Committee Meeting 2016.09.03

  1. New Subcommittees
  2. Laser Tube Update
  3. NBN
  4. Belmont location Report
  • Present: Stuart McDonald, Lawrence (Lemming) Dixon, Jean-Michel Maujean, Steve Hodge, Nick Bannon, Jason Kongchouy, Hugh Frazer
  • Observing: ??
  • Apologies: Tim Gilchrist, Russel Clarke, Tanner Perham
  • Absent:
  • Opened: 14:00
  • Closed: 15:07
  • Next meeting: 14 September at “Wine and Design”
  • Chair:
    • Tim Gilchrist Nominated by Stuart, seconded by SteveH (On request of Tim)
    • No other nominations
    • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent
  • Deputy Chair:
    • Lawrence (Lemming) Dixon Nominated by Stuart, seconded by SteveH
    • No other nominations
    • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent
  • Treasurer:
    • Stuart McDonald Nominated by SteveH, seconded by Nick
    • No other nominations
    • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent
  • Secretary
    • Steve Hodge Nominated by Stuart, seconded Jean-Michel
    • No other nominations
    • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent

Discussion ensued about other roles, area hosts, subcommittees, etc.

Other committee roles may be of interest to committee members who have sent apologies.

Area hosts, czars, and the like may be best drawn from the broader membership (who are currently not here).

Due to the lack of documentation about subcommittees other than the Laser subcommittee we cannot easily reinstate them immediately.

Another subcommittee issue is that our quorum requirements are large (>50% of the membership of the subcommittee) so if (say) the infrastructure committee consisted of 20 members, we would need to get 11 of them together for anything to happen. The suggestion is that subcommittees are small, and the subcommittee allows voting by the assembled gathering. The current subcommittee rules say that the way decisions are made by the subcommittee is up to the subcommittee provided that they are either democratic or by consensus, so this is not disallowed.

  • MOVED by SteveH
    • THAT The next meeting of the Perth Artifactory Committee will be on 14th September during Wine & Design where we will decide on other committee roles, area hosts, subcommittee membership, and other roles as required.
    • SECONDED Lemming
    • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent
  • ACTION SteveH to write prospective subcommittee documentation for subcommittees (IT, Infrastructure, Laser, Fundraising, Events) prior to the next meeting and to solicit feedback from both the committee, existing subcommittee members (where known) and the general membership.

The treasurer indicated that he would love to cut membership rates but our financial state does not allow it. We have increased membership which has increased our income, but this has mostly contributing to it keeping pace with costs.

It was also noted that a significant number of members have left (some due to moving interstate or overseas). This has been more than covered by new members, but we need to retain these members.

The increase in variable outgoings was due mostly to an increase in land tax.

Our “Studio Member” contributes a great deal to the space generally (opening the space, providing advice on technical issues, etc.) but also contributes to the expenses (waste removal). It was generally agreed that we would approach him to negotiate a small increment to his fee structure.

  • ACTION Stuart
Status Accepted / Rejected
Moved By Stuart
Seconded By Nick


Lease - Stuart According to WA small business website - We are on a periodic lease which does not give us the same protections as a fixed term lease. For example, at any time the landlord for most periodic leases can give you one month written notice to vacate the premises.​“​…………….but of course we can do the same.


Chairperson's Report

Tabled at the AGM

Treasurer's Report

  • TREASURER 15-16
31/08/2016 31/07/2016
NAB Balance $4113.31 $7691.39
Pending TidyHQ / eftpos $471.54 $215.88
Balance $4584.55 $7907.27
Quarantined Funds
Estimated Bond Value $6790 $6790
For Insurance 17/18 $790 $632
Laser Funds Available $0 $0 $100 a month aside
Amount Owed on Sound Equipment $2705 $2705 Amount unknown past meetings. To be paid for by SwanCon sound equipment hire and NoizeMaschine! event funds. Once full amount collected it will be reimbursed.
DESIRED BALANCE $10285 $10127
31/08/2016 31/07/2016
Laser Tubes -$1438 -$1673 This Month $100 + August Donations $135 = $235 - No Import duties.
Sound Equipment Funds Collected $2020 $1870 Replaced by Skot (+$150 from NM! August)
REVENUE Last Month 11 Month Average
Membership $4365 $4682
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $646 $1019
Grants/Prizes/Donations $135 $263
TOTAL REVENUE $5146 $5964
Lease (Paid due date for coming month) -$7491 -$4221
Electricity -$454 -$432
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$321 -$296
Insurance (12 month average) -$0 -$158
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$93 -$102
Merchant Fees -$0 -$40
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equipment) -$8359 -$5248
Equipment Purchases* - $107.70 - $716

