February?
  • Leathercraft Workshops (Coordinator: Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft) -
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators: Hayleye#) -
    • Didn't happen


  • DIY Synth (Coordinator: Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) -
  • Mostly Modular Synth (Coordinators: Hugh, Jon) -
    • Didn't happen.
  • Noizemaschin!! (Coordinators: Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot, Justin B#) -
    • Positive
      • Amps have been moved. Hopefully will contribute to more efficient setup, and less (unwanted) noise.
      • World Premiere of “The Hawk!!”
      • Stage truss, raised up (temporary)
      • Soph curating Jan NM - Poet music collabs. Interested people can contact JM or Soph.
      • Improved photography and video documentation. Good social media reach.
        • Promo video for Resident artist in production - playing 'Chimeaphone'
    • Needs Work
      • Noise still present (reported last NM). Hopefully new PA setup mitigates issue.
      • Lower turnout (christmas)
      • Streaming audio and video issues
    • Suggestions
      • More volunteer support for streaming - 2 cameras?
      • Room eq calibration


  • General Hacking Day (Coordinator: Committee) -
  • Open Day (Coordinator: Steve Hodges) - (By Steve, summarised by JM)
    • space was quite cluttered with material that had been obtained the day before.
    • Many members working in the space, and those present were able to show visitors around and demonstrate the space as being very active.
  • Wine & Design (Coordinator: Committee) -
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator: Fletcher) -

Other (new and once off events)

  • New Years Eve
    • Went well.
  • Opposites Competition (Coordinator: Beau) -
    • Has been delayed

Point 3 currently doesn't read cleanly and needs to be amended.

Motion Text

Amend point 3 from “If the donor wishes to remain anonymous, it shall be recorded in TidyHQ and the Secretary informed.”


If the donor wishes to remain anonymous (meaning not thanked publicly), it shall be recorded in TidyHQ and the Secretary informed.

To take effect immediately

Moved By Mel
Seconded By Stuart
Status Accepted

Action Items (if required):

Update the by-laws (Vincent).

Steve's Notes (summary by JM, full notes with Stuart).

Current Status

  • Unable to get the machine to practical usable capacity yet.
    • Partially because unable to start meaningful work until Christmas.
  • Significant progress made in understanding operation internal interfaces.
  • Machine ROM version is largely undocumented and operates differently to similar units
    • Unable to locate a source for ROM images.
  • Can confirm the major operation of the machine including:
    • Capable of correctly vending cans,
    • Settings can be changed. Some are known others aren’t
  • The interface to the coin mech is bedirectional(sic?) it missing and this appears to prevent some functions like price setting.

Current Plans:

  • Try to emulate some of the functions of the coin mech with an Arduino. Initially try determine if I can simply use the active low coin inputs to indicate that could have been inserted.
    • If this works, 6 of the 8 vending slots can be used as they have the same price.
  • Lemming has supplied a doorbot.
    • Will not be progressing to use this until I confirm that I can control the vending machine.


Request for 3 months to progress further on this project.

Moved By Stuart
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted

Action Items

Action Items Steve
have vending machine operational and useable. By 11/04/2020
Progress report at committee meeting in 2 months approx (14/03)?
Inform Committee

Steve's Notes (summary by JM, full notes with Stuart)

  • Many thanks to Jean-Michel who took the initiative to tidy the electronics lab. Impressively clean for a few days!
  • I arranged with Jean-Michel to start sorting material under the bench.
  • During open day (with assistance of Lemming) I sorted out a number of boxes and crates in the first of what will be a number of weekends of work. (JM I will help on Saturdays)
  • Currently there are containers dedicated to project boxes, transformers, panel meters, optical stuff, and general electronics components. I will label these boxes. Reducing boxes will help with clutter. Aim is for people to know where to look to find something.

JM's Notes

  • A constant battle with clutter, making working in the space difficult, and contributing to more clutter.
  • Efforts have been made to better utilise the space.
    • General tidyup. Clearing benches, putting away tools(items with unknown home were placed into a plastic tub near RH end of desk), sweep floors etc.
      • The plasma ball was an unfortunate casualty. When JM picked it up, the power chord was caught under something heavy. Caused the ball to slip out of hands and smash (sorry).

No Motion Required

(discussion on slack: #Heavytools)

  • NM resident artist Danny is a qualified fitter and turner, and has been investigating the condition of the lathe:
    • “Everything seems pretty operational except the feed… incredibly course(sic) and sometimes disengages on its own.”(Danny)
      • Photos reveal a drive cog that is heavily worn. (Refer to Slack: #Heavytools - 4th January 2020 @10:08pm)
  • Hopefully soon lathe will be deemed operational, and some training offered to members, along with usage instructions developed and placed in a visable location near lathe.
  • For now, further investigation and consultation with Danny is needed before we can use lathe.
  • New belts purchased, with one installed (1 spare).
    • Purchased by Steve with approval from infrastructure subcommittee.

No Motion Required

(reported on Slack: #Committee)

  • Perpetual dust around CNC machine -is a fire and breathing hazard.
    • Requesting that someone volunteers to develop and implement a solution to mitigate and/or prevent dust buildup. Suggestions:
      • Vacuum extraction port is fitted to be able to reach the section of the floor -to next to extractor (and surroundings).
      • Better demonstration of cleaning after use
        • Signage to remind users to clean up swarf after use.
  • With lathe in current location, CNC dust may add additional wear and tear by clogging up bearings/screw threads.
    • Dependent on whether lathe ends up being operational.


Solution to prevent and/or contain dust build up - to be developed and reported on -for next committee meeting

  • Requires a volunteer - ideally someone who uses CNC.
Moved By
Seconded By SECONDER
Status Rejected

Remember to set next meeting time before closing meeting!

  • Next meeting: 3pm 8th February 2020
  • Purchase a replacement Hard disk drive for server - IT - (Scott)
  • Purchase a Vectric Makerspace subscription - (Vincent has emailed) waiting on response - no reply
  • DoorBot status report follow up with Lemming - (Steve)- work ongoing
  • Selling/disposal of printers - (Vincent)
  • Vending machine: Progress report at committee meeting in 2 months (Steve)
  • Update by-laws (Vincent)
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