Committee Meeting 2019.08.24

Table of Contents on right side of page forms the agenda of this meeting. Agenda must be set 48 hours before start of committee meeting.


  • Present: Ian, Lemming, Fletcher, Hugh, Lauren
  • Apologies: Stuart, Blake, Melanie, Scott
  • Absent: Steve
  • Observing: NAMES
  • Minute taker: Hugh
  • Chair: Ian
  • Opened: 3:04pm
  • Closed: 3:29pm
  • Next meeting: See end of minutes
Moved By MOVER Fletcher
Seconded By SECONDER Lemming
Status Accepted/Rejected Accepted
  • Stuart - Artifactory induction checklist: out for review. (STU)No Feedback Still - The Committee needs to decide if this is still a worthy thing of doing it. If not, then dump it as an action item.
  • Lemming - RFID door locks: Build prototype - Progress proto built
  • Lemming - Powerpoint in welding bay: Quote from electrician. (STU) - power for welding bay is now coming via extension cord from above electronics the lab. No need for electrical work now probably
  • Scott/Mel - LotteryWest Grant session: Scott/Mel to RSVP by 20 August and go on 27 August
  • Committee - No Exit signs need to be worded as No Escape: laser cut some signs - Pending
  • Fletcher - Belts for compressor - In Progress
  • Blake - Little red repairs: obtain quote for tube and control panel - In Progress
  • Blake - Chiller for Kellogg: obtain quote for CW5000 - Not Done/ In Progress
  • Blake - Kellogg busy bee: schedule a session for Kellogg commissioning - In Progress
  • Stuart/Scott - New wiki: schedule meeting to discuss (STU) - Scott and I couldn't find a time that worked so is a job for the new committee - Not Done/ In Progress
  • Blake - Delete board games night from wiki DONE
  • Iain - Resin 3D Printer: get quotes - In Progress
  • Blake - Send out AGM notice DONE
  • Guy asking about cycle carts
  • Otherwise None to note
  • A member dropped a steel table on their foot
  • A member got a splinter
  • Don says holes in roof being repaired
  • None

The Treasurer's Disclaimer: The numbers below have been calculated in a quick way and have not undergone robust checking as for an Annual Report.

31/07/2019 30/06/2019
Bank Accounts (excluding Auspicing) $9865.45 $6158.11
Pending from TidyHQ/EFTPOS/Cash + Float $200 $2611.24
BALANCE $10065.45 $8769.35 Ideally should be larger than bond value
Guthrie St Bond $6000 $6000
Quarantined Funds 31/07/2019 30/06/2019
Estimated RFID Key Bond Value $10145 $9875
For Insurance 19/20 $928 $696 +232 for each month due annually 31/3. ($2781.25 in 2019)
For TidyHQ 19/20 $382.5 $340 +42.5 for each month due annually Oct. ($510 in 2018)
For Potential Extra Outgoings 19/20 - Actual shown here for 18/19 paid 01/08) $442.66 $1000 +100 for each month due annually Aug. ($442.66 in 2019)
DESIRED BALANCE $11898.16 $11911
Funds Available (+Yes -NO) BALANCE-DESIRED BALANCE $-1832.71 $-3141.65
REVENUE (Excludes Bond) Jul-19 monthly average
Membership Income $3,445 $3,595
Space Cash (drinks/events/tool fees/casual) $3,004 $2,255
Fundraising $664
Donations $50
Donations - For Membership $90 $56
TOTAL INCOME $6,539 $6,563
EXPENSES $43,665 monthly average
Lease/Utilities/BOC/Bank Fees/Insurance $4,430 $5,234 Lease+Insurance paid inadvance, Others in arrears
Kitchenette/FundraisingFridge/Toiletries $963 $516
Total Regular Expenses $5,393 $5,750
Fundraising Expenses $553 $285
Equipment/Infrastructure Expenses $10 $435
Total Expense $5,956

1/ Note to rest of the Committee - Please review annual report.

2/ Two $1000 Alby community grants have been applied for. One by Skot for Noizemaschin and a second one for the Artifactory by Jason.


