• Are we happy with the current Artifactory brand? - Is there an issue with it looking like the Avenger's 'A'…..Our logo is a closer resemblance to the 1868 Spanish anarchists logo A in a circle. SKotM: Australia has “Artifactory”. We are “Perth Artifactory” TimG Research: Committee opinion is that nothing is required.
  • VOIP Phone General consensus is that it's not required. Lemming tried a few times, doesn't always work Action: StuartM to ask Mitch to remove JamesS asks: Can I use it call 000. Lemming: Yes, but not reliable. Alt solution, plug an old phone into landline for emergency calls. MegT: We should figure out what we want first, then find a solution. Other discussion items: Landline, old mobile with SIM chained to a wall, Hold off to NBN. Consenus: Do nothing until NBN
  • Webcam and Wiki pages keep occasionally being inaccessible NickB: Caused by Dynamic DNS. Consusus: Do nothing until NBN
  • ACTION: SKoT to get prospectus to StuartM for ACNC/Cultural org. registration ongoing ONGOING
  • ACTION: StuartM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts ongoing One-off t-shirt vendor located in Brisbane. Done
  • ACTION: Lemming - BNE Hackerspace premises situation. Lemming to write up and send to committee BNE have a peppercorn+rates lease until industrial area has been gentrified Lemming asking if they have contacts over here
  • ACTION: SKoTM to post to list re current process for reporting dangerous things Wiki updated. Incidents eg Use of spraypaints/solvents has informed the grey areas in the process Wiki entry done. To be posted out
  • ACTION: SKotM to form subcommittee to work up a draft for next meeting for dangerous or stupid activities/removing people from the space Not Done
  • ACTION: TimG to Add calendar link and remove shop link Done
  • ACTION: SKotM to post to list about resin, paints etc on workbenches, and the importance of using drop sheets. Not done
  • ACTION: MitckK to investigate officeworks printing of (RFID?) membership cards Not done SKoTM to take on.
  • ACTION: SKotM to review membership list. Done
  • ACTION: StuartM - Form Subcommittee with Dave to Come with a plan to remove lockers and replaced with tubs Not done StuartM to take on solo. Not done
  • ACTION: SKoT to contact RGL * We can apply for a Permanent Liquor License as “Restricted Club” ~ $400. RGL may be have veto over our constitution, SKoT to contact RGL and determine exact requirements SkotM: We should secure lease/talk to Landlord
  • ACTION: SKotTM* Door 1.5 has a solar panel, but it may not be secured. We should investigate the state of the roof prior to wind and rain.Not done
  • Present: SKotM, MegT, SKoTM NickB, SteveH, TimG
  • Apologies: JM
  • Absent:
  • Observing: Lemming, James Sim.
  • Opened: 11:30
  • Closed: 12:45
  • Next meeting: 11th June 11:00AM
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By Nick
Seconded By Stuart
  • Curtin Pedal guys Have paid, waiting to hear back re when they want to start etc
  • Swancon have agreed to pay $1200 as advance hire for sound system for next two years. Perth Artifactory sound systems (3 amps, 2xPA tops, 2 subs, 3 mixers, assorted mic stands and cables.)
  • SKotM has spoken with a local VC investor. He's backed local games companies. View to a city location/incubator.
  • The flow of rain is being observed. The Sump pump out the front has been glued again, so hopefully we'll avoid flooding out the front. No more reports of flooding
  • Dan's plumbing explorations - there is a septic, where is unknown, soakwells get OK from Don - WINTER READINESS in general. Verbal OK from Don. SKotM suggests we ask for a rent-free period during lease negotiations, where we do all the work re soakwells, hot water etc etc.
  • Alex keen to run welding workshops, so perhaps use to finish bars for windows. No movement

Chairperson's Report

  • Working on bylaws around member refusal to stop doing a (suspected) dangerous thing. See action item.
  • Proposal:

Treasurer's Report

30/04/2016 31/03/2016
NAB Balance $6553.61 $7526.11
Estimated Bond Value $6735 $6630
REVENUE Last Month 6 Month Average
Membership $4155 $4756
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $1143 $748
Grants/Prizes $0 $266
TOTAL REVENUE $5298 $5769
Lease (Paid due date for coming month) -$3993 -$3993
Electricity -$499 -$482
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$334 -$326
Insurance (12 month average) -$1890 -$158
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$105 -$79
Merchant Fees -$80 -$40
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equipment) -$6874 -$5104
Equipment Purchases* - $440 - $348

