Committee Meeting 2018.09.29

  1. Review Previous Meeting's Minutes
  2. Review Previous Meeting's Action Items
  3. Correspondence
  4. Property Report
  5. Chairman's Report
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Membership Report
  8. Rehearsal Room Report
  9. Officer Reports
  10. Event/Workshop Coordinator Reports
  11. Subcommittee Reports
  12. Expenses For Approval
  13. Other Business (add one-off agenda items here)
    1. IT officer position
    2. First Aid Kit
    3. Fire extinguishers
    4. Laser Trainer Checklist
    5. Artifactory Induction Checklist
    6. Policies
    7. Other roles
    8. Proposed new by-laws
  • Present: Lemming, Fletcher, Mel, Hugh, Magnus, Felicity, Iain, Scott, Blake
  • Apologies: Stuart
  • Absent: None
  • Minute taker: Blake
  • Chair: Lemming
  • Opened: 15:05
  • Closed: 16:40
  • Next meeting: 2018-10-27 3pm, 4 weeks
  • No issues
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Mel
Status Accepted
  • None
  • Not much
  • Member offering to donate a concession membership
  • Vinyl donation
  • Property ok at the moment
  • Sign above door - new sign
  • See property report
  • Science show
    • Meeting coming up on Friday
    • Box-of-bang rebuild - 2 months usage for 2 tables where box-of-bangs usually stored - Proposed: Blake, Second: Lemming, approved
  • No full month has past since 01/09 meeting, so last months figures can be found here
  • Recommendation don't spend any money unless
    1. it is for finishing off the Z-Lab
    2. getting 'kellog' up and running
    3. needed for laser maintenance
  • To the new Committee members
    • All cash must be banked. If you need to be reimbursed for buying some drinks, choc.s, or some other approved expense etc. You must send a electronic copy of the receipt(photos are ok) to treasurer AT plus your bank details.
  • NeverNever
    • What is it? The NeverNever is a record of expenses by some members for things bought for the Artifactory but never ever ever expected to get reimbursed nor is entitled to. In January 2016 the Treasurer has committee approval to reduce Never-Never balances in exchange for membership given that the bank account has a healthy balance.
    • Member Peter Hillier 18/9/18 has authorised the use of his NeverNever balance to sponsor member in the future of the committee's choosing. $263.31.
    • I've added lots of things to this agenda below, if things can't be resolved at this meeting hold them over for further discussion but please list the points of difference and who is interest in getting them resolved.
  • Mel
    • Mel reviewed finances with Stuart
    • Over last 12 months finances about even so money is tight
    • Reminder to new members to do direct bank transfers instead of “pay now” link on tidy HQ (on $75 its about Edit:$3 fees)

Current Status

Membership as at 2018-09-26:

  • 34 (-2) Full Members (Monthly+Annual)
  • 25 (+2) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual)
  • 2 (0) Band Memberships
  • 2 (0) Associate Memberships

Cancelled Membership 4 Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):

  • Bastian Baalmann

New memberships for approval

  • CONCESSION - Robin Wong
  • FULL - Jon Gregory
Moved By Blake
Seconded By Fletcher
Status Accepted
  • Lemming: room looks ok
  • No officers yet
  • ADUG - (Coordinators - Richard Harrington, Scott Hollows#)
    • 10 people this month
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators - Hugh, Doug)
    • Going well
    • Micopython group didn't come to the last one
  • ARTIfrag (Coordinator - Lemming)
    • Went well
    • Small profit off event tickets
  • Board Games Night (Coordinator - Iain)
  • Cosplay - (Coordinator - James, Lemming)
    • Going well
  • DIY Synth - (Coordinator Nathan Thompson, Andrew nonlinearcircuits#)
    • Really popular and good modules
  • Mostly Modular Synth - (Coordinators - Hugh, Jon)
    • Small turn out
    • Maybe pick a regular time
    • Hugh to advertise next event
  • General Hacking Day - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself)
  • Leathercraft Workshops - (Coordinator - Andrew L aka Western Leathercraft)
    • 9 people at last one
    • Going well
  • Noizemaschin!! - (Coordinators Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel, Skot, Justin B)
    • (SM)Awesome!!! - would have been just under 50 people, sold a few shirts. Estimate $250-$300 made for the space
  • Open Day - (Coordinator - )
    • Last one was great open day, lots of people
  • Open Source Hackers (Coordinators - Stephen Price#)
    • Going well
  • PikPI Cosplay Workshops (Coordinators - Hayleye#)
  • Wine & Design - (Coordinator - none, it runs itself)
    • Fixing up signage around space
  • Workshop Wednesday (Coordinator - Fletcher)
    • Moderate popularity
    • Peaked at 8 non-members
    • Laser assistance
    • Also fixing things around space
  • OTHER Events

