Committee Meeting 2019.06.22


  • Refer right to the table of contents for agenda


  • Present: Iain, Blake, Lauren, Stu, Lemming, Scott, Steve, Fletcher, Mel, Hugh
  • Apologies: None
  • Absent: None
  • Observing: Vincent, Jason
  • Minute taker: Blake
  • Chair: Iain
  • Opened: 15:06
  • Closed: 16:09
  • Next meeting: 27 July 3pm, 5 weeks
  • No issues
Moved By Stu
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted
  • Fletcher - Signage improvement: Found a member to improve safety equipment and power point signs. Some done, some to go.
    • Vincent working on it
    • DONE - started but handle separately
  • Stuart - Artifactory induction checklist.
    • Pending
  • Lemming - RFID door locks: Build prototype.
    • Pending
  • LotteryWest Grant: next session is (session 27 August). RSVP by 20 August
    • Plenty of time
  • Stuart - Pallet racking storage: Divide up into label areas based on subcommittee feedback. Feedback
    • Infrastructure - 1 shelf
    • IT - 1/2 shelf
    • Lasers - 1/2 shelf
    • Promotions - 2 shelf (one outside of ZLab)
    • Will finish off after supernova
  • Committee - No Exit signs need to be worded as No Escape
    • Stays as reminder
  • Fletcher/Stuart - Car park flood lights: Source new ones, possibly motion activated.
    • Ordered on their way. Done.
  • Stuart - Prompt for incident report form reminder in first aid kit Done
  • Fletcher - belts for compressor (via Kamil)
    • Contacted suppliers. Pending
  • Steve - Member Storage - Inform membership via email and produce a sign
    • Done
    • All lockers have been audited and CAD room people been organised for move
  • Stuart - Update Emergency Plan Done
    • Purchase 5*1kg new extinguishers @ $35
    • Post new Emergency Plans around the Artifactory
    • Arrange to use Jim's Test and Tag for For ongoing 6 monthly testing @ $66 a per testing 6monthly reminder sent to Treasurer. Come November 4.5kgx3 and 1kgx3 will need to be replaced
    • Done
  • Lauren+Jean-Michel - to organise a Policy/Guidelines/Bylaw/etc about posting to social media
    • Done
  • Facebook - usual questions
  • Mailboxes - supernova stuff
  • LARP craft workshop - sounds interesting
  • No incidents
  • Leak in roof ongoing
    • Few attempts
  • Skylights not cleanable - dirt ingrained
  • Business as usual
  • Lots of events in run up to supernova
  • Free events have yielded new members
  • We should consider more free events to help drive membership

No full month has past since last report. Thus nothing to report.

  • No expenses

Membership as at 2019-06-21:

  • 35 (+3) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • 29 (+1) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 3 (0) Band Memberships
  • 6 (+2) Associate Memberships

Membership as at 2019-06-04:

  • 32 (-1) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • 28 (+1) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • 3 Band Memberships
  • 4 (-1) Associate Memberships

Cancelled Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):

  • NONE!!
  • CONCESSION - KIN MING HO, Nigel Tinson
  • FULL - Jeremy Randall, Alastair Waddell, Alex Babel, Claire Pannell, Dan Kerton
  • BAND - N/A
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Lemming
Status Accepted

Reports to be emailed in for review of committee when officer does not attend meeting.

  • IT Officer
    • Removed 2 server - reducing power usage by $100 per bill
  • Event Officers
    • LARP mainly
  • Rehearsal Room Coordinators
    • No news
  • Quartermasters
    • Switched to coles delivery
  • Safety Auditors
    • ACTION: Remove from template
  • Membership Officers
    • Going well
  • Membership Storage Officer
    • All CAD room locker people have been realloacted
    • Chasing up owner of a small locker
    • Underrack lockers are all allocated
    • Skinny lockers are all assigned
    • Rack storage has 1 free bay
    • Emily Murphy (non member)
      • using storage area on rack
      • not an allocated area
      • she has 1 month to remove her items from start of rule 1 July
      • Steve will follow up
  • Good member turn out
  • Little red probe failed and replaced from Kellogg
  • As above
  • Supernova
    • Main booth
      • Sell and display
    • Demo booth
      • Size of CAD room
      • Interactive things for public
      • Area for people to watch and ask questions
  • Zoe Sydney and Liezil Davids were approved.
  • Spray booth operational
  • Other space projects going well

Business as usual OR ANYTHING TO REPORT???

  • ADUG - (Coordinators - Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#) - No news
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators - Hugh, Doug) - No news
  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator - Lemming) - No news
  • Board Games Night (Coordinator - Iain) - No news
  • Cosplay - (Coordinator - Scott)
    • Great people, went well
    • Used their own tools
    • Another session tomorrow
    • Troy willing to take on the event in future
    • In future $5 event (after supernova?)
    • Should pick a monthly date and promote at cosplay
  • DIY Synth - (Coordinator Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#) - no news
  • General Hacking Day - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself) - Lots of people last week and today
  • Leathercraft Workshops - (Coordinator - Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft) - No news
  • MicroPython Hardware Hackers - Perth Django and Python Developers (Coordinators -Phil Wilkinson#) - Haven't seen them
  • Mostly Modular Synth - (Coordinators - Hugh, Jon) - Hasn't happenend
  • Noizemaschin!! - (Coordinators Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot, Justin B#) - On Tuesday
  • Open Day - (Coordinator - Steve Hodges) - Sat after supernova
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators - Stephen Price#) - No news
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators - Hayleye#) - No news
  • Wine & Design - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself) - No news
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator - Fletcher) - No news
  • OTHER Events
    • Chess Knight - Success 10 people. Second one scheduled 22/07.