Raspberry Pi and other bits $107.70

Major Events/Other (Past Month)

  • Noizemaschin $150,
  • Mod Synth $240

Money Due (08/07)

  • Membership - ~$4370
  • ADUG July and August - $150, $100
  • Bond - $135

Treasurer Cancelled Membership -

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members
  • 1 (0) Full Members with Tool Usage,
  • 29 (-3) Full Members;
  • 15 (0) Concession Memberships;
  • 0 (0) Studio Memberships
  • 1 (0) Annual Sponsored Memberships
  • 1 (0) Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 3 (0) Band Memberships
  • 1 (0) Band + Concession Memberships

Events Officers Report - Stuart/Tim

  • Open Day -
  • Arduino U -
  • Noizemaschin!! -
  • ADUG -
  • DIY Synth -

Extras This Month

  • BioHack
  • SparkCO STUART/LEMMING We agreed to offer free entry to the following events immediately after event - General hacking / Training Day, Wine and Design + Arduino U

Subcommittee reports

Laser subcommitee - See wiki page + Advised near midnight last night that the new tube had arrived.

  • Action: STU/LEMMING to get prospectus together for ACNC/Cultural org. registration
  • Action: MITCH to post out post out process for reporting dangerous things
  • Action: MITCH/LEMMING removing people from the space procedure.
  • Action: NICK to post to list about resin, paints etc on workbenches, and the importance of using drop sheets.
  • Action: Someone to investigate officeworks printing of (RFID?) membership cards.
  • Action: SKOT to contact RGL * We can apply for a Permanent Liquor License as “Restricted Club” ~ $400. RGL may be have veto over our constitution, SKoT to contact RGL and determine exact requirements SkotM: We should secure lease/talk to Landlord.
  • Action: LEMMING n STEVE Interlocks etc continues.
  • Action: STEVE to make new Sign reports approved laser materials
  • Action: DAVEO refer to IT subcommitte for technical solution to pinging members before their membership expires
  • Action: NICKB to update wiki with List of subcommittes and mailing lists.
  • Action: TIMG to create FB events for next month.
  • Action: MITCHK to insert laser subcommittee report
  • Action: NICKB to insert IT subcommittee report
  • Action: STUARTM to insert Infrastructure subcommttee report
  • Action: TIMG to post reminder to list that regular event bookings are on calendar.
  • Action: LEMMING to arrange price for new laser head assembly for big red.

Action items resulting from Last meeting

  • Action: MITCH to arrange replacement tubes for big red + a spare for little red. 3.2K budget. Done $2475.26 excluding import duties
  • Action: MITCH to findout what was the life of the old tube
  • Action: LEMMING $200 budget for swarf-o-mat enclosure
  • Action: STEVE to arrange group acrylic order
  • Action: More cameras add to next months agenda
  • Action: GROUP Flood Drill after meeting FAIL
  • Action: STEVE to investigate whether our machines registered with the Radiological Council of WA? yes D.Harmworth probably has it And Steve to go to the effort of becoming registered with the Radiological council of WA?
  • Action: NICK B to add his LSO status to the wiki page
  • Action: ANDREWE to donate three shade sale posts
  • Action: GROUP build a shed post lease negoitations
  • Action: LEMMING - Buy bandsaw blades $80 budget
  • Action: MITCH - Arrange welding tank re-fill
  • Action: J-M to stock take medical supplies DONE
  • New Subcommittees
    • Already dealt with (as part of the election of other officials – see above)
  • Laser Tube Update
    • Already dealt with (as part of the subcommittee reports – see above)
  • NBN
    • Lemming reports that:
      • enquiries indicate a $300 install (some quote $0) with $100 setup costs and between $80 and $110 per month for an uncapped commercial NBN service (via fibre to the node).
      • We are “NBN ready”
    • Existing Vivid wireless service can be discontinued at any time.
    • Discussion about costs over 3 months IF we were to move.
    • Mitch knows where MDF is.
    • MOVED
      • THAT Lemming is to go ahead with getting Internet access by NBN installed assuming a limit of $400 for setup/installation and $110 per month.
      • Accepted unanimously on a show of hands without dissent.
  • Belmont location Report
    • Cost is significantly higher approx $70k vs approx $50k
    • Lemming reports that the photos will be posted to lists
    • General assent that it would be nice but is currently unaffordable


  • ACTION SteveH to write prospective subcommittee documentation for subcommittees (IT, Infrastructure, Laser, Fundraising, Events) prior to the next meeting and to solicit feedback from both the committee, existing subcommittee members (where known) and the general membership.



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