*3 Trestles+Power boards/cables lasers+minor tools $154, Lathe Tools $268, Padlock $18

Major Events/Other

  • Noizemaschin ~$215, Mod Synth, ~$177
  • Swancon hired Sound gear Paid $300

Money Due (10/05)

  • Swancon 2017/18 - $1200
  • Curtin HPV - $500
  • Membership - ~$3665 (Up a grand on last month)
  • ADUG - $141
  • Bond - $225

Treasurer Cancelled Membership - J Mooney - 3 months due. No response.


Membership Officer Report

  • MEMBERSHIP (10/05)
    • Approval of New Members - Conc = Sylvain Esclapez, Full = Mike Stewart, Steffan Hoffman All for. Approved
  • 1 Full Members with Tool Usage,
  • 35 (-2) Full Members;
  • 16 (+3) Concession Memberships;
  • 1 Studio Memberships
  • 1 Sponsored Memberships
  • 1 Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 6 Band Memberships

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • Open Day Great
    • Noizemaschin Also a good one
    • DIY Synth Huge! Consider more tables/chairs/soldering irons/Lighting
  • Upcoming
    • NM
    • Regular events - Wine & Design, Arduino U, General hacking day.
  • ACTION: List of subcommittes and mailing lists NickB to update wiki with details

Laser Subcommittee

  • ACTION: Laser Subcommittee - Checklist above laser cutter bigger & investigate 240v level relay logic thing. See infrastructure/laser report Ongoing
  • ACTION: SKotM: Officeworks for whiteboard, get extension cords and have everything in one place. Done
  • ACTION: Check bearing on little red's fan. Not Done
  • ACTION: Interlocks etc continues. Ongoing
  • DaveO reports non approved plastics Action: Do-not-cut Sign above laser cutters

IT Subcommittee

  • ACTION: DaveO refer to IT subcommitte for technical solution to pinging members before their membership expires Not Done
  • Door 1.6 released - Now checks cardlist. Roadmap on GitHub
  • Routine Patching of VMs
  • Central logging → core
  • webcam page fixed (where poss)
    • Tidy and label patching (re-enable office outlets?)
    • IP address reshuffle to make things more logical
    • Move critical services onto router (can then be UPSd if desired)
    • Purchase external HDD for Disaster Recovery backup
  • Reminder to mail any changes to the artifactory-it mailing list
  • IRC Channel #artifactory on freenode resurrected - Will promote to members

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • ACTION: SKoTM - Solar Panels 5KW for $5000 or so, can lease for ~$150pm.
  • ACTION: Skot/Lemming to come up with a swarf-o-mat report of tooling and fixes required. Lemming: Gecko drivers are roughly $500
  • ACTION: StuartM - Area Tidy Hosts signs for Lasers and CAD room point of contacts changed to email addresses of the Laser-Subcommittee and IT-Subcommittee Tidy Space AREA HOSTS
  • ACTION: SKoTM to wrangle a new sign, to get a cost to Treasurer, and vector files to sign maker
  • Bandsaw - roughly $500. Broad approval. StuartM: No cash right now

Security Subcommittee

  • Yet to Meet.SKot to action - call for meeting

Motion: StuartM Moves we co-opt Lawrence Dixon onto committee. NickB Seconded. Noone against. Carried Action: NickB to add Lawrence to groups etc.

SteveH has completed Laser safety training and is willing to put hand up for LSO. Action: Steve to add his LSO status to the wiki page. Steve: there's a risk of beam exposure through grille at front and recommends we build a cowl over the vent.

ACTION: Check bearing on little red's fan. Not Done ACTION: Interlocks etc continues. Ongoing Action: DaveO(?)Do-not-cut Sign above laser cutters ACTION: DaveO refer to IT subcommitte for technical solution to pinging members before their membership expires Not Done ACTION: SKoT to call for Security subcommttee meeting ACTION: NickB to add Lemming to -ctte groups ACTION: SteveH to add his LSO status to the wiki page

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