# Denotes run by non-members

  • Laser Subcommittee
    • Maintenance on Monday speed up. Machines at good speed
    • Big red stripped hole on air hose section needs replacement/fix - action Blake and Fletcher
  • IT Subcommittee
    • Pentanet connection sponsorship
    • Might be a donation of some servers coming
  • Lodging New Constitution Expense $42 - Blake
Moved By Fletcher
Seconded By Iain
Status Accepted

Note: “Other Business” must be listed in agenda (top of this wiki) 48 hours prior to meeting.

IT Officer Position

  • Discussion around IT officer position
    • Review Scott's proposal
      • Maintain the operational integrity of Mission Critical systems to level determined by the Management Committee
      • Maintain and enforce privacy and security policies across all areas of responsibility
      • Oversee the IT Subcommittee and provide vision and top level decision making (This also applies to dispute resolution within the IT Subcommittee and future expansion and use of equipment)
      • Work with interested parties to promote and coordinate IT “Projects” with the assistance of the IT Subcommittee
      • Act with the best interest/level of service of the Artifactory Members in mind
  • To email out a request for nominations for the position along with the blurb
  • Vote on creation of IT officer with above description and email out request for nominations. Proposed: Fletcher, Second: Blake, Approved.

First Aid Kit

  • Review of first aid kit and inventory and restock
  • Also first aid kit for machine room
  • Felicity to take it on - contact St John
  • Mel brought up insurance company requirements
    • Felicity to contact Stuart and get insurance details
  • Registry of members with first aid
  • Also discount refresh certification from St John - Felicity

Fire extinguishers

  • Space has fire extinguishers
  • People informally check the pressure dials
  • Improve signage for safety equipment and powerpoints - Fletcher

Laser Trainer Checklist

  • Fletcher and Blake to create checklist Wednesday night
  • (SM) - Reason is so all that do training are consistent and so we all don't miss something. I'm not going to volunteer to do it but happy to contribute/review.

Artifactory Induction Checklist

  • Consider new member email
  • Run people through checklist when they join
  • Create google form to be filled out for new member signup - Fletcher to submit list for review to mailing list
  • (SM) - Reason that all new members are inducted consistently. I'm not going to volunteer to do the checklist but happy to contribute/review.


  • (SM) We have a bunch of polices in the Wiki including Tidyspace, Materials & Artifact, safe space & EO policy. They need to be reviewed and decided if we going to keep them or Dump them.
    • Tidyspace - We ain't using but to replace it with
      • Remove policy
    • Materials & Artifact - needs a major update or scrap it and start a fresh
      • Discussion on material trolley
      • Lemming to update
    • safe space and EO policy - Do we need it now with our constitution objects varied to include the word “inclusive”? OR do we just adopt it.
      • Covered in constitution now so can be removed
    • Dangerous projects and tools policy
      • Want to keep this one with same changes
      • Change weapons lines to project weapons - maybe
  • Discussion on laser payment and if people are paying enough
  • Policy - e.g. statement on wiki. By-law: long term record of committee decision
  • Fletcher and Stuart to review and sent out

other roles

(SM) - Dump or keep.

