Committee Meeting 2016.11.09

  1. Acceptance of Minutes of the 2 previous meetings
  2. Usual business
    1. Acceptance of last meeting's minutes
    2. Correspondence
    3. Chairman's report
    4. Treasurer's report
    5. Other officer's reports
    6. Subcommittee reports (moot as they may be)
    7. Building Report
    8. Area Host reports
    9. Cornwall House
  3. Update on the search for other premises
  4. Subcommittee
    1. Approval of terms of reference
    2. Membership
    3. Possible tweaking of rules
  5. Other business
  6. Review of Action Items
  • Present: SH TG NB HRF RC LEM
  • Observing:
  • Apologies: Stuart
  • Absent:
  • Opened: 2020
  • Closed: 2130
  • Next meeting: (proposed 7 Dec 2016 at 2030)

Minutes of pre-previous meeting (12/10/2016)

See: committee_meeting_2016.10.12

Status Accepted
Moved By LEM
Seconded By RC

passed without dissent

Minutes of previous meeting (19/10/2016)

See: committee_meeting_2016.10.19

Status Accepted
Moved By HRF
Seconded By NB

Passed without dissent

  1. health thing - Lemming was to chase up on. not done
  2. other health thing -

Tim will reply to them and pass them on to Lemming.

It's been about 1/2 a month since the meeting and we're still here.

Funds are down $800 on last month. Partially due to expenses for Acrylic/LED strips ~$771 timing on revenue from those, loss of members to end of last month plus going from no stock to lots in the month for the fridge/kitchenette. I do not think it is a matter of concern that the overall balance was down. I still recommend not spending unless it will revenue generating or for tool maintenance.

Request New Uniform Fee Signs need to made at Lasers/Swarf-o-mat/Welding/3D Printer(ready for when it is working) as per pricing on website. Unfortunately I'm exceedingly time poor so if anyone wants to do it that would be great.

31/10/2016 30/09/2016
NAB Balance $8357.52 $5169.29
Pending TidyHQ / eftpos $296.90 $71.96
Balance $8654.42 $5241.25

Lease paid 2/11. Thus a like for like balance should look $4430.42 for 31/10

Quarantined Funds
Estimated Bond Value $6565 $6790
For Insurance 17/18 $1106 $948 +158 for each month
Laser Funds Available $0 $0 $100 held a month aside for future maintenance
Amount Owed on Sound Equipment $2705 $2705 Amount unknown past meetings. To be paid for by SwanCon sound equipment hire and NoizeMaschine! event funds. Once full amount collected it will be reimbursed.
DESIRED BALANCE $10376 $10127
31/10/2016 30/09/2016
Laser Tubes -$1338 -$1438 This Month $100. Paying down $2475.26
Sound Equipment Funds Collected $2510 $2260 Replaced by Skot (+$250 from NM! Oct)
REVENUE Last Month 12 Month Average
Membership $4224 $4664
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $337 $932
Grants/Prizes/Donations/Fundraising $534 $306
TOTAL REVENUE $5244 $5928
Lease+Estimated Variable Outgoings (Paid 02/11 for November) -$4224 -$4224
Electricity -$397 -$429
Insurance (12 month average) -$0 -$158
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$206 -$318
Merchant Fees -$0 -$40
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$89 -$107
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equip/Fundraising Exp) -$4813 -$5276
Fundraising Expenses -$772 -$59
Equipment Purchases* - $40 - $0

Major Events/Other (Past Month)

  • ADUG - $90
  • Noizemaschin $250,
  • Mod Synth $220

Money Due (06/11/16)

  • Membership - ~$2825
  • Car park hire (4 weeks)- $1600 - ($800 paid 07/11/16)
  • Kitchenette Expenses - $110
  • ADUG Sept + Oct - $180,
  • LEDs - $50