# Denotes run by non-members

Should we consider through Instant waste a 660lt co mingle recycling bin (2.75 wheelie bin)

  • $25 +gst an empty on a monthly pick up.
  • $50 + gst delivery fee (once off ) for the bin.

A reason for not doing this is the WA container deposit scheme to commence in early 2020 and not much details is known yet as to how it will operate.

No, committee does not want to do this recycling scheme for financial reasons.

Mel brings up point of aluminium can recycling

  • Dale - he offered to collect and pay us for aluminium cans
  • Can crusher could make that work well - engaging for members

The Perth Artifactory uses social media to:

  • Raise awareness of the Artifactory brand, offerings and events,
  • Inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity, empower others to make stuff,
  • Promote an inclusive makerspace environment and encourage people to join the community.

Our online presence can be used to help spread awareness and extend our reach. Posts to social media should support the objectives of the organisation with consideration to how these messages will be received by the community and its impact on the Artifactory sustainable social licence to operate.

The Perth Artifactory and social media accounts are run by volunteers who give their time to support the space. Social media guidelines are not intended to make posting more difficult, but as a layer of protection to identify any risks and resolve them before posting, and to know when to seek approval from the Committee. The list below, while not comprehensive, is intended as a checklist to consider the potential impacts before posting to social media. If a post raises any concerns from the list, the poster should contact a committee member, to review the content and get approval before posting.

Safety: Could anyone hurt themselves doing this? Is there a disclaimer to warn of risks? (i.e. Do not try this at home). Is everyone following correct safety procedures? (e.g. using appropriate PPE, observing fire hazards etc.).

Intellectual Property: Who has rights over this? Who owns or contributed? Is it a fair representation of work, credit given to creator(s). Has an applicable copyright been invoked? Is any artwork being modified or destroyed? Has the creator consented to modifications?

Individuals and Groups: Does the post refer to anyone (by name or implied), or a group, demographic or identity? Has the individual or group given consent, or would they feel comfortable being associated with the Artifactory?

Photography and Video: Permission of subjects to release, including parent or legal guardian for minors.

General: Would you be happy if this post went viral (received a lot of attention)? Does this represent the objectives of the Artifactory? If you were contacted to investigate the post, would you be happy to answer questions about it?

That the committee adopt the above social media policy and that the policy be record in the same section of the wiki and By-laws/membership Classifications

Moved By Stu
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted

Bylaw: To consider for next meeting - Members who have control of social media must be aware of the social media policy.

Is the below enough?

Currently it is written in the wiki new members guide - You can set up a project that requires a small fixed construction area for a reasonable period of time, but be prepared to move it. Label your construction with your name and contact details, especially if it's dangerous (high voltage, batteries, caustic or acidic chemicals, etc)


Leaving a Project - from Nov18

  • The Artifactory does not guarantee the safety of any personal projects.
  • Projects may be left in the space for a few days so long as:
    • The project is on a single trestle table
    • The trestle table can be moved by two members without disturbing your project
    • A sign is left on the table that includes your name, contact details, and date of pickup
    • Your project will not be left in the space during events that require either the entire project area/general area or all of the trestle tables. It is your responsibility to check the calendar and confirm.
  • While we will attempt to contact you if any of these conditions are not met there is risk that your project may be disposed of or end up on the hack-me bench.
  • Anything that would violate the requirements set out above must be done in coordination with the Management Committee.


  • Stuart - Do we need a place people can store projects?
  • On mobile table?
  • Stuart - Pallet rack? White acrylic where you claim an area for 1 week?
  • Fletcher - as we rearrange space maybe there an area opens up
  • Stuff on tressels give incentive to clean up lest someone moves it for you


  • The rehearsal room can be used on a casual basis -
  • Bands come through on a per session trial basis under supervision of Rehearsal Room Coordinator
  • $40 per session
  • 3 hour cut off limit


The rehearsal room can be used on a casual basis:

  • Groups come through on a per session trial basis under supervision of a Rehearsal Room Coordinator or Management Committee member
  • 3 hour cut off limit unless otherwise arranged
  • Regular price: $40/session
  • Where at least 50% of the group hold ordinary (full/concession) Artifactory memberships: $20/session

Makes it easier for members to use the band room.

  • Motion - Fletcher
  • Second - Stu
  • Status - approved

Acknowledging it's existence and who it belongs to.

  • She was trying to sell it or throw it out
  • Scott asked promotions committee for space to keep it
  • Property of Ashleyn Nottle
  • Scott takes responsibility for it
  • Fletcher asked these two items to be added as emergency business - committee agreed
    • Appoint JM as rehearsal room coordinate
      • Committee approved
    • Never never
      • Discuss discounted memberships offered at supernova
      • Discount paid for by drawing down never never balances
      • Permission to be sought from never never balance holders who hold permission
      • Committee not required to vote - treasurer already has rules covering using never never for memberships
  • Lauren
    • Meetup. We have 122 people - new people that aren't part of space.
    • Request notification to members that we have it.
    • Need to ensure we add events to meetup.
    • Put a profile picture in meet up profile
  • Stuart - Artifactory induction checklist.
  • Lemming - RFID door locks: Build prototype.
  • Committee - LotteryWest Grant: next session is 27 August. RSVP by 20 August.
  • Stuart - Pallet racking storage: Divide up into labelled areas based on subcommittee feedback.
  • Committee - No Exit signs need to be worded as No Escape
  • Fletcher - Belts for compressor: Contacted suppliers
  • Blake - Add next meeting reminder to end of meeting minutes template
  • Stuart - Remove safety auditor officer from template
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