  • Facebook Event Posting
  • (SM)-I've been doing the regular events but happy for someone to take over. With facebook change It'll only need to be done once a year for most regular events.
  • Website/Google Calendar Event Posting
    • (SM)-I've been doing the regular events but happy for someone to take over. With recent facebook change - It'll only need to be done once a year for most regular events.
  • Facebook and event together - keep
    • Events officer
  • Quartermaster: Keep position
    • (SM) No need for this but I'd encourage everyone to buy drinks etc for the space rather than just me.
    • Fletcher want to codify rules - amounts we buy and sell at
    • Fletcher will fill position
  • Safety Officer: Keep
    • (SM) Get rid of this but maybe include a quarterly discussion or meeting on this topic.
    • Keep first aid stocked
    • Fire ext checked
    • Maybe Felicity
  • Rehearsal Room Coordinator: (SM) Tanner (The Jump Doubles) - put his hand up
  • Membership Officer - (SM) we use to have this one to do a couple things.
    • (SM)Record in the minutes members numbers and new members. This is currently getting done by me(SM) since it ties in with what I do. Makes sense
    • (SM)Be a point of contact for people who sign up as visitors through TidyHQ. The Membership Officer would contact these people, currently not done. (SM - I would like to dump the visitor option in tidyHQ)
    • Split membership officer out into just inductions - Fletcher puts his hand up
  • Fundraising officer
    • Felicity interested

"Equipment Needed" or similar - Section in the Wiki

  • (SM) A place where we list what we need for the space. A link off [] can direct people to it. Vacuum Cleaners with metal arm comes to mind, basic tools.
    • With Felicity as above

Proposed New By-Laws


Physical Keys + Safe Access

Defined at committee meeting 29/09/2018

  • A record of who has Physical Keys + Safe Access to the Artifactory shall be maintained in TidyHQ by the Secretary.
  • The Safe Combination must be updated as a minimum within one month after of any AGM by the Treasurer and the Combination must be provided to the new Committee
  • The Committee allows the Office Bearers of the Association to give selected Artifactory members the safe access code if it is to assist with functioning of the Artifactory and to assist Office Bearers perform their function. Should any person be granted access, the Secretary must be informed. (Reasoning - is to allow for cash to be made secure when no Committee member is present for events that make significant cash, or allow a member to assist with giving out new RFID keys, etc)

Proposed: Fletcher, Second: Iain, approved

Events and Workshops

Defined at committee meeting 29/09/2018

  • Any committee member may authorise a new workshop or event if
    1. it will bring in the casual User minimum rate per attendee (excluding members)
    2. does not require exclusive access of the Artifactory
    3. does not conflict with another event/workshop unless the Event Coordinators of the other Workshop sees no conflict
    4. will not conflict with persons using noisy tools
    5. will not hinder a band using the Rehearsal room.
    6. must be added to the google calendar

Proposed: Fletcher, Second: Blake, approved

Car Park

Defined at committee meeting 29/09/2018

  • Car Parking Bays cannot be occupied for ongoing projects (more than a day unless authorised by committee and at a cost determined by the committee)

Proposed: Blake, Second: Lemming, approve

Roughly grouped by people

  • Blake/Fletcher - big red air hose head stripped bolt hole - replace/fix (wed 3 sept night)
  • Blake - email out IT officer position and request for nominations
  • Fletcher - Improve signage for safety equipment and power points
  • Fletcher/Blake - Laser training checklist (wed 3 sept night)
  • Fletcher - Artifactory induction checklist - to be emailed through to committee list for review
  • Fletcher/Stuart - complete policy review and email out
  • Fletcher - quartermaster - codify rules on members purchasing
  • Felicity - Refresh first aid kit, contact St John for sponsorship/assistance (first aid kit stock discount and first aid certification discount), check insurance details with Stuart as related to first aid kits
  • Felicity - Please add your address in tidy HQ
  • Lemming - Update Materials and artefacts policy
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