Membership Report

  • 31 (+2) Full Members;
  • 15 (-1) Concession Memberships;
  • 0 (0) Studio Memberships
  • 0 (0) Annual Sponsored Memberships
  • 1 (0) Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 3 (0) Band Memberships
  • 1 (0) Band + Concession Memberships
  • Approve / Disapprove Memberships for Cancellation for Non-Payment (90 days+ due) - NONE
  • Approve / Disapprove of New Members since last meeting
    • CONCESSION - Philip Wijesinghe,
    • FULL - Craig Laurndet, Melanie Talbot, Gino Parisella, Ricki Barnes*, Ryan Coleman* (Re-joining)



passed without dissent

Promotions Officer - JK


Event Coordinators Report

  • NoizeM - SM, TG, JMM, Skot, Meg
  1. ~$250 made
  2. All acts kept to the Audio horror theme, It was a an uncomfortable night for all.
  3. Due to illnesses/study commitments/people away - it turned out that we just had a skeleton crew to put the night on. Hopefully we can get some more RSA's for the bar(Justin is getting pressed ganged at the moment) and another couple Audio engineers.
  • Arduino U - TG, Hugh
  • DIY Synth - Tim ~ 21 non-members
  • open day - Steve - it was steady.
  • ADUG - Nick & Richard Harrington - tick
  • Other Events
    • from not till sunday night
      • LEM is spruking us :-)

We technically don't have them at the moment.

  1. Laser subcommittee
  2. Fundraising - SM, JMM, Russell
  3. IT SubComm - Andrew, Mitch, Steven Tseng, Nick, Tim, Brendan
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Events

Move SH - That we accept the terms of reference of the subcommittees until we decide to change them. 2nd LEM

Passed without dissent

Don has dropped in and failing lights have been pointed out to him.

The offer from us still stands that we will accept a rent holiday in exchange for us fixing certain stuff

  1. Area hosts
    1. CAD Room - Russell
      1. Is a lot cleaner (Thanks LEM)
    2. Electronics Bench - Steve
      1. Is a lot cleaner (Thanks LEM)
    3. Tool Room - Lemming
      1. little sander has a belt
      2. swarfomat dist extractor unblocked
      3. almost zero cleanup from swarf
      4. getting new blade for large bandsaw
      5. planer has sharp blades
    4. Welding - Lemming
      1. $108 D gas bottle + 1 free refill, then $99 per refill (BOC)
      2. MOVED LEM, 2nd NB Do it – passed
    5. Band Room - Tanner
    6. Stage - JMM

NB: AGM Tue arvo midland 2pm 15 Nov. Upstairs midland public library.


  1. Burswood too expensive, not a good building, poor crime stats.
  2. St vincent de paul 1500m2 warehouse + 1000m2 shop – can we swing that with dan and another group (outside option)
  3. 2 burgay ct. sth of scarb bch rd. 460m wh 360m2 office 250m'2 yard. going to have a closer look
  4. roberts st - we love it but we're not interested – no outdoor space.

spoke to one of the local councellors. Stirling doesnt have property that we could use. residential not commercial. he will talk to city of stirling and maybe state govt.

  1. Membership (See subcommittee)
  2. Change of rules (Steve will not move that the quorum for a subcommittee be capped if we have a subcommittee which includes more than 6 members. The infrastructure subcommittee has the potential to have many members. If we have not limited it's membership to a core group and structured it as per the recommendations in the proposed terms of reference (or if any other subcommittee gets too big) our rules will make it difficult for the subcommittee to function. At present I feel the quorum for a subcommittee should be 3 members at most.)

move SH 2nd NB that the membership of the fundraising subc be accepted. passed without dissent

move SH 2nd RC that NB & Jim M be the new members of the laser sub committee. passed without dissent

move SH 2 LEM that the IT subc be Andrew, Nick (sec), LEM, Justin R, Steven T. Passed without dissent

JMM & the the first aid kit. – pass (but must be done ASAP!!!)

LEDs - a roaring success. down to 10 unallocated and 8 uncollected. lights for mod synth well accepted

move LEM for expenditure up to $100 to make more of them sec SH passed without dissent


  1. Current state documented by LEN
  2. Andrew did the code
  3. Adding front light, roller door switch, etc to provide automatic control and status upgrades
  4. Plans for new hardware
  5. ~$100 BOM


  1. lem trying to get on their list of members
  2. need to be registered as a charity (lem looking into it)


ACTION (SH) - Updated minutes from meeting 12/10 posted to list - DONE

ACTION (SH) - Minutes from meeting 19/10 posted to list - DONE

ACTION (SH) - Warning retraction email sent to MK - DONE

ACTION (ALL) - read the subcommittee terms of reference (DONE)

New (arising from this meeting)

ACTION (TG) to handle the corresp stuff.

ACTION SH to ask for people interested in subcommittees


ACTION (TG?) - Manipulation of the history of core mailing list. (not yet done) Can someone else do it?

ACTION (JMM) - First aid kit status (catalog and advise)

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