Committee Meeting 2018.10.27

  1. Review Previous Meeting's Minutes
  2. Review Previous Meeting's Action Items
  3. Correspondence
  4. Property Report
  5. Chairman's Report
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Membership Report
  8. Rehearsal Room Report
  9. Officer Reports
  10. Event/Workshop Coordinator Reports
  11. Subcommittee Reports
  12. Expenses For Approval
  13. Other Business (add one-off agenda items here)
    1. Companion Card program
    2. Officer positions (IT etc)
    3. Swarf-o-mat supervision requirements
    4. Waiver distribution
    5. Z-Lab funding
    6. Canning show funding proposal
    7. Canning show stall planning/reimbursement
    8. Member rack rules/audit/material disposal
    9. front door repair
  • Present: Fletcher, Lemming, Stuart, Steve, Hugh, Mel, Blake
  • Apologies: Scott, Iain
  • Absent: Felicity
  • Minute taker: Blake
  • Chair: Lemming
  • Opened: 15:02
  • Closed: 17:18
  • Next meeting: 24 November 3pm, 4 weeks
  • No issues
Moved By Blake
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted
  • Blake/Fletcher - big red air hose head stripped bolt hole - replace/fix (wed 3 sept night)
    • Shifted bracket around to use other hole
  • Blake - email out IT officer position and request for nominations
    • Done
  • Fletcher - Improve signage for safety equipment and power points
    • Awaiting material from material trolley to become available
  • Fletcher/Blake - Laser training checklist (wed 3 sept night)
    • On laser channel awaiting review
  • Fletcher - Artifactory induction checklist - to be emailed through to committee list for review
    • In progress
  • Fletcher/Stuart - complete policy review and email out
    • Review complete. Awaiting committee approval - pushed to next meeting
  • Fletcher - quartermaster - codify rules on members purchasing
    • In progress
  • Felicity - Refresh first aid kit, contact St John for sponsorship/assistance (first aid kit stock discount and first aid certification discount), check insurance details with Stuart as related to first aid kits
    • In progress
  • Felicity - Please add your address in tidy HQ
    • In progress
  • Lemming - Update Materials and artefacts policy
    • In progress
  • Lemming:
    • Moulding work query
    • Laser cutting query
    • No response from lady on desktop laser cutter
    • 3 axis machining project help
    • Defectors bar (mt lawley)
      • Nights and days available
      • Offered space for external events - we can collect cover charge, some profits
      • Consider what events could be hosted there
      • Member John and (future) guitar pedal workshop could be an option
    • Penross Laser cut project
    • 3D printer question - not running currently
    • Lathe question
    • Question from a guy called Nathan - Laser cut work for a business
      • Discussion around use of space for business purposes
      • Committee not keen for large scale small things for sale
      • Nathan now want rather to use laser cutter for one off large cuts which is probably ok
    • Jayden - fortnightly membership - Will be billed monthly, his option when to pay - fortnightly not preferred
    • Machine learning group - laser cut
  • Fletcher
    • Architecture group at curtin
      • Lots of students wanted to come in
      • Laser cutters at curtin were fully booked
      • Many hours per night used
      • Went well
    • ECU race car group
      • Welding at artifactory
    • More people through for laser training
  • Front door
    • Ongoing issue - discuss below
  • Multiple holes in wall from neighbours
    • Has been noted previously
    • Photos taken and landlord previously notified
  • Artifactory looking good
  • Last month - Holding roughly even
  • This month looking good
30/09/2018 31/08/2018
NAB Balance $6010.93 $5677.55
NAB Donation Account $69.09 $118.81
Pending Transfer from TidyHQ/EFTPOS $287.84 $660.31
Balance $6367.86 $6456.67 plus $6000 for Guthrie Street Lease Bond
Quarantined Funds 30/09/2018 31/08/2018
Estimated RFID Key Bond Value $9635 $9635
For Insurance 19/20 $1356 $1130 +226 for each month due annually 31/3. ($2716 in 2018)
DESIRED BALANCE $10991 $10765
REVENUE (Excludes Bond) Last month 12 month average
Membership Income $2,865 $3,417
SpaceCash (drinks/events/venue hirer/casual) $1,981 $1,688
Fund Raising $0 $136
Donations $0 $44
TOTAL INCOME $4,846 $5,286
EXPENSES September 12 month average
Lease Paid for next month $4,224 $4,275
Electricity $0 $299
Insurance (12mnth avg $2716/12) $0 $226
Waste/Internet/BOC Gases $170 $207
Merchant Fees $40 $42
Stripe/TidyHQ Fees $77 $115
Event Expenses $60
Fundraising Expenses (Inc Fudraising Fridge) $349 $363
Total (Prior to Equipment/Infrastructure Exp.) $4,860 $5,316
+/- Prior to Equipment/Infrastucture Expenses -$15 -$31
Last Month 12 month average
Equipment/Infrastructure Expenses (Below) $94 $165
+/- After Equipment/Infrastructure Expenses -$109 -$195
  • Door Expense $50 + Monies for new hinges and door handle, keys. Total $200
    • Installed by carpetener - Maybe sunday
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Blake
Status Approved