* 3D Printer pending approval by 6 committee members on slack and * $120 Microphone stands

Moved By MOVER Fletcher
Seconded By SECONDER Lemming
Status Accepted/Rejected Accepted

Membership as at 2019-08-22:

  • 36 (+2) Full Members (Mnthly+Qrtly+Annual);
  • 26 (-3) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 6 (+3) Band Memberships
  • 6 (+3) Associate Memberships

Membership as at 2019-07-26:

  • 35 (0) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • 29 (0) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 3 (0) Band Memberships
  • 3 (-3) Associate Memberships

Memberships cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):

  • Lachlan Hutchison
  • CONCESSION - Amy Dutton
  • FULL - Ed Mcmullin, Jakeb McKinley, Ihaka Brown, Beau Daley, Shelley Elkins
  • BAND - James Buchanan's Band, Nathan Kelly's Band, MotET (Meg Travers)

(STU) - I support the applications of James, Ed, Nathan, Amy, Meg

Moved By MOVER Fletcher
Seconded By SECONDER Lemming
Status Accepted/Rejected Accepted

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

  • IT Officer
    • REPORT
  • Event Officers
    • REPORT
  • Rehearsal Room Coordinators
    • Request $120 to purchase new microphone stands (other room improvements being handled by infrastructure)
  • Quartermasters
    • None
  • Membership Officers
    • None
  • Membership Storage Officer
    • None

Updates from subcommittees - discussions or requests for action.

  • Laser Subcommittee
    • REPORT
  • IT Subcommittee
    • REPORT
  • Promotions Subcommittee
    • REPORT
  • Sponsored Memberships Panel
    • Aaron Bills, Katrina Italiano, Travis Nichols - new sponsored memberships. Taking the total to 13 on the program since Feb. 5 are current.
  • Infrastructure Subcommittee
    • New lights above the laser cutter
    • Bar
    • CAD room revamp incoming

News and discussions on events.

# Denotes run by non-members


  • ADUG - (Coordinators: Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) -
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators: Hugh, Doug) - OK
  • MicroPython Hardware Hackers - Perth Django and Python Developers (Coordinators: Phil Wilkinson#) - No show
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators: Stephen Price#) - OK


  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator: Iain) -OK
  • Chess Knight (Coordinator: Stuart) - Chess was played. One person showed via meetup.

Cosplay and Craft

  • Cosplay (Coordinator: Scott) - OK
  • Leathercraft Workshops (Coordinator: Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft) - (Stu)-Leathercraft workshops to continue despite physical store closure. Online store remains open. - OK
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators: Hayleye#) - Good turnout
  • Crafternoon - Ongoing


  • DIY Synth (Coordinator: Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) - Good, only 2 left this year- (STU) ~$250 made
  • Mostly Modular Synth (Coordinators: Hugh, Jon) - Not Held
  • Noizemaschin!! (Coordinators: Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot) - 8th B'day. Cake was eaten. ~$350-400 made.


  • General Hacking Day (Coordinator: Committee) - OK
  • Open Day (Coordinator: Steve Hodges) - OK
  • Wine & Design (Coordinator: Committee) - None
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator: Fletcher) - None - Bunch of People, good leads

Other (new and once off events)

  • LARP Update from Mathew aka Shatteredworld “a brief update. Lotterywest have advised they need a minimum of 3 months to review grant applications. We will not be able to implement these workshops before Game 8 in October. SWinc is still keen to access this funding, and will still apply, but the workshops will be run early 2020 before Game 9.”

Other business (items not covered by regular meeting sections) may be added to this section up to 48 hours before start of committee meeting.

(STU) Currently is stated in the wiki for the NeverNever as a record of approved items for the Artifactory that have purchased by members for things bought for the Artifactory but never ever ever likely to get repaid nor is entitled to. As of January 2016 the Treasurer has committee approval to reduce Never-Never balances in exchange for membership given the bank account has a healthy balance.

Thus it is not defined very well in the top paragraph.

Proposed By-Law NeverNever

1/ That the Artifactory acknowledges the NeverNever as unallocated membership paid in-advance and is non-refundable.

2/ The Treasurer has Committee approval to reduce NeverNever balances in exchange for membership when the bank account has a healthy balance and the owner of the NeverNever gives consent.

3/ That the NeverNever cannot be added to, except at a Committee Meeting.

Moved By MOVER Fletcher
Seconded By SECONDER Lemming
Status Accepted/Rejected Accepted

(STU) Given the number of new bands is back to where it has peaked in the past. (And 6 bands has always be seen as the ideal number.) That the committee limit Band Memberships to 6 until a consultative review has been completed. (Started with Tanner/Stu/Jean-Michel/Fletcher 21/08). After the review we may wish to add an additional membership like a cheaper Monday to Friday business hours only one or something… Until then we should limit the membership with rules rather than not approving additional memberships at a committee meeting……….. which I can see as a potential problem if keys etc has already been handed out.

Limiting the number of membership is allowed under the rules. Constitution rule 8.5 - The Committee may limit the number of members of any class of membership and associate membership.

Addition Line for Classification for Band Membership

The Band Membership is restricted to a maximum of 6 memberships.

Moved By MOVER Fletcher
Seconded By SECONDER Lemming
Status Accepted/Rejected Accepted
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