Current Status

Membership as at 2018-10-24

  • 36 (+2) Full Members (Monthly+Annual)
  • 29 (+4) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual)
  • 2 (0) Band Memberships
  • 2 (0) Associate Memberships

Membership as at 2018-09-26:

  • 34 (-2) Full Members (Monthly+Annual)
  • 25 (+2) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual)
  • 2 (0) Band Memberships
  • 2 (0) Associate Memberships

Cancelled Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):

  • None

New memberships for approval

  • CONCESSION - Ryan adine, Kylie Collishaw, Hui Shan Lim, Aime-Jayne van Wyk, Rita Rizzeri
  • FULL - Sean Barry, Maksim Batajev, Jon Gregory, Johannes Chuah
  • BAND - None
Moved By Stuart
Seconded By Steve
Status Accepted
  • Lemming
    • Reasonable state
  • No officers yet
  • ADUG - (Coordinators - Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#)
    • No news
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators - Hugh, Doug)
    • Quiet one this time
  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator - Lemming)
    • Not this month
  • VR Night (Coordinators - Fletcher and Iain)
    • Busy night, went well
  • Board Games Night (Coordinator - Iain)
    • Not this month
  • Cosplay - (Coordinator - James, Lemming)
    • No news
  • DIY Synth - (Coordinator Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#)
    • Going well
  • General Hacking Day - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself)
    • No news
  • Leathercraft Workshops - (Coordinator - Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft)
    • No news
  • Mostly Modular Synth - (Coordinators - Hugh, Jon)
    • Organising next one
    • Hugh will take a look at it
    • Should make it a regular event
  • Noizemaschin!! - (Coordinators Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot, Justin B)
    • Good one
  • Open Day - (Coordinator - )
    • No news
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators - Stephen Price#)
    • About 5 or 6 people. Going well
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators - Hayleye#)
    • No workshop because busy with Pax
  • Wine & Design - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself)
    • Productive session
    • Lathe pulley work ongoing should be finished soon
    • Some practice material available too
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator - Fletcher)
    • Bunch of people coming through
  • OTHER Events
    • Resident artist - Potentially gracy smith

# Denotes run by non-members

  • Laser Subcommittee
    • New big red z-probe
    • Big red cutting well
    • Kellogg next task
  • IT Subcommittee
    • No news
  • Covered elsewhere in minutes. Summary:
    • Artifactory front door: $200 total approved ($50 for door and $150 for fittings, incidentals)
    • Canning science show: Expenses relevant to show (out of budget for show) - see “Canning Show Funding Proposal” for details
    • Canning Show Stall: $150 approved (to Mel) for materials and bags for goods to sell at stall

New Officer Positions

Events Officer(s):

  • Post events to social media/calendars in coordination with event hosts
  • Coordinating with external groups that wish to run events at the space
  • Coordinate with existing non-member event hosts
  • Perform event host duties for events run by “The Artifactory” or delegate to another member
  • Contact rehearsal room coordinator if an event will conflict with general space noise restrictions

Rehearsal Room Coordinator(s):

  • Advocate for band members
  • Monitor rehers…
  • Coordinate rehearsal room casual usage


  • Coordinate member stocking of the Bar/Kitchen/Toilets
  • Field stocking requests from members

Safety Auditor(s):

  • Act as liaison between members and the Management Committee with regards to safety
  • Coordinate safety meetings to discuss relevant issues with members as appropriate
  • Coordinate first aid kit audits
  • Coordinate extinguisher checks
  • Field safety related reports from members and direct as appropriate

Membership Officer(s):

  • Point of contact for new members and monitor in…
  • Able to add RFID access
  • Maintain checklists for space/workshop inductions
  • Responsible for coordinating open days

Motion to create these officer positions:

  • Propose: Fletcher
  • Second: Blake
  • Vote: Approved

Updated in committeerulings

Officer Position Appointments

Of the positions created above, some have been filled by committee vote:

  • Rehearsal Room Coordinator(s): Tanner
  • Quartermaster(s): Fletcher and Stuart
  • Membership Officer(s): Fletcher
  • Motion to appoint these people to officer positions:
    • Proposed: Steve
    • Seconded: Mel
    • Status: Approved

Candidates for remaining positions to be provided by next meeting at which point they will be voted into office by Committee.

IT Officer:

  • Discuss candidates
  • Voted: Scott Simons elected

Swarf-o-mat Supervision Requirements

  • Question
    • Check it when it starts
    • Watch it whole time
  • Skot - creator of swarf-o-mat: Supervision not required but keep an ear out while its running
  • Discussed some sort of barrier to keep people out of that part of tool room during use
    • Reduce risk of injury if it throws piece off bed
  • Vote - Swarf-o-mat requires continuous supervision - Committee voted “No”
  • It was noted that responsible use of the machine is still required

Companion Card Program

  • Affiliating with companion card program
    • Card holder can have a person with them (under companion card program) and that person attends Artifactory for free
    • It is noted that non-tool using people attending with another person currently do not have to pay but this makes it official with respect to the companion card program
  • They will provide some advertising for us through their program
  • Vote
    • Motion: Fletcher
    • Second: Mel
    • Vote: approved

Waiver Distribution

  • Add waiver near front door so people can see it more easily
  • Discuss open roller door
    • Orange chain across roller door open is an idea
    • Whiteboard outside to funnel people into main door
  • No action

Z-Lab Funding

  • Put on hold - potential new premises and too busy with Canning Show
  • Await until after Canning Show to reassess

Canning Show Funding Proposal

  • Discussed contents which was emailed around
  • Members of Science Show: Lemming, Felicity, Magnus and Jenna
  • Full text of motion:
    • To start with, the show's budget has been approved. $8000 from City of Canning Council. It is my intention that whatever is left over after the show (and I aim for it to be at least 50%) will go directly to Artifactory.
    • In return this we'll operate under Artifactory's Public Liability Insurance and use Artifactory's tools and space for building the rigs for the various experiments.
    • As per usual we'll clarify any extra space usage with the committee and I will recuse myself from the decisions on any of these.
    • Expenses must be approved by two members of science show plus Stuart (treasurer) or Mel (deputy treasurer)
  • Motion: Lemming
  • Second: Blake
  • Vote: approved

Canning Show Stall

  • Mel: Would like to get approval to purchase wood and use laser cutter and plastic zip bag - request $150
    • Motion: Blake
    • Second: Fletcher
    • Vote: Approve
  • Mel and Iain organising stall

Member rack rules/audit/material disposal

  • Policy for member material rack discussion:
    • Trolleys used for material storage for no more than 6 months
    • No skeletons - A3 contiguous unused
    • Clearly visible name and date
  • Motion for material that has already been taken off trolley that has no name and members who have left becomes property of Artifactory
    • Proposed: Blake
    • Second: Lemming
    • Voted: approve
  • So material in Z-lab that was taken off trolley can now be used as the committee sees fit (Artifactory projects or sale to members was the intent)
  • Fletcher - Improve signage for safety equipment and power points
  • Fletcher/Blake - Laser training checklist - agree on checklist and add as agenda item to next meeting for approval
  • Fletcher - Artifactory induction checklist - to be emailed through to committee list for review
  • Fletcher/Stuart - policy review - vote in at next committee meeting
  • Fletcher - quartermaster - codify rules on members purchasing
  • Felicity - Refresh first aid kit, contact St John for sponsorship/assistance (first aid kit stock discount and first aid certification discount), check insurance details with Stuart as related to first aid kits
  • Felicity - Please add your address in tidy HQ
  • Lemming - Update Materials and artefacts policy
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